MAY 30, 2011




CHRIST (in the Quantum cellular level) is OUR HOPE OF GLORY


I am using a unique format today, that is different than any article I have ever written in the past to put forth this message. Dianne, long-time friend of Polly and me, has volunteered to edit my articles ‘from the beginning’ and created as a home for my articles. While she edited my article today, Dianne was impressed to add her thoughts and scriptures that came to her mind as revealed to her while she was typing my article. << This is Dianne, adding my thoughts here, through my use of BLUE text within BRACKETS like this. >>


FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE! Did you ever hear; “For HEAVEN’S SAKE,” or “What on Earth are we doing”? As the present-tense ‘visible Body of Christ,’ WHAT ARE WE expected ‘in Heaven’ to do? We will give some knot hole views on this topic.


We ended Crystal Sea #13, with the revealed insight that our Covenant Father ‘breathed’ Himself into His Image... “man.” Most of our Scriptures are focused on “The Blood Covenant,” but ‘Animal Blood Covenant’ was not God’s original Covenant. Blood Covenant was designed by our Father to free us from our mental carnal animal mind, “For the life of the flesh [is] in the blood” and results in death. Blood identifies and defines our animal body. The Scriptures reveal to man that we can be restored to our Spiritual Breath Relationship to our Creator by ‘sacrificing the symbolic animal nature,’ which releases man from the bondage of the Ego rule.


We proposed that man can embrace the ‘Adam’ message that chooses to shed the life blood of an animal, and restores mankind to his true Spiritual Paradigm, a higher quality of thought. << I checked the dictionary on my computer and found that the word “Paradigm” is defined as: “a worldview underlying the theories and methodology of a particular scientific study.” >> The ‘Lord Supper Covenant’ introduced man to the Seed of Abraham Christ Life. And now from our “After the Cross Perspective,” we are able to SEE that the Christ Seed, which Abraham ‘looked for,’ was actually ‘in him’ already. We purpose to say that “dying to our inherited carnal flesh consciousness” in Him, and as ONE with Him, gave us the opportunity to enter into a Resurrection Covenant as a ‘new Creation’ person.



Note: “a bottled drink to sip”...

To live is Christ. Being Christ is being Him. Being Him is our Salvation.


We attempted to identify in scripture, that His Restored Resurrection Presence ‘in man’ (in us), placed us back into our innocent relationship with our Creator, in the Garden of our creative mind as the Over Comer. Crystal Sea IS about CLEARLY SEEInG that the Breath of man IS the ‘Life’ factor of God’s Original Breath Covenant with mankind. It is ‘Father’s Life’ In the Breath of every man, whether the man-kind is male or female. The Breath IS God’s Presence, whether we are aware of this TRUTH or not.


Every person breathing God’s Breath is responsible for the ‘manifested’ expression of our Father’s nature and Character. His Life is our Life, our Life is His Life. Anything in our Life other than His nature is not only ‘missing the mark,’ it is missing the point. We should expect people to see what God IS by observing our behavior.


Once we are aware of ‘His Presence’ In us (as His Presence in this world), we should no longer ask why Our Father God of LOVE could allow such natural disasters and human atrocities. We really need to ask what it means for us to be responsible as His Covenant Presence. The heavens are declaring the ‘glory’ of God (Psalm 19). They are the ‘watchers,’ who declare in response to what they observe in our behavior and condition on Earth. If you remember; ‘We’ were given dominion – right? Actually... we were made responsible (on Earth), for being the contractual expression of God’s Kingdom. The Heavenly Constellations will never be at peace until they reflect ‘The Man of Peace’ on the Earth.


That, of course, raised these questions; “Why doesn’t everyone know this fact? And, why isn’t every one Breathing God’s Life, manifesting God’s Character?” The answer is in our Bible: “Without faith it is impossible to please God.” His Plan requires Faith as the operating ‘energy.’ Also, God’s Faith only cometh by hearing, and hearing by His revealed (Rhema) Word. The Truth is that God only entrusts the expression of His nature to those who ‘seek’ Him with all their heart, mind and strength; and to everyone who is His submissive Servant. “Surely the LORD GOD [YHvH Elohyim] will do nothing [on earth], but He revealeth His secret unto His Servants the Prophets. (Amos 3:7) Father’s quality of Faith is not based on a denominational or religious ‘doctrinal truth.’ Spiritual Faith is your individual, personally revealed Truth. So said Our Messiah Yeshuah, Who was unique, because He had chosen to be a Servant Son. 


Man (formed of the earth) was given a physical, self-perpetuating and self-healing body for the function of ‘Man’-I-festing’ the image and likeness of God’s nature and Character. But everyone starts with the same challenge; “How to overcome the ‘I’ (the Ego empowered ‘I’)? We individually are given ‘the leading role in our visible expression’ in His physical Earth Pageant. BUT, only God can be ‘the origin of His Image.’ Our ‘I’ must be dealt with. Father’s Plan made ‘The Cross of Christ’ His Secret Portal for us to enter into Christ awareness.


Our Ego ‘I’ (the ‘I’ living in our Capital) must become identified with Christ ‘the Serpent on the pole,’ which in scripture identifies our deceptive Ego. One of the multi-faceted purposes ‘in the Cross’ is to remove the Deceptive Ego ‘I’. It was the role of Christ, through death at the Cross, to release us from deceptive Ego ‘I.’ “And as Moses lifted up the Serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up. (John 3:14)


Of the created Sons of God (the Elohyim), and the ‘animal-beastly’ kind of human already here on earth, Adam was the first animal-natured ‘human kind’ with a forebrain. The ‘frontal lobe’ or forebrain, given to the ‘Adam kind’ (with the breath of His Creator’s Breath in his nostrils), gave him the ability to reason. A decision made by ‘reasoning’ is necessary for the person who has been in the “Cross-released-from-a-life-controlled-by-animal ‘instinct,’” who is given ‘Faith Responsibility.’ Faith introduces man to an ascent to a higher quality of Life called

‘Spirit Life’ in our Bible. Father said; “Come now, and let us reason together. (Isaiah 1:18) I trust that the Spirit of God will reveal to you that we ‘in Christ’ have been released from “life-that-runs-by-instinct” in the animal, flesh family. “Come up higher, John.”


<< Here is my editorial input concerning Rudy’s upcoming paragraph of text....>> In archeological research, the prominence of the ‘forehead’ of man is first noticed about 6,000 years ago, at the time of the Bible’s introduction of Adam. The Scriptures report that Adam lost his reasoning consciousness of God’s “Abiding Presence” in and as his own breath life. That loss created in Adam and his descendants the false idea of ‘Sin’, which manifested (Man‘I’fested) << or “Man Infested” >> as SEPARATION between man and His God-Life-Consciousness. << The definition of “infest” means ‘to be present (in a place or site) in large numbers, typically so as to cause or damage or disease’... Infection. >> To replace the motivational adrenal energy of God’s Presence, there entered the ‘Satanic Egoic’ need to create << to infest >> ‘our own’ life and image. For example: You have heard Christians confess: ‘I’ gave ‘MY’ life to God. But factually, our life always was His Life. << But factually, Our Life IS always His Life. How can I give ‘my’ life to God, when it already IS, and has always been His Life from the ‘beginning’? >>


My knothole view is: While on Earth in this abbreviated ‘flesh condition,’ it is very important that we deal with the FACT that our LIFE was, and is, and will forever be SPIRIT, HIS Spirit. Also, we should be cognizant that our five senses are an exciting gift (part of our human brain) to be enjoyed and titillated in the human emotions. While as yet Spirit, in our imagination, the anticipated excitement was possibly one of the enticements for us to become a human << hue-man be-ing >> in this lower 3-dimensional world.


A very big enlightenment for us is that our Creator Father designed our five senses and our physical emotions so that He can, in ONE-ness with us (as the Spirit Life of our physical body), enjoy His marvelous, glorious and beautiful creation. That is the way I see us; ‘Living for God.’ << I SEE us; “Living God” or “God Living.” >> It is His Spirit that gives us Life. Out of heart-felt gratitude, we should delight in Living His Life, for His pleasure.