SEPTEMBER 26, 2007

I was sitting in the living room, trying to read a book… but I was feeling pretty out of touch with everything, feeling especially tired, unable to really comprehend what I was trying to read…, so I decided to just tilt back in my chair and take a nap.  I no sooner closed my eyes and thought I would be going to sleep… than I began to experience a VISION:

VISION: [11th HOUR] 11:22 – 11:44 AM 

I saw a circle – huge – wide band of various materials [somehow I knew that this band was filled with all of the elements found on planet Earth.]  The materials were spinning very fast in a clock-wise direction.  Inside this wide open space within the circle, I began to see various animals and a few flying critters occasionally.  The animals were all running fast – from right to left – from East to West.  I saw whole herds of various animals.  Some I recognized – some I did not know!  I saw cattle – all cattle; all horses; all buffalo, all huge herds, but I saw only one kind of animal in a herd at a time.

I saw some pre-historic animals, too – and a few huge flying creatures.  The sky was always blue.  I saw no clouds.

It was like I was seeing all of creation in review, staring with the present time and going backwards in time.  It was always day time in the vision and the various animals were always on the move.

I only saw one kind of animal at a time; never saw horses and cattle together, as an example – only horses, then cattle. 

It was like I was looking through the round lens of a camera and the band of moving elements formed a frame around this round panorama I was watching.

One of the Authors on our Lighthouse Library Website had recently provided us with information verifying that the speed of light has now been surpassed by scientific methods. 

While I have no natural knowledge to back up what I am about to say, I know by the SPIRIT that this scientific progress had to be accomplished before mankind could progress to the next level of transition; i.e., before he could take on his glorified [immortal] body!

I had to humble myself and obey the Lord and ask a girlfriend that was staying with us… to go get the bottle of Palmer Oil by my bed and rub my feet with this oil.  My flesh did not want to make that request and I also had no understanding of why the request was being made.

But as she was quickly obedient and was sitting on the floor and applying this oil to my feet, I was shown that this was an “ANNOINTING” that was preparing me to receive a far greater depth of understanding concerning the root of creation – physics and astronomy.  [I can now testify a few months later… that many writings have been brought to me… especially about quantum physics and astronomy… and my understanding surely is expanding.] 

In 2005 the LORD designed two large, round patches for a “logo” for the ministry… through me.  I had the design at least one full year before the money came forth to have the patches made. 

The first time that Roger and I put on the leather vests that were adorned with these patches was in August of 2006, when we attended a gathering in S. E. TexasWe wore them again a week later, when we were sent to AMARILLO, TX on September 1, 2006, for a three day GATHERING of 120 folks at the LaKIVA HOTEL.  This meeting had been organized by Jim-Melba Crofford and their family. 

When we left Amarillo, our next three stops were in Stanley, N.M. at the home of a special sister in Christ, then in Denair, C.A. at the home of yet another very hospitable sister in Christ, and finally in Turlock, C.A. at the home of a sister in Christ who is very fervent.  In each of these locations, we were welcomed as royalty and also as NEWLYWEDS.  In Stanley we were given a separate guest house that was designated the ‘HONEYMOON COTTAGE.’  In Denair, we slept in the Master’s Bedroom under a quilt with the Wedding Ring design.  In Turlock we were again given the Master’s Bedroom and slept under a New Quilt of Fine Goose Down

Only today was I given the understanding that this was truly our Wedding Trip… it was our Celebration of our Corporate Marriage to Christ.  And I was also shown that we are in a “Ministry of Love.  I’m reminded that Roger has been speaking much lately about Love in Action.  And we certainly were acting out all that Father had been building into us during the 11 years of being alone with Him.  That’s why Janet, Mary and Beth all received us as newly weds and set aside a special place for us to stay in their homes. 

Then I was shown that when we went back to Amarillo, TX this year – September of 2007 – for yet another Gathering, officiated by Chris Crofford, we were now seeing the Power of Love coming forth and we were seeing lives being changed everywhere we were sent.

If this sounds like a “brag letter”… I’ve not been an effective writer… because we’re both like two little kids just amazed at the awesomeness of what Father is doing in us, first… and then through and out to others in this season!  Praise and gratitude is all I can speak for the presence of God continually surrounding us!   

If this powerful anointing is a direct result of our willingness to “listen and obey” and patiently waiting on God to prepare us for the work ahead… then this time has been worth it all!  We have been prepared spiritually, fine-tuned even in the physical realm… to accept whatever directives we receive from Father.  We know we can do nothing unless God chooses to empower us!  This significant time spent alone with Him, has been worth it all! 


























11TH HOUR VISION [Through Sunny Orly Coffman] 9-26-07         1


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