FEBRUARY 6, 2003

And there is a hush across the land, as peace falls upon us like gentle snow flakes.

And the Lord says for me to read from my own book; says to make my own news.

So, I opened the book of good news, written by the finger of God on my own heart. I feel the touch of the Lamb on every page. Oh, the joy of peace and rest in the presence of the Lamb.

There it is recorded that today we have entered into rest, and not one thing may disturb us. We are sealed in Him in the center of His fullness of life. This is the place prepared.

With gentle eyes, we look upon the family of God and say, “Look and see! Look and see the greatness of His Cross! Look and see the gift of salvation! Behold the lamb! In Him, you know the love of our Father!

My book proclaims peace and love from cover to cover. There is no condemnation or separation; no impending doom; no fear or worry. It speaks of our return to, and life, in the Garden where all is harmony and order; where the pathway of life is set by the Father from the very beginning. It is the unfolding of our real joyful experience of life.

And I hold your hand in the garden; never to let go as we taste the milk and honey; the new creation. Our King has not failed, but has restored us unto Himself. He is music from within, as we cannot give enough of ourselves, one to another.

The wave of our hand speaks peace, and the abundance of our heart brings awakening.

Who would like a hug?  Jesus is here!

Welcome, my dear friend. Welcome, children of God. Will you lift your arms in worship, that you might send forth your amen to all of creation. From your lips, speak forth salvation. Declare the greatness of the Savior within, and know that the power of life is in you. The joy of Being overwhelms you.

Amen, Praise His Name.

Sincere Love












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