FEBRUARY 3, 2008

Have you noticed every candidate for Presidency has a platform based on Change?  The physical is always revealing the Spiritual.  Americans are calling for Change to make their lives better.  As spiritually conscious people, we understand we have entered a momentous time of transition.  With this transition has come enormous Changes in our lives spiritually, with many more on the horizon.

In 2008 we must choose the part we are to play in this call for Change. The greatest show on earth has begun.  I read a quote recently which spoke volumes to me:

“My life is like a movie in which I get to play myself, To experience it in one frame at a time.  It is a foregone conclusion that the film has a happy ending.  It is in the script.  I love this film. I love my part and if I play my part just right there’s a good chance I will get an Academy Award.”   Sally Huss

Remember Shakespeare said: The world is a stage and we are but actors playing our part?  I am beginning to understand the truth in his statement.  What I believe is changing at this moment are the parts we have been playing.  Many of us have been playing the victim, the oppressed, the unloved, the unworthy, and the limited. These parts are now changing as we awaken to our true self.  The roles we are here to play in this moment are that of the ascended Christ consciousness, and Creator.

We are awakening to our real role, our real character.  The question is, will we choose a brilliant role, a fearless role, or something less?

As I thought of this call to Change, I remembered Abram.  We are standing right at the very point he was as God told him to leave his country, kindred, father’s house and be led into an unknown land.  When you read the scriptures through the Spirit, you see this was a very supernatural call.  It is the same call we are hearing within ourselves today. 

He was being told to leave the comfort and limitation of what had been his physical surrounding, and be willing to let God lead him into a greater reality.  If he could but let go of the physical, there was a greater realm of blessing he could enter. He would be made a great nation, or a great image-nation  A creator of a new reality of limitless possibilities for man. Are we able in 2008 to leave the comfort of limited beliefs and choose billionaire, love, clarity, harmony, unity, and infinite possibilities?

Last week I met a beautiful woman at a party named Judy.  Judy’s occupation is going into businesses and homes to organize their surroundings so the energy can flow freely.  She said before she takes on a new job, she must see their home.  “Their home is always a reflection of their inner self. How can you have peace, harmony, and power in your life if you live in chaos, confusion and clutter?”  She exclaimed.  “The outer reflects the inner man.  You change your outer world and it influences your inner world.”  “I must see what is really going on in a person’s life before I can help them make changes.”  Judy said.

Many times we don’t see the importance of this physical world in our spiritual realm training.  Abram had to loose himself from physical things and make a great change before he could enter his destiny. In this physical realm we have been given tools which help us ascend to the higher realms of spirit.  Remember the scriptures say, ‘first the physical and then the spiritual. We are here to ascend to a higher spiritual plane. Many times, the tools which help us are physical.  They consist of our homes, relationships, health, money, and the things we hold on to so tightly.

Believe it or not, getting rid of clutter brings peace to our inner world. By bringing peace and forgiveness to strained relationships, our inner world will experience freedom.  Giving from a consciousness of blessing others, releases a flow within us. Our outer realm is but a reflection of our inner world.  We are like a projector, and our lives are the screen where we project our inner beliefs.  If we believe in limitations, our life will project lack in many forms.  If we really do not love ourselves, UN-loving and strained relationships will be projected onto the screen of our life.

The theme for 2008 in America is Change.  It should be our spiritual theme too.  Many times we say we want change, but we are unwilling to take the steps necessary for change.  What if Abram had said.  “I am too comfortable.  If I leave and let go of all these things which are so familiar I might not feel secure.”  He would never have entered into the covenant which awakened him to Oneness with God.  We must be willing to let go of things in the physical, to enter into the greater spiritual realm.

We have the power to UN-create the conditions which have caused and prolonged chaos, depression, and unrest in our energy fields.  Why do we see so many in depression?  If we took a look at their outer world we may find the answers.  UN-forgiveness, estrangement’s, hatred, hoarding things, confusion, and chaos in their lives.

In 2008 are we ready to exchange the costume of the role we have been playing for a new one? Can we stand “naked,” which means transparent, before ourselves?  Remember we have come to the day a man must leave his father and mother (physical attachment) and cleave unto his wife (soul) and the two shall be one flesh.  Spirit and soul in union.  They shall be naked (transparent) and not ashamed. 

In 2008 can we choose to stand transparent before ourselves unashamed, non-condemning, but being honest enough to acknowledge what has served us and what has not?  Are we able to take a candid look at our life and let it reveal where changes must take place?  What clutter needs to be released, forgiveness given, alienation’s healed, giving taking place, and restricting of our time to allow a daily mediation.  As we do, we will be able to put on our original costume and take on our authentic role as Creators.

2008 is a year of New Beginning! Eight is numeric for New Beginning! In order to enter this New Beginning the question we must ask is: Are we willing to Change? Are we able to release the old so we can embrace the new? Can each of us take the steps necessary to come out of the limited boxes we have created and step into the plane of the limitless potential of our lives?

America is not only calling for Changes in government, but in their lives and the roles they have been playing.  They are still looking to others to bring this Change.  We must look at ourselves and know we have the power within ourselves to bring the Great Change humanity is calling for!  

Embracing Change for 2008,







A CALL FOR CHANGE [Mary Lou Houllis] 2-3-08          1


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