MARCH 26, 2010





The Constitution of the New Testament records that we are promised the gift of Righteousness and Peace and everything that pertains to life and Godliness. What we have, thus far, remembered of the gifts, are but a drop compared to what is promised. I invite you to come with me to where the Crystal Rivers of Life meet in the Crystal Seas of Potential, where we together can explore the memory of our bill of rights in our Corporate Sonship, where Hope becomes the Reality in our Spiritual Earth experience.



A note in a bottle...

Enoch has a spiritual Army. They are part of our auror aura.


First: Let’s take account of some things we can call facts


  • We know that we are Spirit. And we know that Spirit is energy that can be reduced and separated into sub-frequencies. Everything has identity by its frequency.

  • We know that Jesus Christ wanted us to understand that we are, in Spirit, one with Him and one with our Father. And He said that we, in our oneness, should expect to do greater things than He did. Oneness means that we are all spirit.

  • We know that our Earth and our physical body are formed of invisible atoms and sub-atomic quantum molecules. These elements make up the periodic table. And we know that the elements in the periodic table and in our body are an inter-play of patterned frequencies.

  • We are aware that our Earth is surrounded by a band of atmospheric water particles that protect us from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. This fact was symbolized in the Scriptures as a nimbus cloud that covered the Tabernacle and the Temple.

  • In like manner; our earth suit body is surrounded by a protective spiritual aura, symbolized in the Scriptures as a ‘cloud’ of witnesses.

  • It is the Spirit that giveth life, to our physical body. And it is the Spirit that makes us free.


I will continue in these articles to factually demonstrate that the aura around our body is the spirit mechanism that gives life to our body and is the spirit conscious presence called Soul. Jesus said; “For what is a man (or woman) profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul.” We need to know what and where the soul is. In this article there is a hint as to where and what this soul is.


I have suggested in earlier articles that Jesus revealed a Mystery of the Kingdom of Heaven to three of His special students when He showed them His cloud, and with Him in His cloud were Moses and Elijah. I have suggested that the three (Moses, Elijah and Jesus) are an equation of Heavenly proportions.



We are now considering Elijah (ELYH).

His name in Hebrew implies that the

Corporate Creator God (ELOHYIM)

is present and resident in our breath.


(In a nut shell), Elijah’s ascension (2nd Kings 2:6-12) illustrates to the believer, the importance of seeing God’s ‘mystery’ provision of a spiritual support Army, in a higher Quantum Spiritual realm. Elijah was a living witness to Elisha of Enoch’s Army of Thousands who are there to support him in his quest for The Kingdom. The Spirit is calling our attention to their assigned availability. Elijah told his disciple Elisha, “If you see me go up” (or if you SEE that there is an invisible Army of witnesses in a higher frequency dimension who are there to assist you), “your wishes will be granted.” You must believe that ‘they’ are there and they have been placed there as re-enforcements when you need help. They are part of God’s Spirit ‘Angelic’ Army sent forth to minister for God’s foot soldiers who are establishing a Kingdom beachhead (Hebrews 1:13-14). I believe Jesus walked in that awareness daily. I further believe that He wants us to be aware that in oneness with Him, that same provision is available to us.