... A continuing treatise from Rudy Jones


Each Crystal River entry has started with a Pele Gram that identified the King’s Pool at the Water Gate, on the southern wall of Jerusalem, as a place of blessing. The scripture in Nehemiah 2, announced to us that there is no place in the three dimensional flesh consciousness to receive a Spiritual message. If we are to understand the Life Message, we must ‘leave’ or be willing to give up the false flesh idea and be awakened to the awareness of the Potential of the spiritual brain in our heart.


Pele, the Angel who taught me the Hebrew alphabet in one dream, reminded me that the destination of every river is the Sea. Wow! I thought; “Am I being told that it is time for the Crystal River to become part of the Sea of Humanity?” I heard the Angel say; “Si.” I knew just enough Spanish to know that the word “Si” means “Yes.” The River’s destination is the Sea; to “See” the plight of the Sea of Humanity.


Then I remembered that in the Unveiling (the Apokalupto), the taking away the Veil of flesh from Christ, The Revealing of Jesus Christ in chapter 4; when John was instructed to “come up higher,” he saw Christ in His Arnion Lamb Body standing on a Sea of Glass, as clear as Crystal.” Do you SEE? Christ gave up His individual visible Presence in this World to be made visible through and as His corporate Body. He is still here. Now as One with His corporate Elohyim Company, we are returning to our beginning.


This particular Treatise will also be a Transition from the writings of Rudy Jones onto the Pen Name ‘John R. Calvin’ (which is my name reversed). The endeavor is to explore what it means to get a new name. Want to try it?