Dear David

DEAR DAVID… An Honest Response to Honest Questions From an Old Friend BY:  CHARLES SLAGLE (Copyright 1998) Dear David, I was glad to hear from you, and Paula and I pray God is blessing you and Lisa with strength, health and ever-increasing anointing in your work. We...

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False Expectations in Parenting

FALSE EXPECTATIONS IN PARENTING BY:  SUNNY ORLY COFFMAN FEBRUARY 24, 2004 Good morning, precious Sister! Sunny here – responding to your heart’s cry! I so appreciate your sharing this current challenge with us. Thanks for the trust. As I write, I’m...

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God’s Definition of Death

GOD’S DEFINITION of DEATH BY:  SUNNY ORLY COFFMAN JANUARY 7, 2009 This is a brief letter written to a dear friend who has just gone through the physical loss of a very close aunt and is also grieving because her Mother, who was so close to her sister, is now having to...

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Let Your Sins be Strong

Let Your Sins Be Strong: BY:  MARTIN LUTHER A LETTER FROM LUTHER TO MELANCHTHON LETTER NO. 99, 1 AUGUST 1521, FROM THE WORTBURG From Dr. Martin Luther’s Saemmtliche Schriften .                                   JESUS Of course, you can only know and absolve...

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Letter from God to His Children

LETTER FROM GOD to HIS CHILDREN: THRU AUDREY DRUMMONDS DECEMBER 11, 2006 Dear children, It has come to my attention that many of you are upset that folks are taking my name out of the season. Maybe you’ve forgotten that I wasn’t actually born during this...

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Letter to a Brother

LETTER TO A BROTHER TAKEN FROM SAVIOR OF THE WORLD WEB SITE BY:  BRAD EDWARDS January 29, 1999 Dear brother, I am not sure how to begin this letter. I am continually reminded that any truth of God can only be revealed by Him who has hidden it throughout the ages from...

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Letter to Sister-The Exchanged Life

THE EXCHANGED LIFE A LETTER FROM HUDSON TAYLOR TO HIS SISTER, AMELIA., OCTOBER, 1869 (used by permission of OMF International) My own dear sister, So many thanks for your long dear letter… I do not think you have written me such a letter since we have been in China. I...

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