FEBRUARY 5, 2011



As we continue our quest for understanding the ‘Cloud’ Factor in the Transfiguration, we turn to the Book of Jasher for more ‘Light’ (Proverbs 25:2). Joshua gave Jasher credibility when he mentioned his Book twice (Joshua 10:13 and 2nd Samuel 1:18). In the Book of Jasher, Enoch’s translation into a higher frequency Dimension, without seeing death, is given more clarity in Jasher 3:23-24 and Hebrews 11:5; “An Angel of the LORD informed Enoch that he would be required to ascend into Heaven to rule over the Sons of God.” God’s Spirit has witnessed to my spirit that the Sons mentioned to Enoch were the Elohym in Genesis chapter 1. It was those Sons, according to Yahweh’s Plan, to establish competitive ego spirit in the visible three-dimenional Earth; in order to give Spirits visible expression here.



A note in a bottle...

Jesus said that we are in this world of three dimensions, 

but we are Of another Dimension.


I believe that the translation of Righteous Enoch was necessary as the link to connect the two realms of Heaven and Earth. Enoch was made CEO of ‘Operation Cloud.’ I conclude that our Righteous Father required that His ‘upper’ Kingdom have an Earth representative who had recorded a perfect, Righteous relationship with Him. Enoch’s thousands are the origin of and are represented in the rain Cloud. Jude verse 12 in our Bible refers to Enoch’s representation as God’s Kingdom. (The word “Cloud” in Strong’s is #5051: anan, which means nimbus or rain cloud.) The Cloud that connected the nation Israel to God’s interactive higher Kingdom was always a nimbus rain Cloud. Note: There is no rainbow anywhere without the moisture of a nimbus rain cloud. The rainbow was the symbol, which represented on Earth, God’s Covenant with Noah. Jasher reports that Enoch’s information of the Earth’s impending judgment by water came from his grandfather Cainan. As we move onto Noah, and the Bible fact that rain was an unknown substance at that time, Noah was told that the judgment would be by rain. No one at that time knew what rain was. The Bible identifies Noah’s son Shem (which means ‘the name’) as the lineage through whom God would institute His Cloud Covenant. Shem is identified in Jasher as the King of Salem and the King of Righteousness, and that he along with Noah were responsible for the education and upbringing of Abraham. Abraham lived with them until he was 50 years old.


We are told in Genesis that Shem, as Melchizedek, reminded Abraham that the spoil he took in the war to rescue Lot, was actually won by his connection to the higher Dimension of God. Abraham and Shem made a Communion Covenant of agreement and Abraham paid tithe to Melchizedek in recognition of the activities of God’s role in his victory.


Our Bible and Jasher are filled with historical accounts of others, who all had the intervention of another more powerful Dimension in their lives. After his experience at Bethel in Luz (an almond orchard), Jacob (the son of Isaac) was able to manipulate the DNA of animals. Jacob also received divine protection from his Brother Esau’s army, by armies of angels reported in Jasher chapter 32. And we could spend hours talking about Jacob’s transition into his new name Israel, where I believe he chose to give up his separating ego.


I want to especially highlight Moses, and his receiving a new identity at Horeb. The angel of the Lord explained to Moses that his true identity was HAYAH, translated “I AM.” The sons of Israel and Joshua also deserve careful study; and are an insight into how two different dimensions were interactive.