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The Crystal Sea Discussion #7: GOD IS LOVE, Unconditionally


IT is of utmost importance to SEE, as clear as crystal that GOD is Love... Absolute Love, and to SEE that HE cannot change. Even if it appears that the O.T. Bible portrays HIM as being vindictive and judgmental, that portrayal shows HIS displeasure with a carnal mankind, who is created to image Him in spirit and in truth. Mankind had been subjected to a lie (Rom. 8: 20) and experienced being ruled by his own carnal Ego powered flesh nature. Man’s own carnal nature had become god to him. It is only in the mind of the flesh nature that man can have two natures. He was never separated from his Creator except in his own carnal mind.


GOD is Spirit, and Spiritual Love is a Spiritual attribute only. It is not possible for the ‘carnal flesh’ to experience or express unconditional Spirit Love. The word ‘carnal’ means ‘animal’ flesh. Mankind subjected to the animal flesh nature can only know love as carnal, or with animal appetites. Animals cannot suppress the pro-creative sexual appetites. God’s Plan of Salvation in Christ Consciousness offers an opportunity to control the flesh appetites. Madison Avenue and Hollywood ‘couch’ the definition of love as a sexual flesh experience. If you get this; you will see why the Mosaic Law put a ‘flesh veil’ on the presence of the spiritual Ten Word’s describing the Spirit of the Love Nature of the Creator and His Christ. Moses found it necessary to show how the flesh nature broke the spiritual tablets.


A note in a bottle…


Love, unconditionally,

absolutely and eternally.


Moses found himself in a dilemma. He had experienced a spiritual interaction with God at the burning bush. At Sinai, he was given The Spiritual Law of Life to deliver to the carnal minded nation of Israel. In their carnal nature, Israel had not understood the requirements of death to their own lamb nature as they had play acted at Passover. It was left to Moses to exchange Yahweh’s Law of Life to a Law of Sin and Death. He put the veil of flesh on his own face, becoming one with his own people. The ‘law in stone’ demonstrated the separation of God’s Spirit and man’s flesh nature. In Romans chapter 7 and 8, the Apostle Paul wrote that the law revealed sin, which is separation from God’s spirit in the carnal flesh nature. Moses presented the veiled flesh law to his people. It appeared to carnal Israel that the God of Love was an aggressive, militant, judgmental God. The truth is that God is Love and cannot change. He, as Spirit, can only covenant with the spirit of man which has the potential of manifesting God’s nature. The Apostle Paul said; “the purpose of the old testament Mosaic Law was to reveal sin or separation from God’s spiritual presence. The ego’s carnal flesh nature is at enmity to the Spirit of Love.

A note in a bottle...