JANUARY 13, 2011

2012, the year ancient cultures have made predictions about for thousands of years. Countless books have been written speculating the events to occur in 2012, you tube videos by the dozens are up, and even popular movies about 2012 have recently been produced. What are we to believe and how are we to behave as we enter this critical time in the evolution of humanity? In the midst of our changing world is there something we are here to do or are we in a stream of events which cannot be changed?

There is a beautiful Hopi saying which has never meant more than it does in this time: “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

It brings an enlightening message for us today. While the earth seems to be going through one of the most intense cleansing processes ever experienced, something else is also happening beyond the surface. It is the awakening and empowering of thousands of Lightworkers all over our globe! These Lightworkers have incarnated at this critical moment with the power to transmute all human mis-creations which are in conflict with the purpose of our planet, Divine Love.

There is a Biblical scripture giving a powerful metaphor which can help us understand what’s happening on our planet today. It says; you can’t put new wine into old wine skins less they becomes contaminated. Does this scripture mean for our planet’s purpose of birthing a new humanity to fully manifest, we must continue to go through these cataclysmic events? Are these events the only way our beautiful earth can be cleaned? Could it be these Lightworkers are the “Ones We Have Been Waiting For” to bring forth purging in a new way? Is it possible you are one of these Lightworkers and have come to heal and cleanse our planet with the power of your light and love?

2011 was an intense year of changes for many of us personally and also our earth. It moved us further up the spirals of evolution into greater frequencies of God’s Divine, transfiguring love and light. What’s happened is beyond anything man has ever experience before!

According to the Mayan Calendar our earth is now engulfed by all nine energetic levels of evolution at once. These new energies are empowering mankind with greater and greater frequencies of light. Why is this happening? It is happening to enable every particle of life on earth to withstand these higher frequencies of Divine love at atomic and cellular levels. These higher frequencies are coming in to assist humanity and bring in more peaceful earthly experiences! They are coming to empower us to “Be The Change” not to bring chaos into our lives!

Beyond a doubt, purging is necessary for the ascension process to fully take place. It’s to prepare us at a cellular level for the influx of unprecedented light energy occurring at this moment. Our purpose is to be the open door which transforming light can flow through. The important question I ask is: does this purging on our earth have to happen through cataclysmic events or is there another way?

People everywhere are beginning to sense the magnitude of the Cosmic Moment! There is a truth resonating and pulsating within the heart flame of people in every walk of life as they awaken. They are beginning to see through new eyes and hear with new ears the voice of spirit within them. The Clarion Call of the Universe for Unity, Oneness and Divine Love is going forth!

Mankind has been preparing for this moment for eons of time and you and I have come to fulfill our unique parts of the Divine plan in this critical age. Right Now, our “I Am” presence is calling us to rise up and fulfill the highest form of Divine service ever asked of man!

Daily we are hearing about horrifying events taking place all over the earth. I know of people who have charts tracking earthquakes around the world. They are riddled with fear, buying guns, and storing huge amounts of food. Some are moving to other states which they feel will be safer because of the dangerous events ahead. They are reading and talking continually about the destruction and deaths getting ready to occur on our planet.

Is this what you believe? Do you think the only way our planet can be cleansed and prepared for the Great Awakening is through destruction and death? Are you able to open your mind’s eye enough to consider there could be another way? Could these people be tuning into obsolete predictions?

Let’s go to the Bible again for some answers. If we studied the Bible Code we’d find it contains many hidden predictions for horrifying events to occur in this time. It also has encoded in its hidden messages many of the worlds’ past atrocities, wars, destinies of world leader, and other events which took place in the past. It has been proven to contain many accurate predictions.

If you are not familiar with the Bible Code it is also known as the Torah Code. It has been described as a method by which specific letters from the ancient text could be selected to reveal an otherwise obscured message. This method has been studied for centuries and has opened a set of secret messages encoded within the text describing prophesies and other guidance regarding the future.

The messages within the Torah have become increasingly easier to decode since the computer has come on the scene. As stated before, the Bible Code has predictions of cataclysmic events ahead for mankind. But there is something even MORE profound and insightful the Bible Code discloses for those of us alive at this moment?

What is the hidden message which can change the course of world events and cleanse our world without these cataclysmic measures? After the predictions of cataclysmic events which are possible on the earth the Bible Code gives an alternative message to mankind. Here is the message: What will you do about it?

It reveals the power and potential of a people to change the very course of events and shift our world from chaos into peace. It unveils the divine principle that light is infinitely more powerful than darkness or fear! Science has found darkness cannot be measured because it is only the absence of light.

So here’s where you and I come in at a pivotal moment of evolution. Here’s the message to us today. Within every enlightened Being is the power to do something about our future! One Lightworker focusing effectively on light can release enough positive energy to counteract literally hundreds of thousands of people who are focusing on fragmented, fear-based, hate-filled thoughts which manifest in our world.

Because of the thousands of Lightworkers rising up today those horrifying predictions are no longer relevant. The cataclysmic events many thought were needed to purge our earth do not have to happen! Why? Because there is a great company of Lightworkers gathering all over the world at this moment. They understand they have the power to change things. They are making conscious choices through their “I Am” presence to transmute the darkness by their light.

The Bible reveals the mind of man is hostile to the ways of God and can’t understand them. To the carnal mind these ways look like foolishness.

Lightworker all over the globe are hearing the Clarion Call to gather and use their light energies to transmute the mis-creations of man. It may look foolish to the natural mind as they proclaim from their “I Am” presence transformation, and focus their powerful light to awaken humanity and change events. They are using powerful tools which produce miracles beyond comprehension to the natural mind.

Jesus revealed these tools by proclaiming he was the light of the world come to illuminate darkness. He also said we were to be lights on the earth. It has been scientifically proven when a sperm hits an egg within the womb there is a blast of light. The Bible confers with in the scripture in John which says:

“There is a light which lighteth every man which cometh into the world.” We are powerful light energy!

Jesus also demonstrated how to use the light when he defused the energy of a storm by his mere proclamation of peace from his “I Am” light presence.

We are here at this monumental moment as volunteers in the healing process unfolding on our earth. It’s vital as Lightworkers to join together to transmute these negative predictions of destruction and death being voiced about by the media and internet! They are tapping into the obsolete etheric records which no longer serve the highest good for our planet.

The underlying intent of these prediction is to keep humanity so paralyzed by fear they wouldn’t be able to assimilate and integrate our new planetary cause of divine reverence for life, oneness, and love.

The most important thing for those of us living on earth to know today is: The cleansing process can be done with the powerful frequency of our light energy and the influx of divine love rather than destruction of the earth. Herein is the call of divine service going out today!

We are here to create a new planetary cause – Divine Love! It will gradually pierce into the core of every electron of precious life giving energy on earth. Have you noticed it seems everything in conflict with divine love is being pushed to the surface at an accelerated pace? The reason is so it can be healed and transmuted back into light.

Now radical, revolutionary overnight changes are more possible than ever before which can shift humanity into Divine love, oneness and transformation. The Bible reveals it’s not only possible but a real tangible option. . . a quantum moment of transformation!

“Behold, I show you a mystery, We shall not all sleep (go through the shadow of death) but we shall all be changed (to be made different, transformed). In a moment, in the twinkling of any eye . . . For this corruptible shall have put on incorruption and this mortal shall have put on immortality.”

Miraculous, daily changes are happening in every man, woman and child on our planet. Our victory is assured as we focus on our personal and planetary transfiguration, re-birth and renewal. The influx of God’s divine love is happening! Humanity’s brain centers are being activated to new frequencies of divine love. Our “I Am’ presence is releasing new visions of possibilities. We’re seeing the Oneness of life, peace, abundance and freedom are attainable realities!

Our very DNA is being re-ordered and we’re realizing attainable new expressions of eternal youth, vibrant health, and infinite perfection. All these things are causing a great stirring and change within us. . .And suddenly nothing will be the same!

Now is the time for us to use our sacred gifts of transformation for the benefit of all life and our beloved planet. We must each go within and kneel before the altar of divine love that’s blazing in our hearts. We must listen to the still, small voice for our inner guidance and respond to the Clarion Call according to the directives of our “I Am” presence.

The key to the collective humanity awakening depends on the remembrance of the Oneness of all life! The Christ said’ “That they may be make perfect in One.” Our dedication and commitment is vital as Lightworkers to heal humanity’s illusion of separation from God.

The time has come for awakened Lightworkers to join hearts and minds as we co-create an expanding force field of Divine Light and Love so we can transmute negativity. The reason for cataclysmic earth changes predicted in the past is no longer necessary because of the heart commitment of millions of Lightworkers all over the globe! It has become apparent, we are indeed: The Ones We Have Been Waiting For!

But the question remains for each of us. . .What Will You Do About It?


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