JULY 20, 200

We have chosen to live in this accelerated reality to come forth for such a time as this, to fulfill our various destinies in this generation. Although it may seem like a myriad of destinies and purposes; there is only ONE. The various classrooms of thoughts, perceptions, experiences and beliefs about a Creator in this cosmic forum must consummate in one auditorium of consciousness. The lessons or courses you have chosen to take, You Have Chosen – consciously or unconsciously. They were necessary and shall be necessary to lift you to the platform and stage of your personal experience of honor, and to hear the resounding Voice within say, “This is my beloved son/daughter in whom I am well pleased”.

Therefore, do not be disturbed by what may appear as extreme pressure, the failing of a test, the illusion of time and the thought of stagnation. That which may appear as 10, 20 or 30 years of lost and or waste can be reconciled in one day. All that appears as worthless ashes and shame shall be turned into beauty. The version of you which is now manifesting is not the one you shall Be-come. Change is Inevitable!

Sitting here looking northward out of my upstairs window over the greenbelt I see the palm trees and many other trees swaying and bending in the strong wind. Phoenix area is known for having over 300 days of sunshine and today was one of them until a few moments ago. The clear skies are now filled with random lightning flashes, clouds and a thick brownish beige mist. A desert wind storm has come up suddenly and changed this clear sunny hot afternoon into a windy brown haze of flying sand and dust. It looks almost eerie as the landscape, mountains and horizon was suddenly transformed within moments. I see jack rabbits hopping for shelter as headlights cautiously travel through the haze. Changes are always happening all around; at least we perceive they are. Our perception of the changes and how we interpret them will determine how we are affected.

Two days from now another portal will open that will signify more changes in major ways. There will be a Total Solar Eclipse – July 22, 2009. (Seen in India, Southeast Asia, China part of Pacific). Then September 9, 2009 or 999 another important portal will open. Portals to the spirit realm and other levels of consciousness are being open often; however, major portals are opened during eclipses, comets, conjuncts and grouping of planets. This is one of the reasons Jesus and other prophets encouraged us to pay attention to the signs in the heavens, sun, moon and stars (constellations). The heavens are always declaring (prophesying). The operation (handiworks) of the Creator is energy in space affecting energy on earth to bring about change. Psalms 19, Matthew 24

Although the heavens and others (prophets, visionaries, intuitives) may prophesy a thing; we have seen the power of prayer and intercession that can delay and postpone prophetic words. (Prophecy can fail or be postponed if there is a change in consciousness- repentance. But how is that? Prophesy oftentimes is based on mass consciousness, foretelling the outcome of nations, group or individual based on thinking and behavior. If the mind is changed the outcome can be different. However, there are some decrees/declarations that will not be changed).

The prophetic can be a double-edge sword. Messages are given, visions are shown and at the same time we are told to pray about what has been revealed. Last years around this time we were awakening and summoning prophetic (intuitive) intercessors worldwide in light of what was being revealed. Today we do this again. We announced specific dates and time frames of international events and disasters on the planet as we have done for many years. As a Celestial News Network (CNN), we speak the news before it happens in linear time to warn, encourage and in hope to affect the outcome. Last year we also spoke specifically into the economic crash giving dates, months before it happen. You can find many of these things at: http://www.atam.org/LionsGate.html

Last year we showed you the access code of 8:8:8 (August 8, 2008) and the significance of it with the Total Solar Eclipse and other events. This year your access code is 9:9:9 September 9, 2009. In this July publication we will deal heavily with events around September due to the high concentration of energy that will be impacting the planet during the late summer and fall seasons.

999 is 666 upside down. 9 is the number of Finality, Ending of a Cycle, Full Circle, Judgment and Death. 9 also speak of Expectancy, Delivery, and Giving Birth.

The gematria of the word “Dan,” which means a judge, is 54 – 5+4=9 or (9×6).

“th orgh mou” (tee orgee mou), my wrath, = 999 (Hebrews 3:11).

Amhn (ameen), Amen, amounts also to 99, summing up and ending His words.

999 is the British and European number for Emergency, it is equivalent to our 911.

Without going into a lot of depth we can easily prophesy into this.

The Sun will be in Virgo September 9, 2009. Virgo is the constellation of the Virgin. This speaks of purity, virtue, and preparation. On the Hebrew Calendar it is called the month Elul, which means nothingness, good for nothing. This is the state of the soul not realizing the Christ within and his divine nature.

Access code 999 challenges us to bring closure to things in our lives, and unhealthy behavior patterns quickly during this season. It will usher in a time of what is perceived as judgment as the world events take a quick change in a matter of moments. The winds of war, economic collapse and man-made plagues will filled the evening news as BREAKING NEWS interrupt daily programming. 999 will send out a global frequency distress call that will appear as the wrath of God to some, but it is actually the fruit of what we (corporate consciousness) have sown. The access code of 999 will turn out to be an emergency call for many in the days, weeks and months after September 9, 2009. Realizing the need to call out to the Creator is a good thing.

This access code 999 is design to bring us to the end of the lesser self or ego. It is designed to induce labor so that we may give birth to that which we have carried and for some that seem overdue. This is the summing up of the old paradigms which will allow us to chant and shout, AMEN. So be it!! All of the promises are yes and Amen.

Let this be our call: Psalms 9:9 Yahveh also will be a high tower for the oppressed, A high tower in times of trouble;

The Next Phase of the Economic Collapse:

(Last year the Spirit was signifying the end of June 2009 we would have entered into the next stage of economic collapse by the mouth of many prophets including myself. As stated earlier we understand how the power of prayer can delay what has been spoken). For months we have been sharing with others that we felt the next phase of the economic collapse would be between September and October of 2009. On the early morning of July 17, 2009 I was given a dream/vision. Here is the summarized version:

People were glued to their TV sets and watching in awe. Then I saw people across the land in various settings (work, church, etc) with a blank stare on their faces. The initial shock was so great that people just stood or sat with their mouth open. There was an eerie calmness as people seemed to move in slow motion.

I saw leaders and religious leaders in total dismay walk away from their offices out of the pulpit as a sense of hopelessness permeated the atmosphere. It was almost like silence across the country for a time.

As the scene changed and I looked further wondering what was happening, I heard a voice or someone say, “The economy collapsed”. Then my eyes were led to a pole or tree that had a card board sign on it. There was an arrow pointing down and beneath the arrow were the digits 125. I got this strong sensing that this had something to do with the market but it did not mean it had lost 125 point. It was the sensing that it was at 125 (which made no sense to me when I came out of the experience).

As I was coming out of the experience and sitting up in my bed the date SEPTEMBER 18 stood before me. I was given to know that SEPTEMBER 18, on or about that day something major will happen that will affect the ECONOMY and the world. (1+8=9)

** From the middle of September through about October 18 you will see signs of this.

(A few days later I shared this vision and dates in September with another brother that happens to be a Broker/Consultant/Forex Trader and have used dates I have prophetically given in the past to increase wealth. He became very excited and said how with this info huge sums of money can be instantly generated. He felt the number 125 could be the S&P that the economy could possibly fall to such degree that the S&P would be at 125. However, we are yet seeking revelation-but I know for sure the number 125 will somehow play a part in these events of September and will be in the media. We are not telling anyone what to do regarding trading or investing – but those that be wise will shine like the stars of heaven. By the way, remember me, as Joseph said to the chief butler. Gen. 40-41 This is truly a great and terrible day we have come to).

** September 9, 2009 – 9:9:9 – Saturn moves into Virgo. A global event (September 8-12) will set the stage for the next phase of economic collapse. This time period is extremely vulnerable for HIGH CASUALTY. Loss of life through Explosions, Warfare and death of a world leaders.

(Saturn will position itself to such a degree the rings will not be visible, this is a very rare degree. Saturn in many cases represents negative or satanic powers. The heavens are declaring to us that over the next several months there will be a lot of plans being made and covert activities being done by the powers that think they be against the people. However, we know that there is nothing that shall be done in the dark that shall not be brought to light. The Holy Ghost will uncover and expose all the plans of the enemies).

There is a strong possibility during the dates mentioned above that their will be an escalation in the Middle East and a new war involving Israel attacking Iran. (We seriously pray that this does not happen). However, the heavens are prophesying escalation, violence, war and death across the planet that will take us into the next phase of WW3.

Rev 9:9 And they had breastplates, as it were breastplates of iron; and the sound of their wings was as the sound of chariots, of many horses rushing to war.

*** 9:9:9 Will also mark the rise and the return of the Seer Prophets. The influence of the heavens are set to activate and accelerate Visions, Prophecy, Intuition, Revelation and Dreams. Expect new experiences and more clarity and open eyed vision especially those of you that do already see. (May the 9 gifts of the Spirit and 9 Fruit manifest to its fully potential).

1Sam. 9:9 (Beforetime in Israel, when a man went to inquire of God, thus he said, Come, and let us go to the seer; for he that is now called a Prophet was beforetime called a Seer.)

We are also in an unprecedented season of supernatural wealth that shall be bestowed on many. It almost seems like a contradiction with the Economic Collapse. Did not God release wealth to the Israelites as the Egyptian economy collapse? I clearly remember last spring possibly around May of 2008 my wife and I was praying in the office. I was sitting in the chair and she was on the floor kneeling in front of me holding my hands as prophetic declarations flowed from me. All at once the Spirit shouted through me, “It’s time to call the Joseph Company!!” As I shouted and demanded Joseph to come forth, it was like a bolt of lightning hit me and literally jerked my body off the chair into the air. We were both somewhat startled at the manifestation of Spirit.

God has in place a Joseph company that will probably not look like what you expected and you have not even heard of them yet. However, they will have the remedies and wisdom to release WEALTH and prosperity. What a glorious time of change, the crumbling of man’s empires and system and the rising up of God’s Kingdom??!! Don’t mourn for Babylon and her merchants! Something greater than Babylon is about to come forth. It’s the KINGDOM!!! It’s the KINGDOM!!! It’s the KINGDOM!!!

You have the access code. You already know the NAME. Align yourself and enter in. Somebody needs to get off the computer or put the letter down and start running through the house or internet café shouting, “GREATER! GREATER! GREATER!!” (Don’t worry if people think you’re crazy, you will have to lose your mind (paradigm shift) to survive and thrive in the days ahead-so start now).

Speak it out into the atmosphere; release the decree so it can be established. Let this prophetic word be your mantra and meditation over the next few day and watch what happens. Let it be your mantra in September – October every time you see or hear the news shout “GREATER!!”


We don’t want to spend a lot of time prophesying into detail of global events that will be happening between July 22, 2009 – to November 2009. However, we will mention a few things to keep in prayer for various parts of the world.

** We are seeing extremely HEAVY RAINS & MONSOONS globally over the coming months with South Asia being a main target. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Tibet, etc. I see Flood Water at record height with great loss – Keep these regions in prayer.

** Also Heavy Earthquake activity from Asia to the Pacific.

** There will be an above average Storms, Winds in the US and the Atlantic states. There will seem to be an abnormal amount of lightning storms and strikes across the country. (You will hear/see this reported in the news) – Evacuations and Tent Cities will seem to repeat time and time again in the southeast a

** SOLAR FLARES – We have moved into a season of increased Solar Flares that will disrupt telecommunication and air traffic. October 19, 2009 – On or about that date a disastrous event will take place – However, the government and media MAY NOT report it as a result of solar flares in effort to avoid panic. (October 17-21, 2009). Later, or in foreign news it shall be report as such.

** Terror/Disaster – around November 9, 2009 – We are sensing some activity that will be a terrorist act in nature-the out come will not be a bad as it was plan to be. We will cover the East coast in prayer as well as the country. (Nov. 7-11, 2009) (This section only may be update if more clarity is given before the time-this can be stopped).

Again, the Spirit gives us warning and watch dates of things to pray about. He raises up watchmen to sound the alarm to make us aware of the plans of the evil ones or of events that impact our lives. What happens to one affects all. The purpose is never to bring fear, but awareness and promote intercession.

Your attitude determines your altitude,

John & Zobia Lewis & Zarius 2




















999 EMERGENCY [John Lewis] 7-20-09          1


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