“Wow, look at this!” These were the words shrieked in delight on Christmas morning by my two-year-old grandson, Jonathan, as he stood beside the Christmas tree looking at all the toys that were left there for him. At times he would literally shudder with excitement as he discovered yet another toy that he hadn’t noticed until now. As he pointed to his newly found treasure, again he would cry out, “Wow! Look at this!”

As his parents and grandparents sat on the couch and watched him discover the gifts that had been placed there for him, our pleasure was as great as his. It brought us great joy to see how much he was enjoying the surprises that his parents had planned for him. Their plans were to make his Christmas an abundant one, and it worked!

The Bible says in Ephesians 2:10 that you and I are a divine work of art, who have been created in Christ Jesus for the good works that God has prepared in advance for us, so that we might walk in them. As we begin a new year, don’t think of serving God as your duty. Instead, recognize that He has some great surprises in store for you during 2003. These surprises are the opportunities that lie before you to serve Him.

God is going to do some supernatural things in this world during the coming year and He loves you enough that He is going to allow you to participate in it! As you move through the days of the coming year, look for the special surprises He has planned. When you see the opportunity to serve the Lord in some way, allow yourself to respond in childlike faith, “Wow! Look at this! Here is something my Father has prepared for me!’ He has planned an abundant life for you during 2003, so relax and enjoy it!

Your spiritual service isn’t your gift to God, but His gift to you. It brings Him great pleasure to see you open the gift of each day and present it to Him. Don’t worry about religious obligations. You’re done with all that. Just get up each day in 2003, yield yourself to Him and enjoy the present. 

Copyright, 2003,used by permission. Steve McVey, Grace Walk Ministries, www.gracewalk.org













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