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What we know is a drop, what we have not yet discovered is an ocean.


The Kingdom of Heaven was introduced as a completed administration of Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles. We have seen that the Kingdom is incomplete without all three phases. The Kingdom was portrayed as The Tabernacle itself; the Court, the Holy Place and The Most Holy Place. Our humanity is characterized as a Tabernacle/Temple; ‘Spirit, soul and body,’ a unified Wholly Spirit City. Jesus called us “a City set on a Hill.” Other diagrams of our life were characterized as faith, hope and love; little children young men and Fathers.


The Crystal Sea Discussion #5: The Kingdom of Heaven Historic Connection


A note in a bottle…

Jesus prayed, “Our Father, Thy Kingdom come

in earth as it is in Heaven,” in our earth body.


I believe that our assigned purpose as God’s Spirit children is to portray in our lives the characteristics of His orderly Kingdom. This becomes a perfectly natural experience to us when we have met the structured conditions of Righteousness, Peace and Joy in the Wholly Frequency known as our own Holy Spirit. Every thing in life is assigned a frequency. Each of us has our own unique spiritual frequency. I suggest that this frequency is what the Bible talks about as “the silver cord.” That ‘silver cord frequency’ gives us a ‘heavenly’ connection.


The Holy Spirit of God is often referred to as the Holy Ghost. It is referencing a unique Spirit frequency which connects us to our Spirit ‘Country of Origin’ and to our heavenly support group, to our own Angels and our own crowd of witnesses through our own individual frequencies referred to in The Bible as the silver cord.


Heaven, in the Old Testament is the word Shamayim and means “where the water is.” As far as man has been able to determine our Planet Earth ‘is where the water is.’ Heaven in the New Testament is the word Epi- Ourinos and means “the higher level of Spiritual awareness.” We are formed of the Earth and are the same 70% composition of water as the earth. Plus, our Spirit origin with our unique frequencies gives us the ability, as part of the Sea of humanity, to See a higher level of Spirit conscious life than a carnal minded person.


As we saw in our last ‘Crystal See’... all of us came down from heaven via the birth canal of our Earth mother; but our spirit life originated in Heaven, just as Messiah’s life originated. Paul said that our true Mother is ‘Jerusalem’ above; “which is the mother of us all. (Galatians 4:26) Jesus said, “My Mother is those who believe what I believe. (Matt 12:46-50 jrc paraphrase)


A note in a bottle…