APRIL 4, 2006

Maybe they’re on a journey, searching for knowledge and wisdom and something to call their own, or maybe they’re measuring The City; and it’s OK, until.

FIRST LOVE IS FULLNESS OF SALVATION. Come unto Me, undone and without status. Be plunged into Spirit where nothing but God Life Is Present. Isn’t this what happened? You let your outer garments be stripped off, as you found yourself standing in Pure Light. This is the way it is ! Your titles and power are removed. This is the way you found it in the beginning. Gone was your ladder of achievement and your books of learning as you were caught away; a child fully apprehended and delivered; Being The One Who Is Whole. You, My little child are tender and pliable; Holy even As I Am. You are: Man Child of The Fullness of Salvation. You are raptured in Jesus Christ. It may never be more wonderful than the day you discovered you are ONE WITH ME. You will remember Your First Love.

You Are Life having laid down your heavy burdens. You have arrived, awestruck, open eyed, open hearted. Welcome to Glory; no more struggle. You have entered into Spirit Perfection where nothing is yet to be done. Everything is prepared as I promised. You are BORN AGAIN! Speak to the four winds that I, Your First Love, Am Come, The Fullness of All That I Am.

It is not now necessary for you to measure the City. As a matter of fact, it cannot be done. Those that attempt it, commence a never-ending road that ends in sorrow.

They will come back to the beginning ! Come to First Love. Come unto Me. Come without purse. Come without script. Come without pride or knowledge. They will bow to being nurtured, with thanksgiving.

Behind is confusion, wisdom that is not confirmed; line upon line, task upon task, acres of research. Behold now, Light and Love. Behold freedom; not a problem solver or describer of truth. Salutations to the land of no problems or questions, where the clear open path is prepared and is within you. Think deeply on this: I have not sent you to fix that which I have already finished, but have sent you to testify of Me. This is your rest.

It Is I. Mercy, Your First Love, Open and True. I satisfy, that you never thirst again; even right now. I Am here always; The City of Light, where there is no suffering or delay. I Am Your Refuge, Jesus, The End of The Old, The Door To The All New. Reach up above your chin, and touch My Face. Place your hands on My waist and know you are awake. Unlatch your shoes and be seated in God’s Chair of The Finished Work.

In The Name of Jesus, all is finished. The Great Inheritance Is Here in The Name That Is The Answer. It Is The Very Drink of Water That You Shall Never Thirst Again. It is too simple for many, until, but Life Is The Open Door. As a little child, they return and discover Their First Love.

“Wise Men Seek Him.” There is none other nation, government, city, creation, or being outside of The One Who Hung on The Cross, for He has placed all things under His feet, and Is Risen As The One New Man of Which we Are Joint Heirs, Right Now.

Praise His Name,



A LITTLE CHILD’S FIRST LOVE [Jim-Melba Crofford] 4-4-06          1


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