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What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean.


I repeat for emphasis: “This present physical three dimensional world we are in, is not the world we are of” (Jesus). There are other ‘frequencies of life’ open for us. A ‘Feast of Trumpet’ voice speaks; “Come up higher, leave Pentecost where the Church has been.” The Cross of Christ created a Portal that opens to the ‘higher frequency of Christ’ where the (little) Arnion Lamb is elevated to a place of authority on the Throne. The Mystery of the Cross released us from the powerful DNA of family genetics. I Believe there is more than we have yet known. I do not propose to set some doctrine. I am open to go on. Where HE leads me I will follow. I trust that we together can explore new levels of Peace INTO HIS PEACE and to open the door into His Joy. “The Kingdom of Heaven is righteousness, peace, and joy. (Romans 14:17) “My Peace I give unto you. (John 14:27; Jesus, 33 A.D.)


Crystal Sea Discussion #3: The Further Exploration of God’s Amazing Peace Plan


A note in a bottle…

“The time is coming and now is. (John 4:23) 

Does this quote Jesus made refer to this scripture: 

“We are in this world [of time]; but not OF it”? 

We are in time; but we are not of time. WOW. How redeeming. 

We shall know this truth and this truth shall make us free from mortality.


Let us revisit the scripture in The Revelation 22:16, where the scripture says that the Angel of Jesus said; “I am the root and the offspring of David.” In Earth’s genealogy, David’s natural root (David’s Daddy) was Jesse, which is the Hebrew word Yishay, and is defined “Extant.” Webster defines the word “extant” as ‘still existing.’ The root word of Yishay is Yesh and means ‘to exist.’ Both definitions ‘to exist’ and ‘to still exist’ are the same definition as the Hebrew word hayah, which is translated I AM. I AM is the continual ever existing Christ. Jesus was identified as the root of David and is also the offspring of David. He was and is the ever existing Christ, Who was present as the “Breath Life” of Jesse, and is the “Breath Life” in all of us.


A note in a bottle…