JULY 29, 2011




This is fresh, hidden manna. On this journey we are going where few have gone... onto “a path which no fowl knoweth, and which the vulture’s eye hath not seen. (Job 28:7)


Our goal in this study is to introduce you to my most exciting, life changing conviction. It all started when I became convinced that the Elohyim (Sons of God) were included in ‘the Creation’ of the heavens and the earth and the forming of man; while ‘Our’ Heavenly Creator Father was perfecting His Plan for the manifesting of His Glory. The revelation that I am so excited about is that He ‘hid’ His Glory in the “Kabed.” In my research I have concluded that the word Kabed conceals the mystery of the inner, hidden man of the ‘heart.’ It is a spiritual part of everyone’s Liver, activated in Christ’s believers.


A note in a Chalice ...

A Chalice is a goblet from which one drinks to ratify a covenant. As I attempt to follow the Spirit through my journey, I may ask occasionally; “Can you drink to that?”


Kabed = Glory = Liver = Honor These words are all interchangeable; they are all equal to each other.


Before we launch into unexplored territory, let us lay a few introductory foundations.


It is recorded in the Gospels that Jesus said to the lawyers; “If Abraham was your Father, you would recognize me; for Abraham ‘SAW’ my day and rejoiced to SEE it. (John 8:56 rj) Since Abraham is identified as the Father of our faith; let us see if we can SEE what Abraham SAW.


What was it that Abraham SAW, and when did he SEE it? This story began when Abraham and Isaac were together on Mt. Moriah to offer a sacrifice. Abraham was 137 years of age, Sarah was 127, and Isaac was 37. Genesis 27:1 reports that Sarah died at the age of 127, when Isaac was 37. Hebrews 11:19 records that God would raise Abraham’s Seed from the dead. Connecting the ‘dots’... Abraham expected that Isaac, in his resurrection, would heal his ailing mother. It is recorded in Genesis 22:8, that God told Abraham that He would provide Himself a sacrifice. As the pageant unfolded, Abraham SAW that his resurrected Seed was generations away, because he was shown The Beginning as the end. That is what Abraham, our Father, SAW. The Apostle Paul confirmed that Abraham’s Seed is Christ (Galatians 3:16).


The Book of Jasher records that as Abraham and Isaac were approaching the mountain, Abraham saw a pillar of fire and a cloud, and the glory of the Lord appeared in the cloud. In the Hebrew language the word Moriah means “To SEE” (Strong’s Concordance #4179 with referral to #7200). Abraham ‘SAW’ that the ‘Body’ of Christ was his Seed.


The large rock, that made up the top of Moriah, was later owned and used by King Ornan as a threshing floor. It is recorded in 1 Chronicles 15, that Israel’s King David purchased the threshing floor from Ornan to be used as an Altar of sacrifice to stop the plague that came, when David took a census of Israel. The threshing floor rock was later designated by David as the site where his son Solomon was to build the Temple. When the Temple was completed, the threshing floor ‘rock’ became the floor of The Most Holy Place. The large rock at the top of Moriah is today the floor of the Islamic ‘Dome of the Rock’ Mosque. I’m suggesting that all this is involved today in what our Father Abraham SAW...


A note in a Chalice continued...

Abraham saw behind him, as in the past, a “ram caught in the thicket” on Mt. Moriah. The ram, caught in the thorn thicket, was the mature Amnos that was slain before the foundation of the Earth. In the continuing story, in this physical dimension of time, the continuing pageant was replayed in earthly Jerusalem to fulfill what Abraham SAW. Christ suggested; “Abraham’s sons will ‘SEE’ what Abraham ‘SAW’” (John 8, rj). Abraham, The Father of our Faith, saw God’s Ram caught in the thicket, with the thicket thorns still on his head. Do you SEE? Rejoice!


An important Scripture for insight into our Thesis is gleaned from Second Peter, chapter 1: 

verse 1. “Simon Peter, a servant and an Apostle of Jesus Christ, to Them who have obtained like precious faith with us through the righteousness of God and our Saviour Jesus Christ:

verse 2. “Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the Knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord,

verse 3. “According as His divine power hath given unto us all things that [pertain] unto life and Godliness through the Knowledge of Him that hath called us to Glory and virtue:

verse 4. “Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might BE partakers of the Divine Nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.”

(There will be more about Kabed and Glory as we go forward.)


Kabed is a hidden Secret that has been hidden for ages and generations. I predict that the Hebrew word ‘KABED’ will become a PORTAL of Knowledge within you, which will elevate your understanding and become your unending and increasing Covenant Kingdom. A Portal is an open door connecting Heaven and Earth: “Of the increase of [His] government and peace [there shall be] no end. (Isaiah 9:7, and also Daniel 4:34, 7:14) You should read these Scriptures for yourself. They may become a part of your own Script.


You will notice that every time the word Kabed is translated Liver in our scriptures, it is associated in the Tabernacle Peace Offering Sacrifice, where the physical Liver of the sacrificial animal was changed from flesh into spirit on the Alter-er.


The word KABED can be reduced to the consonants: Kaf, Beth, Dalet or K-B-D. (KaBeD) is the English form of the Hebrew consonants translated in our Bible as: ‘Glory, Honor, Weight, and Liver.’ These are given in our Strong’s Concordance under the #3513 through #3519. All these forms are the exact same consonants (K-B-D), and are interchangeable.


I want to explore this word with you, because I believe ‘The Spirit of God’ has shown me that the Knowledge and understanding of this Word will initiate and activate a most important ‘prepared chip.’ This chip is in the brain of your head, and it will be a ‘Portal’ for creating in you an insatiable appetite for the Knowledge of the Truth; the knowledge of your pure, righteous and mature Son relationship.


A KABED note in a bottle...

There is an ascending and expanding Portal within our consciousness, opened when the Spiritual Rhema is activated in you, when you believe. The Spiritual Rhema is normally heard by waiting, listening and expecting His still, small unction... a whisper. But, when we have learned to recognize His voice, He may speak at unexpected times.



A note in a bottle...

Rhema is defined as “the still small personalized voice within you that only you can hear. It is your ‘individualized’ source of faith. His Rhema voice is always witnessed a second time by the historic written Scriptures.” The written WORD is your ‘Second witness,’ and then you can say; “This is my Word that my Script might be fulfilled.”


KABED continues...

Please allow me to review with you the research time and contemplation in my journey to ‘believe in a portal’ as our ability to ‘SEE’ something higher or outside the natural – as in the ‘Transfiguration’ Portal when which Christ carried Peter, James and John for their own experience. Their encounter began when they entered into a ‘Cloud Portal,’ where they were able to ‘SEE’ Moses and Elijah in another dimension. At their Passover ‘grade level’ in their spiritual Journey, they could only experience their ‘vision’ while in a dream or in a ‘trance state.’ Their Portal for going higher (Pentecost) had not yet been opened to them. I have concluded from my singular ‘knot hole theology,’ that there is (in our spiritual destination) a genuine spiritual awareness called a ‘Portal,’ which is also translated as a ‘door’ and known by some as a ‘star gate.’ Seeing outside the natural eye and our natural brain’s ability is important, and maybe necessary, for ‘ascension.’


Our earlier Crystal Sea studies concerning The Transfiguration introduced us to Enoch, the Architect of the ‘Rain Cloud.’ The Rain Cloud was a moving ‘Portal’ through which Our Father’s Kingdom could intervene in Israel’s history, as they journeyed toward their ‘developing understanding’ of Faith in the Invisible God. Enoch continues in our scriptures today as the director of the ‘Cloud of Witnesses,’ spoken of in the book of Hebrews.


We have arrived at this point by seeing Enoch as representing Grace. Paul tells us that we are saved by Grace. What Enoch represents in God’s Grace Plan is an act of God’s Grace; “Therefore [it is] of faith, that [it might be] by grace...” (Romans 4:16) The word “Enoch” and the word “Grace” are the same Hebrew consonants.


Enoch’s biography is detailed in the Book of Jasher as ‘the Righteous and much sought after, intellectual Genius.’ He was the seventh generation from Adam and is depicted as a King on Earth. He was called upon by the LORD God “to come up” by spiritual translation, along with his support team, to establish at the top of earth’s atmosphere (at 22,000 feet) an ‘ionic’ band, where clouds and rain drops are still formed today. Enoch’s rain created a brand new atmospheric condition on Earth: Nimbus rain clouds and rain.


The Lord (YHVH) instituted ‘the Cloud’ as a Spiritual ‘Portal Transport’ for moving the Government of the Kingdom of Heaven from place to place on Earth, signifying the reality that it is possible to be in this world, but not of it. When Enoch ionized the moisture in our atmosphere to produce rain, he also narrowed man’s eyesight to the frequencies of the colors of the rainbow. We call those frequencies light, but there is much more to ‘BE SEEN’ that we have not yet seen.


The ‘Invisible Enoch Cloud’ is invisible to the carnal sensual brain’s eyesight. We have learned that there is much more ‘goings on’ beyond the light frequencies. Enoch’s Cloud of Witnesses are still with us. His Cloud was portrayed in ancient art as a ‘halo.’ Strong’s Concordance identifies the ‘Israel Cloud’ as a Nimbus Cloud. I have reason to believe that the ‘Cloud or Halo’ in ancient art must have been the artists’ attempt to signify the spiritual guidance and protection of an individual or group. Knowing is a prerequisite of faith.


A note found in the sea of glass...

Jesus, as our prototype model, shows us that it is possible for all mankind, who are aware of being ‘born of the Spirit,’ that we were born of the Spirit before we were born of woman. He assured us that while we are in this world, we are given (by the Court in Heaven) the ‘legal’ precedence to our first citizenship, which is spiritual. We are connected through our open Portal to the government of God’s Kingdom, just as Christ was.


Important Chalice note...

When Jesus was baptized in the waters of Jordan, it was registered in Heaven that He died and He was buried to the genetic bondage of being born of woman. He was raised out of the Jordan, set free from the influence of flesh bondage into his pure true identity, as Spirit. His Baptism, in the waters of Jordan, was for an example to us; that ‘in Christ’ we are set free from human genetics. You can drink to that!


We begin to ‘SEE’ the significance of these words later in the Archives of Covenant ‘Righteous’ Abraham, after his name had been changed, signifying that he had been given his true spiritual identity (Genesis 17:5). Abraham along with Jacob/Israel, who becomes our second witness (Genesis 33:28), were both given their ‘spirit’ identity. We also, ourselves, in Christ, have been given our Christ Spirit identity (2 Corinthians 5:17-19).


Our Father Abraham; while his name was still Abram, left Nimrod’s Babylon Empire, having been delivered from Nimrod’s fiery furnace, which was called Ur of the Chaldee. This historical reference (Chapter XIII, verses 1-3) originates in the Book of Jasher, which is referenced in Joshua 10:13. This is important in that it gives us a different insight into Genesis 15:7; “I am the Lord that brought thee out of Ur of the Chaldee.” This heated event dramatically changes our understanding of the role that the Lord played in making Abraham the Father of our Faith. His deliverance emphasizes and illustrates that Ur of the Chaldee was not a geographical location, but actually reveals that we should expect God’s intervention when we find ourselves confronted with fiery trials that challenge our faith.


When Abram left Nimrod’s Babylonian government, he settled down and ‘dug’ wells in a place called Beer-Sheba. The Hebrew word ‘beer’ is #875 in Strong’s and means a ‘Well of Oath,’ or to dig an Oath Well, The word ‘Sheba’ is #7650 and #7651in Strong’s and means ‘the cardinal number seven.’ And for clarity I repeat that the number ‘7’ signifies that God completed His Plan for the Heavens and the Earth in seven days.


Sheba means ‘to seven’ or ‘to complete yourself’; i.e. ‘to be complete’ (as in Genesis 1, where on the Seventh Day He rested, after He had completed His work). I trust you can see that accepting an Oath of Completeness is a personal acceptance.


We know from later Scriptures that when the Lord made Covenant with Abram, Our Heavenly Father sealed His Covenant with an OATH;... Well?... When the Lord swears by Himself, it signifies that there is nothing higher to swear by. The scriptures reveal to us that Abraham ratified his acceptance of God’s Covenant Oath by digging seven wells. This may seem strange until we connect the dots. Abraham dug his wells until he “struck water,” signifying finding ‘Truth.’


Since the New Testament identifies ‘Believers’ as the Christ ‘Seed’ of Abraham, we need to ask the Spirit how the spiritual activities in the life of Abraham apply to us personally. Our Heavenly Father decrees the End of His Plan as the Beginning. Abraham was shown on Mt. Moriah that the Ram caught in the thicket was Christ, and he rejoiced to see it. He also saw, with his Father’s eyes, the corporate Christ. And he rejoiced to see us, ‘sevened’ or complete, ‘in Christ.’ Seven is a Covenant symbol. Nothing has changed. How do you ‘seven’ yourself? By seeing yourself as Abraham’s Seed, ‘complete,’ and ‘pure,’ and ‘rightly related’ to our Creator.