NOVEMBER 1, 2003

That’s what you are, oh wonderful chosen of the Lord.  Opening your treasure chest like a sweet little child, gazing with adoring eyes at the beauty of the Christ within.

Like splashing in the rain, counting the stars, walking through a field of blue bonnets; there you are privileged of the Lord, wind blowing through your hair, facing the Morning Star with absolute and complete joy.

You have no time or desire to try to figure out so great a beauty, for you have been swallowed up; heaven in you.  This is your eternal moment, extended forever.  All lessons set aside; you bask in His Holy Presence, nothing yet to come, beholding the all that He is, right within you.  Utter humility turned into The Radiant Light of God.

And you automatically think of others, your love pouring out, billows of goodness, and you know the appearing of the Lord; how He has come for first one and then another, and how you question not, recognizing His perfect orderly awakening.

You know there is nothing to fear, nothing to want, and nothing lacking.  You see with the eyes of God; tears of rapture down your cheeks.

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord.

The whole load has arrived, and you are overwhelmed with His wonderful grace.

So you are looking through your treasure chest and seeing Him.

Relieved, you are home at last, and here, you constantly behold and feel the forerunners of truth, and here you observe the unfailing drawing of the Spirit to each and every man.


















A BREATH OF FRESH AIR [JimMelba Crofford]          1


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