Written on 9/13/01 to celebrate America!


God has blessed America; He made her strong and free.

He graced our land with glory, shed on you and me.

Her glory is not in brick or steel, in oil or stocks or gold,

but in her sons and daughters, resides her wealth untold.


The fiery day of infamy, sent to us, has proved

that America is unbowed, unafraid and will remain unmoved.

We will rise above this dreadful day, the fire, the smoke, the blood,

we will stay afloat on faith and prayers, flowing like a flood.


A cloud of witnesses left us when they heard the trumpet sound,

we searched for them alive, but some will not be found.

They grew in grace and knowledge, as they moved on up to glory,

and they like we, await the ending of the story.


Yet their lives have made a mark; their essence lingers still;

their memory lives in our hearts and it always will.

With God’s help, we will not give in to fear and hate and doubt;

we link our arms, open our hearts and for freedom, shout.


The enemy who attacked us is spiritually deaf and blind,

but we will be just like him if we respond in kind.

Those who cry, “Revenge” forget it is for God alone.

So let Him who has no hate, cast the first stone.


We rise above the urge to judge by color, faith, or race;

as we ask our Father for His unconditional love and grace.

Hate and fear will cause our hearts to freeze,

but only prayer can keep us on our knees.


May God cleanse all our hearts and keep our nation strong.

We pray our leaders will see how to do no wrong,

as we open our arms to strangers who seek a secure haven

for such as these have made us a vital, mighty nation.


GOD BLESS AMERICA [Jan A. Antonsson] 9-13-01 ~ POEM         1


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