THOR: Email #1 A new theory of reality… Intro… Rokus

Hello all my Friends:

Our walk in the realms of LIGHT is changing, evolving, continually. We are taking LARGE STRIDES as Carolynne and I were enjoined to do in 1986 when we began our journey, in earnest. As you may remember, she saw veins in the ground, silver and gold. The Spirit pointed to one particular vein indicating the one that she and I came through, but all the veins emerged into a bowl of white pulsating brilliant LIGHT and the Word of the Lord was: “Now you have come into a large place, begin to take large strides.” Taking large strides means to STRETCH YOUR SELF... and we are certainly having to do that just to keep up. All our proclamations about “Not eating of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil;” all our determination of “not judging by appearances;” is meeting the testing ground of spiritual reality the grand here and now of our experience. We are also having to go THROUGH the appearance of words that men say, listening for the word of truth that is wanting to break through the limitations of their conscious mind. Sometimes we are hindered by our past concepts of what a scripture might mean, we may have tapped into one level of esoteric meaning of such a scripture and when someone quotes it, the mind immediately brings up the old programming which usually resists the greater truth wanting to come. So, strangely enough, one of the great treasures we have, the scriptures, seems to become our hindrance. Hence we say… let us come out of the shadow realm… into that Brilliant White Light in which there can be no shadows. So, it is not the scriptures that are a problem it is our addictive attachment to SHADOWS and the whole Shadow realm. In that grand Bowl of White Light there can be no shadows because the Light is not localized, it is everywhere! Is that not awesome?

We are also being stretched to consider concepts that are larger than our perceptions. As we do so, the brain has to create new neural pathways to accommodate those new thoughts enough to give one a head-ache… Pfffhew! Those of you that attended our 2005 TG meeting may remember that Carolynne had a flash insight where she heard the word Synapses and saw those pathways forming in a brain.

At a recent meeting where I was privileged to present some of the LIGHT that is dawning in us, some of those present experienced headaches… ha… I quickly took refuge in the thought I am presenting to you now you know how quick we are to depreciate ourselves… it could NOT have been because I got beside myself and carried on for an hour or so!

You… my friends and readers… my sounding board… my fellow travelers in the realms of LIGHT… my Friend, Lover, Sister and Spouse… I am going to ask you to go on another journey with me, if you will. I need you to interact with you, I need the LIGHT awakening as You. I cannot speak the Awakening truth of myself, my script, my book, without you. I have done so in my printed writings “Rays of Truth,” on my web site: “Dawning Light Ministries” which Gary Sigler and Lighthouse Library have hosted for me and finally on our ongoing TG email group.

I need to express this Awakening Reality. I need to clothe this greater reality with words, with language. New concepts need a place to hatch to affect these lower realms of consciousness. I struggled for many years with the fact that I seemed to have a very limited audience… I now am VERY thankful for the limited, specifically appointed, audience I have been given. A new product needs to have a market testing… is it a sellable product? Will it stand the test of reality? The LIGHT knows ALL, it has no fear or doubt, but I… as its emissary and deliverer DO emerge through realms of doubt and fear, into a perfect expression… just like YOU.

So, my intent is to write an extended series of articles. Each one short, (shorter than this one…Ha!), and through them create a more comprehensive THEORY OF REALITY. My previous effort in this area was the email discussion we had “A New Theology.” That is now in print and I value it greatly and I thank all of you that participated in it with me.

I will clearly mark the subject line of the emails with the name THOR, standing for “Theory of Reality” simply so you can delete it if you are not interested that day or do not have the time. This will allow me to keep you on my email address list without imposing on you.

There is a great need for a clear expression of TRUTH in this hour. Clear simple concepts to clothe our minds with so we can continue with this grand journey. There is plenty of discussion about error and deception, and this serves a purpose.  It is imperative that we take responsibility for the word that we present to the body of God. Yet it cannot escape our attention that much of this expelling of gas is caused by indigestion in the body of Christ, too much unusual food too fast. Allowing the body to react should bring relief.

To me… the most healthful way for us all to proceed is in an interactive presentation and discussion forum available to all who would participate. I will do my best to serve ALL by being as true as I can be to the truth that is written in my inward parts. May you do the same?

What I would desire from you is gut-level response to the writings. I will then incorporate those responses that would help in the development of the thoughts presented. This would make the whole project interactive. Looking forward to your participation…  Rokus den Hartog

THOR: Email #2 Chick analogy… emerging into newness

Thank you for the generous response to the first email. There is definitely a need here, a need for clear language and concepts to clothe our mind with as we walk into greater realms of awareness of reality. It is true for every person that your consciousness is your reality space, but some of us are aware of that truth and so are more open to enlarge that reality space.

Although it is true that simply by exercise of the intellect we cannot attain to greater spiritual awareness or awakening; it is also true that, if we refuse to allow change in our thinking modalities, tenaciously clinging to the “right” or ‘holy’ words without asking for the greater meaning of those same words we definitely trap ourselves in the rubble of yesterday’s religious hurricane.

I see the situation somewhat like this. Imagine a hundred little chicks in a hatchery. As the hatching time approaches there is a continuous chatter going on among the chicks that are all ready to emerge each one tapping away at their shell. (I seem to recall that there is evidence for this to be actually so); very similar tour great and lengthy projections about truth, and understanding and future events, eschatology. Suddenly, a few chicks break out, immediately their perspective is dramatically altered, what was all imagination and revelation, spoken as types and shadows, now is suddenly reality. They speak about what they are looking at and experiencing in that moment. However, all the ‘sleeping’ chicks are hearing those words from within the context of their “in the shell” perspective. Immediately, where there was at least some harmony before there is now sudden discord. There are arguments about the use and meaning of words; the chicks that are out of the shell’ and the chicks ‘in the shell’ are still conversing with the same words but those words no longer mean the same.

Now I think the analogy breaks down in this way… for the chicks the change is dramatic and sudden, but your mind does not allow it to be so for you hence the change takes place relatively slowly.

As an example… for several years I spoke and wrote extensively about the Cross of Christ. I pointed out the fact that the Cross of Calvary is a projected hologram through the experience of One Jesus of Nazareth and that it enables us to look at and see our Crucifixion on the cross of time and space our HUMANITY.

As I would begin to speak, where people were free to respond, they would immediately raise an objection.  That objection was… that I was doing away the Atoning work. It took me a year or more to realize that the source of the discrepancy was not in different understanding of the same truth; the discrepancy lay in the fact the I was looking at Calvary from ABOVE (realm of purpose), while the hearer was still looking at the cross from BELOW (sin consciousness). I had hatched into a greater place and was not fully aware myself that I had re-located.

Well, I promised to keep this short each time. We have not started on THOR, A Theory Of Reality yet but I believe we will.

PS: For those that would like to do so I am creating one mailing group that will allow you to ‘reply to all’ so we can have an interactive discussion. If you want to participate in this, let me have your email address and I will include you.  Sincerely: Rokus

THOR: Email #3. Where to begin?

Dear Friends:

In the sound of Music Julie Andrews sings to the children: Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start, When you spell you begin with ABC… When you sing you begin with Do Re Mi…

However, it is not always that easy to find a beginning point, especially when you realize that there are realms where there are no beginnings or endings, for that matter. The book of Genesis… A Book of Beginnings… begins with the letter “B” The Hebrew letter “Beth.” This letter has the meaning of “house,  You might wonder why it is translated as “IN” in the King James Version:

IN the beginning God…” Think about it, a house enables you to distinguish between the inside and the outside. The nature of physical reality is that it enables you to think in terms of opposites, good and evil, inside and outside.

So, to begin our thoughts about a THEORY OF REALITY, I will begin with this thought:

Physical reality, Time and Space, the Earth Realm, is a created realm, created for a purpose and with a plan in mind.

Archimedes, one of the founders of modern science and the one who stated the principle of levers said: “Give me fulcrum and I will move the earth”. He wanted a point OUTSIDE the earth to move the earth. So we also, need a point of reference beyond this reality to begin to form an understanding about this reality. It is my persuasion that physical things can only be truly experienced as physical beings but cannot be understood from that point of view. Their significance and meaning can only be understood from a heavenly or spiritual point of view.

I was in Amsterdam in 2002. I never felt so disorientated in my entire life. The streets in Amsterdam and the canals all are built in semicircles radiating out from the main train terminal. No two radiating streets run in one direction, no single cross street runs in one direction. How do you orientate yourself in that kind of place? Easy get a map… get a heavenly, elevated point of view. Once I understood the layout of the streets from a higher perspective it became easy to navigate around Amsterdam.

We need a Theory of Reality to navigate this three dimensional existence in the same way as one needs a map. When your faculties are in gear and you are engrossed in the all consuming task of LIFE, you and I need a conscious understanding about this reality to give us the confidence and power to LIVE, and to remain connected to our eternalness.

To those who might say that you do not need such a conceptual framework… I say the thought you are presenting is rooted in a core belief you already have. It is really not possible to function in this realm without a core belief.  All this brings up the question: How real is this reality?

THOR Email #4. The purpose of physical realms…

Thank you for staying in here with me, we will begin to hit some pay dirt. Pay dirt in the sense that we will hit a stump or two… Ha! We will find some understanding about this 3-D world that does not fit our conditioned programming, our traditional understanding.

One main reason for me wanting to do a series of writings and the reason for wanting your collective input is the next thought in this progressive series. What is this physical plane, this 3-D world all about? Why are we here?

Metaphysics represented by writers, such as Charles Fillmore, and lately Joel Goldsmith, have made major contributions to our present understanding. Having said that I must also say that very often what is being said and presented as science or spiritual knowledge is really in opposition to some truly spiritual-physical principles that the scriptures teach and more importantly that Jesus came to demonstrate to us. How do we find our way in the midst of all this?

One of the main issues of discussion and/or contentment centers on the word ILLUSION, the idea that experiencing this plane is to be compared to one who dreams… he eats a bowl of stew and wakes up hungry… approach.

We need a far more balanced approach; however this balanced approach must be accompanied by a depth of spiritual maturity and experience in the Holy Spirit. It is not only us that desire answers… all our ancestors and many spirituals and spiritual worlds are looking on and desiring these answers through us.

I no longer have the naive idea that heaven is perfect and that distortion and error only exist in this present, so called, evil world. In fact, I am persuaded that the opposite is true; whatever you find in this world can only be here because it exists, in some manner, in greater worlds beyond this plane.

That brings us to focusing on a thought about the purpose for this level of experience, this physical plane.

We can and do use illustrations taken from this human experience to help us understand, or form a picture, of things that stretch far beyond this plane. Electromagnetic waves and the electromagnetic spectrum encompass many different waves and vibrations. At one end of the scale there are X-rays that your dentist uses to examine the roots of your teeth. They have extremely short wavelengths… thousands of them in a single inch. On the other end there are radio waves, used for the transmission of information on AM and FM. Beyond these waves are even longer ones each single wave measured in yards and feet, even miles. In the middle of all these waves, is a very narrow band of frequencies called the visible spectrum. If you could see with x-rays… like Superman… then the so-called visible range would be much, much, broader. For us to experience sight as we do, this range needs to be limited.  Wow, what would happen if you could see with the whole spectrum? This visible spectrum is itself made up of the seven main bands that appear as the colors of the rainbow. Just black and white is really a limiting idea.

Why this lengthy discussion of the electromagnetic spectrum? It is a visible picture of something invisible. Reality is like that spectrum. It comes in a large range, extending well beyond the range of our 5 senses. The visible range, being this physical plane, is only a very small part of all that we call REALITY,

If this physical plane is small, if it seems weak, referred to by many religious and even spiritual people as ‘ONLY” natural, it is nevertheless greatly desired by the spiritual realms; it was certainly desired greatly enough for you to come and to experience it. Greatly enough for Jesus to set aside his greater glory and take on human form, like you and I.

So, the purpose of this physical reality can be stated as this:

The physical created realms are like a screen of visibility to the eternal realms on which non-material principles can be clearly seen in manifestation.  Rokus

THOR: Email # 5: The very Beginning… holds the key.

A brief review so far:  A journey needs a beginning point, which point has to be in our own consciousness. That is where we are. It begins with a question, who am I?

In the movie The Matrix, when Trinity meets Neo, she whispers a question in his ear… What is the Matrix? There is such a question that gnaws at you; a question that begins your awakening process. For Adam it was the simple question: Adam, where are you?

What was and is that question for you? Only you know and it is that question that is your great treasure. It will keep you going when all seems to fail. It is the question that eternal Spirit, the Source, whispered into your ear at the very outset of your eternal journey through realms of separation, through and to your Source, the Father of all Light.

The journey of consciousness you and I are on has to do with the unfolding of consciousness and the forming of IDENTITY. Who are you?

So, I began this series of articles by establishing a beginning point.

The first awareness of this realm, and knowing WHERE we are, can lead us to WHO we are.  This realm is a realm of duality, opposites. Everything you experience in this grand journey is etched into your hard drive through the experience of opposites.

The first problem or opportunity at hand for all emerging chicks is to look at your FEELINGS about opposites. Generally you and I have been programmed to perceive the world as good and bad. Then we took a step further and realized that we are trapped in this world of dualistic thinking and then we fell into the same trap of thinking that “GOOD and BAD” thinking is BAD.

We used to blame the woman, who blamed the serpent for this terrible deed of eating from the tree of the knowledge of opposites. Well… guess what? I think we all are beginning to appreciate the fact that we NEED the experience of opposites to develop awareness of identity, i.e., CONSCIOUSNESS.

So, let’s go back further… before the tree in the Garden. When did the idea of opposites, duality, the idea of TWO, begin and who started it?

The answer to this question and its emotional impact on us will help us make the last break thru the egg shell. It is the answer to this question that is embodied in the Lamb that was slain from the disruption of the Worlds. It can only be found by opening your heart to eternal Love and Light. You and I need to be given a glimpse beyond this created dualistic reality to understand and receive it, yet it is the simplest and most logical answer you could imagine… here it is:

Only the ONE, the All, the sole existence that contains all things within itself, the energy that is aware of itself, the LIVING Light, the Abba, Father of All… could have initiated the journey into separation.

This fifth email in this series, this brief statement of truth and light, this break in our religious consciousness programming… will break us away from all our traditional neural pathways that continually lead to experiences of destruction. You can end the present program right here and now… better, much better, than a Billy Graham Alter call… good as that was, and is, for millions. Rokus

THOR: Email #6; Separation is the pathway into FORM…

Dear readers: I want to share a couple of responses I received after I began the present phase of the project… the Subject of Separation.

From Vic: Are you saying that the Father of All is the one who started this process of separation? What would be your take on WHY? I’m not questioning your explanation but want to know more of what you think. What is the purpose, what is the end result and so on?

From Bill: Sitting here in my temple, so small, so mortal, pondering this, leaves me feeling inadequate. Yet, I had a glimpse then lost it. I have wondered, could it all be found in that He created us for his own pleasure?

Thank you Bill and Vic for asking, your emotional input is so appreciated and your queries will come forth as we go. Especially the most difficult part… Why would the All Loving Source begin such a journey?

As you may well remember, the only way we can clearly speak of the invisible things is by looking AT and THROUGH the visible; much in the way that you can look at a hologram and see a three dimensional image by focusing beyond the page.

First… to illustrate the idea of separation… and there are innumerable examples of it in this reality. In fact this three dimensional plane is based on separation, on opposites. The one I love best is the idea of Mitosis, cell division. Your and my physical body is formed through the process called “mitosis.” A single cell is formed from the union of a sperm and an egg. This complete unit has all the information programmed in it to form the whole body. The program is executed by cell division, mitosis. Each division is a separation… ONE becoming TWO, I cell becomes 2, 2 cells become 4 and so on until there are 50 trillion or so cells that make up a physical form.

Then that small form has to separate from the womb, where it was formed through the awesome almost magical process called birth, and so finally at age 35 or so… You are here physically at least, in your body.

Now, if my contention is true, that the visible things show the invisible then the forming of the physical body is a direct pattern to show the forming of the true body, the body of consciousness. And so we can make the following conclusion:

In the invisible realms, out from the Source, the journey of unfolding consciousness, coming into form, is accomplished through the process of Separation.

As I said earlier, the only way that TWO could come from ONE was through the expressed desire of the ONE. That is, it was and is the Source itself that initiated the process of separation, the journey into form.

There are several scriptures that speak of a “BEGINNING” connected with the idea of “ONE becomes TWO” the essential thought of separation and the journey into FORM; the journey of having bodies, bodies of flesh, bodies of emotion, bodies of Light; bodies of consciousness.

These are found in Genesis 1:1, Proverbs 8:27 and The Gospel of John 1:1.

Thank you for being my audience. Respond, if you will, with comments and questions; it helps greatly. I know what I mean while I am writing, however, as you well know, a single word does not necessarily mean in your mind what it does in mine therefore please ask so I have an opportunity to say it clearly. Worlds of awareness are listening to us, feeling our awareness as we share… Rokus

THOR: Email #7: The BEGINNING… God and the Word… Duality. John 1 vs. 1.

Dear Reader:

As we have stated, the essence of separation is found in this concept: One becoming Two. Clearly… the ONE knows no separation; it is always everywhere, only the ONE. So…let us look at the sacred writings.

Gospel of John 1 vs. 1:

“In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was GOD and the WORD was with GOD.”

The idea of TWO appears immediately in this verse in the following ways

1. There are TWO main subjects here, GOD and the WORD.

2. The WORD is described in TWO different ways. First as being GOD (was God) and second as being with (was with), God.

Since the word Duality literally means “Two’… we see the beginning of TWO or the beginning of duality here.

The phrase “was god,” or “is god” implies total oneness. I remember in the seventies when I first heard preachers declaring ” I am God,” I really believe they were hearing the first tremors of ONENESS and saying it in the way they were emotionally reacting to that awesome revelation that we are now experiencing in such a more complete way. All of reality is truly ONE.

The WORD being with God implies that it is separate from God, standing beside or at least somehow distinguishable from God.

So, what is it that is BEGINNING here? Clearly it is the idea of TWO making its first appearance duality; the possibility of separateness. As the idea of TWO emerges all kinds of things begin that could never be in the ONENESS; Time and Space; all physical creation; the idea of “An Other One.”

When these ideas began to come to me, and I would try to present them, I would suggest the idea that God, the only ONE, went to the dictionary because he wanted to know what the word “Other” meant and so consider a new idea, what it would be like for there to be “Another ONE?”

You all know that we are the “Living word, wrapped in flesh and bone.” You also know that not only did the WORD become flesh in Jesus… you, too, are that eternal WORD made flesh. Your beginning was not when Adam incarnated or in your mother’s womb or when you were ‘Born Again’… your beginning is in the ONE, in the Mind of God, as a desire, then a thought, and then the expression a WORD. This is the beginning of consciousness, as we know it. This is the beginning of the journey of separation. This is your beginning as a Form Being, as one who can share consciousness and who can create levels of identity for realms of existence. This is where you began; this is where you heard your mission statement; this is where your purpose began to unfold… this is your BEGINNING.  …Rokus

THOR: Email #8: Proverbs 8 A circle… My beginning

Dear Reader.

It is ultimately important to connect our thinking of a New Theory of Reality to the ancient thoughts and writings. All through the Ages there have been those who were granted glimpses and insights that have served as anchors to keep us until the Dawning of the morning that we knew, always knew, would eventually come.

Peter, the Apostle, put it this way…“We have also a more sure word of prophesy; whereunto ye do well to take heed as unto a light that shineth in a dark place until the day dawn, and the Day star arise in your hearts.That LIGHT is now here you are the manifestation of it.

This scripture, as the one in John, connects the idea of a BEGINNING to the idea of TWO. That is, the Beginning referred to in the scriptures, is the beginning of consciousness as we know it, the beginning of the journey of separation or if you prefer, the journey of wholeness.

Proverbs 8 vs. 22 to 27 reads as follows:

I was set up from everlasting, from the beginning, or ever the earth was. When there were no depths, I was brought forth Before the mountains… I was there (I began), when he set a compass (drew a circle) on the face of the deep.

Wisdom, as you can see in chapter 9, has built HER house. So, the word wisdom here is feminine. Yet, in the very beginning there is only the one. So, this that was brought forth from the beginning before the physical creation… this feminine one we could call the feminine principle the one who receives.

The ‘FACE” of the deep must refer to the place where expression comes forth from the great deep. It is by looking at ones face that the expression of the mind (deep) can be seen when you are conversing with a person.

The DEEP is referring to ALL that God is beyond the place and experience of expression. So, this act of drawing a circle in the beginning… is the act of creating TWO out of ONE. Once you draw the circle… there is now an INSIDE and an OUTSIDE.

The beginning of all that can experience separation, consciousness as we know it, began with a thought in the mind of God the thought could be very simply stated as:

“What would it be like if there were another one?”

The act of drawing a circle is like the WORD, it gives an expression to that thought.  It creates the possibility of TWO as we saw earlier… the expression was God and the expression was with God.

Or, as here, God was IN the circle and God was Outside the circle... Awesome beginning, so simple, so seemingly small yet this is where I began, before I had any parts or any form before I could see or understand or even form a thought… This is where my being-ness was conceived, conceived to unfold and become all that God can be in realms of form… in Me… Rokus

THOR: Email # 9 Gen 1:1 ONE becoming TWO …Rokus

Dear friends: There is one more scripture that clearly, in an esoteric way, illustrates the connection between “BEGINNING” and “The Idea of TWO.

Why all this scripture? I am not really proof texting here, I don’t think that you would entertain my thesis simply on the basis of these scriptures… no, I want to go deeper than that. I want you to FEEL the energy that is awakening us, and then I want you to know that this energy is coming to you directly from your Father, the Source from which your being came in the beginning.

This simple direct thought, the thought that you are receiving truth from the essence of all that is, from the essence of all that you are.  This knowing that you and your Father are ONE… this thought… is the most difficult for the egoic mind to allow, or if you like… for the egoic mind to step aside for.

No matter how sublime the thought or the awareness that is wanting to come to you, unless your and my mind are in a state to receive that thought, we will simply evaluate it from old programming and set it aside as ‘too simple’ or “too human” or “too complicated.

So, here is the third and, I think, the last scripture.

“In the BEGINNING God (Elohim) created the heavens and the Earth.

The BEGINNING referred to in this scripture is not the BEGINNING we have been speaking of.  Rather it is the beginning of the threedimensional realm and the spiritual realities that are anchored there. We can see that from the fact that the creators here are the Elohim… a plural word… Not the ONE Source but the ONE expressed as or from many as in E pluribus Unum. However, even if it is not THE beginning of beginnings, it is A beginning.  Hence the same truth can be seen here.

The word “IN” with which the TORAH begins, in Hebrew is taken from the letter “B;” its name is BETH and the simplest meaning for it is “HOUSE.” You can see why the English translation for it would be “in” because a house is made to go “in.

A house is what one builds so one can be “inside,” away from the “outside. It is a place to create a special atmosphere of closeness called “Home;” again, we have the idea of Two from One, the process of separation.

To understand the mystery of creation, the mystery of the truth of the WORD becoming FLESH, a key was placed by a carefully chosen beginning, the letter “Beth.” The key that unlocks the mystery of incarnation, of coming into the flesh, a Body (house) thou hast prepared me; A tabernacle of God; ONE becoming TWO and so becoming MANY.

All this leads us to the thorniest of all human questions. It is asked in many different ways, depending on the place it is being asked from. If we accept the premise, and to me there is no alternative, that the Source itself initiated the thought of separation… what was the desire BEHIND the thought?

DESIRE-THOUGHT-WORD-DEED... this is the sequence we experience in the creative process. We have a perfect right, even an obligation, to look at the divine plan and purpose through such eyes. What was that… or what IS that first, central desire?

Here are a couple of responses I have received on this subject:

From Bill: Sitting here in my temple, so small, so mortal, pondering this, leaves me feeling inadequate. Yet, I had a glimpse then lost it. I have wondered, could it all be found in that He created us for his own (fulfillment) pleasure?

From Bruce: OK… I’m just gonna let what I feel inside me come out. If I KNEW EVERYTHING and WAS EVERYTHING… I WOULD BE TOTALLY BORED OUT OF MY SKULL! What FUN or PLEASURE could I have when I couldn’t experience the UNEXPECTED or any SURPRISES? I would have to create some experience of separation in myself.

In my next email we will consider this thought I do not expect you to take my thoughts as being final or absolute at all... just to stimulate you to think in ways you may never have done or to confirm what you have already felt Rokus

Sent: Wednesday, December 28, 2005 3:40 AM

Subject: Angel 3: THOR: Email #10. Why the Journey? Love needs… Rokus

Dear Reader:

Leaving the old paradigm

Creating a new dimension in Time

Let’s leave the Old behind

And bring in the new.

This is the first verse of a song that Carolynne wrote on one of her morning walks. What awesome words… we are indeed leaving the thinking of yesterday. Are we leaving it because it was wrong? No not really it’s just that yesterday’s thinking belongs in yesterday. As we shift into a new world, a greater world, we need greater thoughts… more sublime, more refined, simpler, more real. These thoughts that we entertain, that come from the Spirit are creating the new dimension in this Time-Space realm.

As I have stated before, it is the cleansing of our emotional bodies from fear and shame that is enabling us to re-connect with former and greater knowing. The shedding of blood on Calvary has made provision for you to: “wash your robes white.” Your robe is your flesh body and the mind that comes with it your incarnation. Interestingly enough, it is the nerves in the body that are truly white. So this cleansing is in reference to your mental-emotional body that was formed in the process of your incarnation.

It is through the emotions we can experience truth in the here and now that will enable us to reach back and illumine us to the origin of our own being. I want to relate an experience, as I have done many times before an experience that not only illustrates what I am saying; it also leads us to the thought that will answer the question:

Why did the Source, our loving Father, begin a journey that has brought with it such deep pain and sorrow?

I was standing on a balcony of an apartment building in Sarnia Ontario, observing a large maple tree. Suddenly a gust of wind came and lifted a host, myriads, of whirling, flying maple keys from the tree. They looked like a huge swarm, thrown many hundreds of feet into the air travelers on the currents of the air and wind with no specific destination apparent. Some keys only traveled a short distance, but others went clear out of sight.

As I stood there, I felt the tree as if it were God; God releasing us from his own being, I felt the depth of His love, I felt the total unconditional love that released us from himself while I could also feel that He would never nor could ever leave us; wherever we would go. He would be whatever we become.  Whatever we would experience, he would experience. With that unconditional love, I felt the intense desire of the Source that each seed would go… go and create… a journey for your self, a journey of experience, of creating consciousness, to make me, Your Eternal Source, whole and complete.

How could the source desire such a thing? What is it that it wanted? … It wanted the only thing it could not have if it remained as the only One… that is, the Love that the Source is, needed an object to need its Love so that Love could become all that Love is.

Love needs to experience itself as Love, by means of a need, created through separation. Rokus

Subject: Angel 3: THOR: Email #11: Shame, the portal of our incarnation… Rokus

Dear Friends:

This awesome love that all the seeds of God, or the God-Seeds, experienced as they were sent out from the Source, yet remaining in the Source... the great journey of separation this LOVE needs our close attention.

Our Christian Heritage abounds with Hymns and Testaments to those that have experienced the Love of God in their experience of Salvation and Redemption. You too, without doubt, know of the wonder of the realization of the acceptance of God while we were yet sinners as the New Testament states it.

Among the thousands of hymns of praise that have been written by saints of God from the experience of this Love the one that stands out to me is The Love of God. You may well know it.

“The Love of God is greater far, than tongue or pen could ever tell,

It goes beyond the highest star, and reaches to the lowest hell.

The guilty pair, bowed down with care, God sent his son to save

His erring Child He reconciled and pardoned from all sin

Clearly the theme of Love is tied directly to the awareness of shame, in fact, the greatness of this love is revealed because of this awareness of shame or as I have been saying, the journey of separation. Shame cannot be experienced when there is no separation. It is this experience of feeling separate from God and the feeling of shame, of un-worth that comes with it, that made the way to have the awesomeness of Love revealed. Could we have known the depth of this LOVE except for the depth of Shame that we experienced because of Separation?

As we have said earlier, Genesis is not the beginning of man; it is simply the beginning of his incarnation experience. First, the creation of man is stated:

…So God, (Elohim) created Man (Adam) in his own image, male and female created he them.

Then, in the next chapter, emphasis is placed on the manner in which they became male and female… a further step in the journey of separation… they were separated out of their oneness into male and female.

And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam...

And the rib (chamber) which the Lord God had taken from the Man, made he a Woman and brought her unto the Man.

Then …in the last verse of chapter two, the writer makes this notable conclusion:

And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and they were not ashamed.

What is most remarkable is the fact that the emotion of Shame is already connected to the experience of incarnation BEFORE the incarnation has fully been experienced. What is the point of stating that they had no shame before there was any experience that would cause them to have shame?

I say that the experience of incarnation is not fully experienced at this point because the Man and the Woman, as yet, have not been clothed with animal skins. This clothing with animal skins is the final ‘coming into flesh form’ which Genesis describes.

Let me make this rather BOLD statement to be inferred from the above paragraphs:

The first step in the process of man’s incarnation is for Him to create an emotional experience of Shame.

We already understand that the physical realm is a way to see the invisible. It follows that whatever appears in this realm can only do so because it exists in higher planes. So, shame did not begin in the Garden of Eden… it was given a prominent opportunity to manifest through the experiences in the garden... so that SHAME can truly be looked at and its purpose in the journey of separation can be understood. We will go back and look at the origin of shame in our next email.

I am well aware how deeply contradictory these concepts are to our, (yours and mine), traditional thinking… let me quote the rest of Carolynne’s song to you:

Make no mistake

This is what it will take

Walk over to your cliff

And Learn to Fly.

I do not for a minute entertain the thought that these concepts were never understood by anyone, no, in the higher worlds these concepts were so clearly understood that they could initiate the whole program of incarnation and enact the plan of redemption. It is in this lower vibration of the human experience we have never been able to understand because the time was not at hand. The morning was yet to break, the darkness still had to cover all minds to make the program effective only now, as the third day Dawns and the Third heaven is opened can these thoughts be expressed.

Paul, although he was caught forward to see these truths of the third heaven, was forbidden to utter them in his day… he has awaited this moment with great joy and anticipation… can you feel it? Rokus

Email #12 …Sin and Shame did not begin on this planet

Note to all readers… I have omitted email #12 earlier in the series. It deals with Shame and our understanding of it. Now that we have discussed Sin thoroughly we are ready, I think, to look at its immediate consequence… shame and its role in the unfolding of consciousness and the journey of separation.

Emails 12 and 12A need to be inserted then email 21 and so on. I am sorry to flood you with 3 emails please have patience and stay with me… your input and audience is very appreciated and important to me… Rokus

Dear Reader:

I have jumped ahead of myself in the unfolding of this Theory of Reality. We are now speaking of Shame, as it appears in the events that describe our being lowered into this three dimensional realm, our flesh bodies. That is the story of Genesis. True, there is reference there, as well, to the creation of all things but the important subject, beginning on the second page of the text, is the beginning of Adam on this planet our collective incarnation.

Notice the pattern as it unfolds it shows the relative importance of the key concepts of the total journey out from the Source to its consummation when “All things are gathered. As we have said already and want to repeat, this physical plane is to eternal realms what the canvass is to the painter. Out of the invisible, the artist’s mind, through the creative act of the brush stroke there appears a visible image through which the artist expresses himself, knows himself and is known of others. So, in this story of Genesis we can see the greater, invisible pattern of the unfolding of consciousness.

Notice the important role that SHAME has in the story. It is stated first…They were both naked… and not ashamed Then, after the partaking of the tree of knowledge, innocence ends, Shame begins and the result they try to hide from the Presence. The story of separation repeats itself in a lower plane.

As I said above I do not really want to get entangled in all the ramifications of this story.  We may want to later, for now we need to see the intimate connection between SHAME and INCARNATION.

Since this plane of manifestation, our incarnate experience, is like the canvass upon which things invisible are clearly seen, we must conclude that neither sin, nor the shame that results from it, began at this point we need to look back further

In our thoughts and conversation, we often interchange SHAME and GUILT.  Let me briefly say, at this point, that they are anything but synonymous. Guilt has all the overtones of Shame, but is created in the mind as a result of a mental or physical act such as disobedience, betrayal, etc, and transgression of a covenant. Guilt may also be assumed without any direct cause, such as child assuming it DID something wrong to cause its parents to have a divorce. However, Shame goes much deeper.  It is not just the thought that I DID something wrong, it is centered on the thought that I AM something “wrong.”  It is a deep-seated sense of un-worth and in-validation of one’s BEING. The child may suffer irreparably by the thought that it, because it was WHO it is, or because of its coming into the world, caused all that pain.

Shame is hard to look at because it makes you want to hide from the presumed cause of your shame… your self.

This also means that Shame itself is something you have hidden and want to hide, hence… let’s not talk about it. Talking about it, looking at it… will make you feel uncomfortable… even take you back to those slimy places you were so glad to be out of. All of us, and I do mean all of us, have layers of toxic shame embedded in our cellular structure… even our DNA. We were formed through shame shame was the portal of our incarnation. We assume that we learned or first experienced shame when we were molested or raped or seduced or betrayed or swindled or called names a school. There seems to be an infinite variety of ways through which we create the experience of shame in this material plane and that is exactly the point. This canvass of three dimensional reality was created for you, and by you so that:


However, before we talk about it we will have to go further back, from before the point at which we became physical… back to the origin of consciousness itself and ask the primary question Why and How did this awesome journey of separation, this journey of wholeness, begin? How did SIN and its offspring, SHAME, begin and how were they needed in the beginning to unfold consciousness and begin the journey? Rokus

Email # 13 THOR: What is Sin?

Hello my readersThank you for sharing this email experience with me. It is a time of reconstituting our core thinking. It seems we passed the hurdle of “How did separation really start?”at least I did not get any real shock waves in response to the thought that it was the Source, itself, that desired the Journey of separation because LOVE wanted to be all that LOVE could become.

The second most difficult thought we need to consider is the beginning of what we call sin and its consequences evil… in the world. The reason this is such a difficult topic is that the grooves burned into the hard drive of our conceptual thinking are really deep and will tend to continually de-rail us during this consideration. It will do us well to remind ourselves of this condition as we proceed.

Remember… our purpose is to create a new theory of reality… one supple enough, large enough… to embrace this greatly expanded experience we are now in.


Not because the truth is not there but rather that we, in the lower vibration of our perceptions, have tainted those words with meanings and values that are not the truth those words represent.

Allow me to share an example with you. In our child-like perception of our relationship with God, we saw the Cross of Calvary as payment for sin that we have committed. We taught that God could not look at sin but loved us so greatly that He took His own Son who volunteered to take our punishment.

The reason we taught that is because that is how we felt about ourselves.

It was our response to the great Love we felt from seeing Jesus on the Cross. Are the hierarchies of Light disturbed about his dark shadow that we have cast upon the greatest symbol of LOVE to ever come into the human paradigm? I do not think so. I believe the LIGHT knows that darkness cannot comprehend light and so must form its own images of the truth.

However, as we now stand at the dawning of a whole new day, we not only have to shed the former perceptions we must also redeem the language that has suffered distortion in our minds from lower thought forms, such as the word “SIN.” I remember the awesome moments when I could receive the thought that my Guilt was atoned for, the deep seated feelings of inadequacy that I could not even formulate into conscious thought, much less understand were loosing their grip on my soul, in spite of the very limited theology that was presented to me.

I REALLY believed I owed something to God that I could never give him.

That thought, the thought of inability clothed with the feeling of inadequacy and hence shame, lies at the root of the experience of separation and the evolving of consciousness through worlds and ages of time.

We know from the writings of Paul that the LAW (the Torah) was given to keep us protected from harm and bring us to another realm of awareness called Christ. We can easily enlarge that thought and see that all control realms, in some way, serve that purpose in the unfolding of human consciousness to that intended realm of Christ, the realm Jesus clearly showed us.

The LAW, by its requirements, its expectations, created the awareness of Sin and so Guilt, in the worshipper. The law also provided a way of salvation, a sin-offering, and commensurate with the offense, when brought to the temple by the worshipper to expiate his guilt. It formalized the thought I expressed earlier:


It is this thought in human consciousness that we MUST do something in return, in response to God’s love, something to satisfy God’s requirement of us; this thought was validated by the Levitical priesthood under the law. It put something in the hand of the worshipper that he could lawfully bring to God.

Does that mean that THE THOUGHT is a correct theological thought? Is this the way that God sees man? Is this an eternal reality, or is it a limited, immature perception in human consciousness?

Christianity, as a whole, even though we have experienced the salvation of God in Jesus Christ, has continued this perception of sin and atonement by teaching Jesus as a perfected form of the animal sacrifice of the Levitical order. The root of this misperception lies in the misconstrued thought that God actually gave the Law as a standard of God’s requirement when, in fact, the LAW was given to make SIN real, not to show how you could be perfect but rather to show that man’s standards of meeting God’s requirements can NEVER be met.


One thing that the LAW could never do, even though it brought temporary relief from the symptoms of sin, guilt and shame it could never begin to ask the greater question Why do we experience them, that is sin, guilt and shame, at all?

In my next email I want to consider where this thought of sin originated and give it clear definition… Rokus

THOR: Email #14… The Law reveals sin… let’s look… Rokus

Dear Reader:

Before we actually make a clearer definition of the idea of sin, let’s look one more time at the LAW. Paul said, in Romans 7 vs. 13:

That SIN by the commandment might become exceedingly sinful… He is expressing the thought that the LAW was not so much given to heal or correct sin; the Law was given so that our sin could truly become sin and be clearly seen for what it is.

If you look up in the concordance, the word used in the Old Testament for Sin, 2403 CHATTATH, you will see that the same word used for SIN is sometimes also translated as SIN OFFERING, both meanings are given.

Does that mean that the sin offering itself is or is part of the sin? Clearly this would be so if the offering REVEALS the sin. This next reference to David confirms this thought.

King David, spoken of as a man after God’s heart, perhaps experienced sin, regret and shame as deeply as any man. He killed a loyal friend and servant for his own need and lost his child almost as an offering for his sin… it is this man that heard these words, they are written in Psalm 40 vs. 6:

Sacrifice and offering thou didst not desire…

How could David have this profound revelation about the Levitical priesthood and sacrifice in the middle of the Age where sacrifice was instituted as the official religious order?  It can only be so if the offering, itself, is part of the sin… because it reveals the nature and essence of sin.

What then is the essence of sin? I must relate a personal story here that finally, after much struggling on my part, gave me the key to understanding the essence of sin. Carolynne and I had just had a profound experience of realizing that our desire to do sacrifice, to say “I did it for you Lord” or “I made a sacrifice” is simply a part of revealing sin for the Spirit spoke to us and said: No…You did that because YOU needed to do it.” As we were sharing all this thought in the Sunday fellowship here in Oldfield, we had a visitor.

This young woman got up in the meeting and said.

“I was back in my old church, the preacher was preaching about sin So...I asked the Lord: “Lord, what do you think about sin? The Lord said to me:

“Oh… Sin is something that YOU have created”

I was totally blown away most of all because, in a thousand years, it would never have occurred to me to ask Jesus what he thought about sin. I unconsciously always assumed I KNEW what he thought about it… it is really bad stuff… I died and suffered because of all that sin, you know.

The casualness of the answer also implies that all our aggravated thinking and dealing with sin is all part of the sin itself, it is sin-offering.

If we ourselves are the ones that created sin all creative effort begins in the realm of thought.

Sin therefore, in its most primal form, MUST BE A THOUGHT!

We are now ready to consider what sin is, when and how it began and to see the purpose for it.

THOR: Email #15 A definition of SIN Rokus

Dear Reader:

How many men and women, through all the ages lived and died, trapped in the limitation of human consciousness; trapped in the never ending circle of questions and doubts that arise from the pain of disappointment and death comforted only by the promise of heaven hereafter. Paul, speaking of the heroes of Faith, concludes: All these received not the promise.

Why should we be so privileged to live in a flow of LIGHT and LOVE that continually awakens us to greater reality and awareness? Are we more faithful or brilliant than they? No, I do not think so, No, we came in the appointed time for this purpose. Yet they all, with us, are inheriting realms of Light and Understanding. I am aware of Paul, his great quest to bring the understanding that allowed the Age of Law to fade and bring in the age that is now passing.

I am even more aware of Jesus. I sense his ecstasy and joy as we enter into realms with him that he has waited for and given his being to bring about. These were his words, spoken so long ago: Henceforth will I not drink of the fruit of the vine until I drink it anew with you in the Kingdom. I feel his intense Love for us, we who share his awareness… almost like a true coitus of being so awesome and fulfilling. If ever I loved you, Jahshuah it is now!…The sweetness of that chorus… I feel it.

We are drinking that wine of awareness with him now, now as I write, now as you read, as we share joy.  This is the day that has been spoken of for long ages of time, the time that mankind would awaken from the long sleep of ages, from the drug induced coma of material consciousness, and begin to remember who he is, who we are. We are the embodiment of the LIGHT, the eternal presence from whom came all things and in whom all exists.

Truth is not something we learn; truth is the essence of us, flowing from us, bringing light and deliverance to the created realms. I came for this purpose and for this cause was I born.

I well remember it was about a year ago as I stood in our living room and heard this thought:

Sin is the thought or the awareness that I am not able to meet your expectation.

What is so awesome about this thought is that it is clearly a thought that must be generated by a RELATIONSHIP. It is a thought that could not come until there were two One to have an expectation and another to feel unable to meet that expectation. This thought could be one of the very first thoughts we ever generated after we first became aware of our separation and aware of the awesomeness of the LOVE of the Source from which we were generated. Even as God-Seeds, as we took our flight on the wind of LOVE into a totally new experience of separation, of becoming a SELF our first apprehension, gently appearing in the euphoria of totally new and first LOVE How can we ever return this great LOVE? How can I ever be worthy of this awesomeness I feel all around me and in me?

Now that we have a definition of the word “SIN” we can answer some questions that have been asked through all time and could never really be answered.

One of the very first questions could be: If we created Sin, why did we do it or what purpose does it serve?

The very LOVE of the Source that generated us, in this beginning of a realm of two, a realm of duality, this very Love induced its opposite in us immediately a thought of un-worth, a thought of not being able. It is this interplay, this interaction of Light and Darkness, of good and evil, that is possible only in the created realms It propels us forward into the journey of separation, the journey of creating a SELF, the Journey of becoming One, the Journey where Love fully knows itself. That is why I describe sin and its purpose as follows:

Sin is the evolutionary driver of consciousness

Light, physical light is an Electro-Magnetic wave; it travels at 186,000 miles a second.  It does this by alternating interlocking electric and magnetic pulses.

It is a visible effect to show the invisible thing I am speaking of that interplay of Sin and Grace, Love and Need, Masculine and Feminine that makes this whole experience so rich and beautiful and painful and wonderful and infinitely rewarding.

Thank you for being my audience… I could not do this without you Rokus

THOR EmRsp #15 A Why preoccupation with evil?… Cheryl.

Dear Friends:

I am getting some neat, significant responses to the THOR emails. I will call them EmRsp (Emails Responses) and attach them to the appropriate email with a letter, in this case “A.” This should make it easy to keep an archive, if you so desire. If you have a question or some input, please send it and, if I can, I will use it in the appropriate time…Thank You Rokus

EmRsp 15A

In a message dated 1/15/2006 7:20:12 A.M. Central Standard Time, Seestone writes:

Seems to me if I think of humanity as a whole for eons on this planet, they seem to be more drawn to the negative (evil) then the light (positive). History shows that awareness. Why?

Thank you Cheryl… so does the daily news, its always ‘bad’… this question was clearly prompted by the emails on “SIN.” Thank you for taking the time.

Here is my response to your thought.

This physical plane, the earth realm, is a very low vibratory expression of our total reality. It’s like slowing down a certain play in a football game to see what really happened and if the referee made the right call.

In other words, what we are experiencing here happened before in a greater realm of light. The reason we are so obsessed with cruelty, abuse, addiction and evil in general is because that is what we want to understand. We are creating these experiences to help us understand the elementary drivers of evolution of consciousness in higher spheres, shame and guilt.

What makes it so real and difficult is that our PAIN (separation) wants to keep us from LOOKING at our PAIN. We love our denials which abort our purpose.

Notice how we as Christians love the thought that Jesus took all the sin of the world away when very clearly, even Bill Clinton knows it is still around in abundance.

The first step AA tells a drunk to say is: “I am addicted.”

Only when we are able to truly look at sin and its affects, can we be healed and understand… there is the simple reason for the Cross of Jesus.

We cannot look at the issue of sin through our old perceptions, we hate it, like S_H_I_T, it is really bad stuff, it should not be here… so we are in denial… we cannot look at the purpose of it, we have already turned off the screen.

So, If we can begin to see from the point of view of the original intent in the heart of the Source then we can begin to understand… presto the reason for THOR.

Thank you Cheryl for responding… Rokus

RSP Email 15 AA Did Jesus take away all sin?

Dear Readers: I want to go to greater implications of a New Theory of Reality, but we are hitting some real stumps which I am very thankful for. I am also very thankful for the key responses I am getting from the discussion group. I am sure that many of you reading these emails have very similar gut reactions as I am quoting as below, because it is the best way to get at the deep rooted ideas that are grooved into you heart-mind and that lock us into the old paradigm.

I pray that none of you are offended in anything that is said, and if you are offended… please share it with us… or with me… so we can, together, come to clarity.

One more thought… I will not ask anything of you that I am not willing to do myself Rokus

Rokus said in email #15 A:

Notice how we as Christians love the thought that Jesus took all the sin of the world away when very clearly, even Bill Clinton knows it is still around in abundance.

MN responded:

Boy!!! How morbid. Forgive me, but I think this is a bunch of hogwash. And that last sentence, is denying what we are told about Jesus taking the sin. …I, myself, will admit, I just don’t understand everything yet. I refuse to deny Jesus. Don’t you think this has gone a little out of control to deny what we are told in the bible, or do we just believe the parts we WANT to believe? …MN

Here is my response thank you, MN, for being gut-level honest with your reaction to what I wrote. Your reaction helps to illustrate what I am saying we have a programmed idea inherited from our Christian thinking it sure kicked in here.

The scriptures say, as John the Baptist baptized Jesus

“Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.”

Whatever this scripture may mean… it does not mean what it seems to say. If all the Sin of the Cosmos was taken away by Jesus… there would be no consciousness of it… which is clearly not the case even Bill Clinton knew that when he said… “I have sinned” to the preachers.

Then what does it mean? John says “Behold” that word means: “Take a look and see. What are we to see? We are to look and see the Lamb that is continually taking away the sin of the world. It could not be seen until Jesus appeared in time. As long as there is sin, the Lamb is always there to take it away after sin has done its work. The “Lamb that was slain” was slain from dawn of creation why? It was there when our first thought of not being able to meet the Father’s expectations appeared… how great a Love that creates such a pathway. The LAMB came as a Ram in a thicket when Abraham offered up Isaac. The LAMB came in the form of the Levitical priesthood and its sacrifices it came when Jesus appeared and became truly available… and it’s here now as you the Lamb slain for the sin of the cosmos… so that sin could do its work.

“What we are told in the Bible” …as you say, Linda, needs the opening of the ear to hear… the words themselves, as they appear in the King James Bible or any other translations are viewed by us through the eyes of our belief system only as the holy Spirit reveals its meaning can we see it.

Some of you, that know the scriptures, might say… That Jesus… once and for all… made atonement for sin…That is my very point here… Jesus… for all time and eternity… became the access point of availability to the LAMB of GOD that was slain at the dawning of consciousness.  Rokus

THOR: RSP. Email #15-B About expectations… please explain… reply to Tony M

In a message dated 1/17/2006 12:30:42 P.M. Central Standard Time, messano7@pa.net writes:

Rokus, what you are saying here is a very subtle thing about expectations. I’m not saying that it is unclear but do you have any other way to define it?

I heard some where along the way that Jesus is the final obstruction to our journey back to Oneness. Or, in other words, our concept of Jesus is what we need to see past…

He who believes in Me, believes not in Me but in Him who sent Me. John 12:44.

I believe that scripture put an end to all false imaginations and idol worship from that point on. Please explain from your advantage!

The strange part of it is this. Tony I do not claim to understand it myself. One of the reasons I want this discussion is that I, too, might be released from old programming. Believe me, it is happening to me… watching us all go through it… Ha!!!

First… I clearly heard spirit say to me:

SIN is the thought or the awareness that I cannot meet your expectation.”

This happened after many times of me trying to understand the different definitions of sin that are in the scriptures and also held in common view by many people; especially some of the excellent understanding that Paul presents in Romans.

Second Some weeks after hearing this in the Spirit, Carolynne and I were driving home from a meeting in Knoxville TN and Carolynne had an experience with JesusShe heard this song:

Don’t put me in a place that I don’t want to be in.

I just want to walk with you and be your constant friend.

I’m the love peace and happiness that come from deep within.

Don’t put me in a place that I don’t want to be in.

You put me on a pedestal, too high for you to reach.

You said I had expectations that you could not meet.

But these are just false images that you did create.

Now, let me out of prison, I just want to be with you.

What is so remarkable is that this little chorus repeats the definition of SIN the spirit gave me. I have high lighted it for that reason. It also goes on to say that we are the creators of these false images confirming again what the Lord said to our friend when she asked him what He thought about Sin: “Something that you created’. You might also know that Carolynne is not just swallowing something simply because I say it, she does respect me, as I do her, but she has her own mind and is sometimes my best challenger. She has determined to hear these things for herself.

Even though the scripture you quote may end all idolatry… apparently we have found another way to create an idol… and strangely enoughI believe we do it. We do it to try and understand our sin, the deeply rooted thought in us that we cannot meet our Father’s expectations. But it’s NOT about putting Jesus away… no… It is rather putting away the false images we have created about him through sin.

As the glorious day of our true origin and our true essence dawns, we are finally empowered enough to look at the evolutionary driver that became our goad on the road of unfolding consciousness; sin, the thought that we could not respond to that great LOVE from which we came and that we essentially are… We do this even as we begin to remember our Oneness and are made whole free from pain and sorrow, our tears wiped away as we understand why the roads have been the way they had to be. We have to be cleansed from the sin-thought through our embracing of it… all in the ecstatic joy of the remembrance of the great journey and the Father’s intent.  Rokus

Email #15 C: RSP. to CTClarifying the word EXPECTATIONS Rokus

Dear Friends:

The definition of the root concept of sin that was given to me has been difficult to assimilate. I did not realize fully HOW difficult, until we actually got into this seemingly unending discussion of SIN. I deeply appreciate the honest questioning done in the italicized print below, in this email, by CT and I venture again to suggest that it is our emotional connectedness to the wonderful, limited, concepts of yesterday that makes it difficult to rewrite our programming. Below are two quotes by CT…Thank you, CT, for these quotes that call for greater clarification of the prime consideration… a more basic definition of the concept of SIN.

I quote:

I have reflected on your definition of SIN, and it does not ring true to me. It feels like it tends to sucks me back into a place that I once was, but no longer need to be. I am sorry, old friend; your vision of SIN does not work for me. CT

And again:

I am sorry to say that the concept of SIN that you are embracing appears to be leading you away from truth. A concept of SIN that embraces the idea of “I cannot meet your expectation” appears to be based in the EGO of man. God has no expectations, HE knows. CT

The first quote brings out the realization that there are two modalities working here. First there is your and my own personal perception of what the word “SIN” means to each of us. Even those that staunchly proclaim that they do not have any sin must have a thought in mind what SIN means to them. I personally feel that many of us equate SIN with Condemnation. Truly the Spirit of Christ has set us free from condemnation… If we know anything, we know that. In loosing our awareness of the sin that condemned us, we readily say that we have no sin and I totally concur… in that sense. Thank you Jesus!!

However when I speak of SIN, I am speaking of the RACE experience. Now the experience of Adam is clearly more than your or my personal experience yet you could never relate to the experience of MAN if you were not yourself a man. SoCT, this Sucking back feeling that you speak of is essential for you to experience so you can FEEL what I am talking about. It seems to me that this feeling you have actually validates what I am saying.

The second quote saying that expectations are based on the EGO of man is very similar. If the Ego is AWARENESS OF SELF, then it becomes clear that there must be Awareness of self to experience expectation, then to assume that God has expectations that you cannot meet hence… SIN and hence we have Sin as defined above. So…yes CT…The Ego is very much involved in the idea of Sin.

One reason we created the EGO experience, is so that we could make the feelings of failed expectations, created at the very beginning of the journey of separation, very real and so understand them!

However, the definition of sin that I use does not say that the Father, the Source had expectations, it simply says that WE thought he had expectations. Whether or not the Source did, is a very different question, an important one, nevertheless.

I want to relate a very simple experience that happened today that totally helped me with the very issues that CT is raising in these two quotes.

Carolynne was sharing in meeting today how difficult it was for her to get involved in this SIN issue. She found a lot of resistance in herself to it. During this time her right ear clogged up, perhaps she pushed some wax down inside the ear canal… Perhaps it is congestion. She related this physical ear condition to her not wanting to hear these ideas, emotionally. As she was sharing these thoughts and her previous experiences of sin-consciousness she said:

I just wanted my (heavenly) Father not to be disappointed in me.

This whole ear experience precipitated Carolynne making this awesome statement one we can all relate to. What a beautiful way of acknowledging that we thought we could not meet his expectations! If you have had children or do have children, you know how often you hide your expectations, your hopes, from your children, lest you put too much on them. Instead you let them feel only those expectations that they can meet, like clean your room or… in bed by nine Why? We do so to avoid creating sin in your children towards you; sin that they cannot understand.

How many Fathers have wanted their sons to follow in their footsteps only to create much disappointment in themselves and feelings of failure in their sons? If we cannot conceive that the heavenly Father has a plan or has expectations can we relate to the idea that WE THINK he has or THOUGHT he had expectations?  Rokus

THOR: Email 16: SIN, the empowerment of Separation Rokus

Dear Reader:

Why is it important for us to understand the concept of Sin? Let me quote a thought given by Mary Lou Christianson in our discussion group:

I agree that living in the Christ mind is the only solution! I believe this overindulgence in the topic of sin was birthed by the religious leaders, who used it as a way to control the people, by convincing them they were guilty and creating enough shame to get the people to give them their wealth to avoid going to hell (also a created image for this purpose.) This was used to capture whole countries as in the case where the King of England gave his country to the Vatican as payment for his sins and those of his family, and to this day, this contract stands. This is the foundation of the bondage that exists today in the system of taxation of land and income. It is all based on a lie and is meant to enslave the people of the world to support the powers that think they be. Isn’t it great that we can see what is going on so we can direct our wealth and energy elsewhere? MC

If we can see so clearly, how fear, based on lies and misinterpretations, creates control dynamics at the level shown here, we can well imagine that whole worlds have been trapped in layers of shame and fear even in realms beyond the physical. Only true understanding can complete these cycles and bring freedom.

Paul makes a statement about sin that is worthy of note here.

The sting of death is Sin.

If we think of a scorpion, the sting of the scorpion is the element that gives it power… power to induce fear. It is an awesome thing to watch a scorpion carry its tail, ready to strike; slam… right over its head… at its enemy in front of it.

Death here, is a symbolic word, it makes the mind think of the experience of death in this realm, pain, sorrow. As you remember, all the images of this physical realm speak of greater, more universal truths. In this case the greater truth is SEPARATION.

DEATH represents SEPARATION (Visible, physical) (Spiritual, invisible)

One way to test this is to ask: “What do you feel at the moment when death happens, what do you feel at a funeral?” The answer of course is SEPARATION. The body lies there, so still, but you know the person that you laughed and cried with, that you touched and held close is gone… loneliness and sorrow are the primary emotions.

Imagine a person looking at a corpse… who is suffering the emotion of separation? Not the dead person, the one that is still alive. Who then is suffering the experience of separation when it says: “As in Adam all died?” Clearly here the corpse represents all the children of Adam… human kind if you like or all incarnated beings. What did they die to? Clearly they have died to the greater knowing of who they are… they think they are only mortal dead to their former knowing. Then who is suffering the pain of separation? Who are those that are alive, that feel the pain? It must be those looking on and seeing us here in this physical plane it must be those who exist in spiritual realms and experience separation there, your greater being in realms of LIGHT. We must be here for them, for them to understand something that is happening to them that they are unable to understand without us separation.

Let us make Paul’s statement again: The sting of death is sin.

Separation has power because of SIN.


The journey of Separation becomes real because of Sin.

Now, let’s put the definition sin in place of the word “sin” and we have the following statement:

It was the thought in us that we were unable to meet the expectations of the Source that caused us (gave us power) to create the journey of separation.

Have you ever been in a relationship where you were convinced that you were not worthy of the other? Have you ever had a sudden feeling like that sweep over you? Or, have you tried to Love someone that had such a feeling about themselves towards you? It either destroyed you in defeat or made you excel with determination. Such are we with the Source of all Light and life.

Jacob, the grandson of Abraham, flees from his twin brother to live with his uncle Laban, his mother’s brother. He is on a journey of separation really from himself (his twin). There he sees ‘Dove eyed” Rachel, his soul mate, his love, his eternal flame. However, drunk on his wedding night, he wakes up with Leah, because she is older and culture demands it so. So, for most of his life he lives with those two women. Leah has many children, after each child is birthed she proclaims… Now my husband will love me!

In the story, Rachel dies young and Leah never loses her sense of separateness, here felt as sense of not being loved, her aloneness. It is the story of duality, the story of TWO, two women, TWIN brothers. Its the way the Father loves you… as Jacob loved Rachel… the first love of his heart… and the way you feel about your Father that creates the journey Leah, always trying , always creating more experience, more life to find that knowing of wholeness that you know somewhere deep in you that must exist.

What does the Source get out of all this? He, LOVE, gets to know itself, himself!  Rokus

THOR Email 16A definition of sin… Linda Rokus

Rokus, I agree that we need to know about sin, to be prepared for others who will come the way we have traveled. But, SIN IS SIN. Whether it is the kind that you think I am thinking of, or as you said, “The SIN I am speaking of lies at a deeper level than any definition we have considered it cannot be put away until the fulfillment of all things… or as long as consciousness is still unfolding… OK?” Sin is sin. And Jesus DID take all, all means all, sin to the cross. LK

As you can see, the two feelings expressed in this thought are these:

1. Sin is something that can be done away with through atonement, sacrifice.

2. The whole universe would be better off without it

These two thoughts are deeply rooted in our Judeo Christian heritage. they are the root of all sacrifice, whether killing an animal, doing penance, confession to a priest, wailing at an altar or just being penitent… as Bill Clinton said: ‘I have sinned’... all these things do is underscore the deeper meaning of sin a feeling of inability or unbelief.

A QUESTION: Naaman… the leper… our story was healed by dipping into the Jordan River 7 times. Can you see how that is a parable of what we are saying? Rokus

THOR: Email 17  Summary… Synopsis… Reaction… Holy Cow... Rokus

Dear Reader:

I was well aware before I began this project which, by the way, I am loving… that I would be touching the Holy Cow of our mutual Christian Judeo heritage. That Holy Cow is the subject of Sin. Our concept of it totally permeates all our religious thought and the fabric of our culture.

I have also become aware that we are like Naaman, the leper, he came to the Prophet of Israel, wanting to be healed of leprosy, the type of sin. The word of his servant girl brought him there. When the prophet made no Hocus Pocus, required no money, had no difficult thing to be done only that he bathe 7 times in the river Jordan Naaman was offended and about to leave, until his servant brought him to his senses by a simple questionWould you have done it had the prophet required something difficult?

The first 15 emails I have written were all preparation so I could write #16… A definition of Sin.

They can be simply summarized as follows:

1. God, The ONE , The living light, the Energy that Is Aware of itself, is the only ONE and hence is all that exists God. And God is LOVE

2. Love had a desire, love wanted to experience itself, know itself, it wanted to experience ALL that it could be.

3. So, Love needed an Object, to fill a need... that need is our beginning.  We are the desire of the Father’s heart A Son to Love Him and be Loved by Him And the Journey of Love, the journey of Separation begins.

4. In the beginning, before anything was created, we were pure consciousness; we began by forming thoughts… Our very first reactive, negative thought, put in the form of a question, in response to the inestimable, unconditional LOVE we began to experience was this:

How and what can I ever give to this awesome LOVE in return for what it is giving me?

“I am unable to meet its expectations of me!’

How strange our egos are.  We, too, require that a Theory of Reality MUST be very difficult, a very profound revelation… surely it must take a scientist or a philosopher to understand these great mysteries… when in fact the truth of the universe, its beginning, its purpose, are continually acted out in the experiences of our lives if we will only read them, read the opened book. So I, too, find that most, when they hear the things I say and write, most people set it aside… it cannot be that human, that simple.

A thought so simple, so true in every human relationship, a thought that creates the experience of shame and guilt, surely this is too simple to be our beginning.

Carolynne and I discuss these matters a great deal… usually in the context of our lives. We were discussing this very question can the beginning of all things lie in a question as simple as: Did God want an experience? Did He want to experience himself; know His own Love? Is that how all this got started? That Night she had a dream… I asked her to share it here it is:

I had a dream in April of 2005.

In the dream Rokus and I were in a HUGE auditorium filled with people. (I would estimate the auditorium held 500-1000 people.) Rokus prophesied “Someone is going to have a remembrance of what it was like before we came here.” (the earth dimension) I remember in the dream that I was very excited about hearing what it was like before we came and why we came. The next day it was me (much to my surprise) that had the remembrance during the night. I got up and said “I know why we came, we came because of LOVE.It seemed like it should be something more, however as I said that, people began having all kinds of experiences. Some were being slain in the spirit, speaking in tongues, dancing, singing; holy pandemonium swept the placeThank you, Carolynne

As you know, we do have an online discussion going, very exiting, many good thoughts are being expressed and much joy experienced. Sometimes we discuss these emails I am sending all of you. Here is one response to email #16 that illustrates what I am speaking about:

THOR Email #18 Post traumatic stress of sin… why look at it?

Dear Readers:

Thank for taking the time to read these articles. I believe they will turn out to be extremely significant as the curtain of ignorance is drawn from our minds and we begin to see the creation and its purpose from the point of view of original intent.

Allow me to make the following observation. I have noticed from the discussion of the presented ideas on the THOR forum that the idea of sin, AS WE HAVE UNDERSTOOD IT, is very deeply engrained in us. As I said before, I too am very interested in having my programming changed, to have the old grooves smoothed away and new neural pathways created in my brain. It is slowly happening to me, I am loosing my aversion to the word SIN” knowing it really has to do with self created, false expectations. The word “expectations is already strongly associated.

I have tried to find another word or create another word to substitute for the big “S” word and so avoid the post traumatic stress involved when we hear it, however… I think we need to walk through it, not around it.

However… having said all that I want to encourage you NOT to feel that you have to accept this new definition as the Gods-Truth. Rather, I want you to do this help me entertain the thought of it and see what will happen. As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

In order for the truth of our Thesis to be validated we will need to show that this more fundamental definition of the idea of sin, actually not only harmonizes with scriptural use of that term, but more than that, it must give insight that cannot be gained without it.

To those that would say that there is no Sin or think it insignificant I might note that the idea of Sin begins with the first pair in the Garden and stays with it until the lake of fire in the last chapters of the book of revelation and that the dominant theme of the whole Christian Hebrew heritage is the theme of the Cross… which certainly includes the concept of Sin.

To think that we can understand the whole of our journey through Space and Time, from Worlds immaterial and celestial realms to this very dense gravitational planet earth, without addressing and understanding the subject of sin… is well you put a word in there for me.

I might liken the situation to that of a little girl who was adopted at the age of 5 and sexually abused and used by her step father for almost 7 years. She appeared on Oprah’s show yesterday to tell her story; the man who was abusing her lost interest in her when she began to develop breasts. Carolynne and I were discussing what may have been in the man’s mind to drive him to such extreme things. What was it he wanted? Did he want to be cleansed by her purity? Did he want her innocence to redeem him? If it was just sex, why did he quit when she became a woman?

Remember my thesis that everything that happens in this realm has already happened or is happening in higher planes? Is this event… this abuse of a small girl… is it really here to be looked at and felt so that understanding can come, not only here but in the higher plans where the deed really originated?

Man, in the process of his incarnation and in being placed on this globe has suffered abuse at really deep levels. We have been violated at levels we are only now being able to look at. Intelligent beings have insinuated their truth upon our being while we were yet children, children in consciousness.  We had no idea what was happening to us. We have been abused. Now, as we are reaching the age of 12, puberty, the beginning of manhood, the adoption as Sons, Bar Mitsphah, we need to look at what has happened to us. We need to be on Oprah, the heavenly mother, El Shadii, to tell our story so we can be free from the shame and pain and become all that we are. We need to know and say it clearly that:


To NOT discuss the subject of Sin, Shame and Guilt and allow ourselves to see it from the point of view of the eternal plan, the Father’s eyes, is akin to the denial and pain that victims of abuse go through before they can tell their story.  Rokus

THOR: Email #19 Harmonizing with the Scriptures on Sin.

Dear Readers: Now that I have presented what I see to be a more fundamental understanding of what we experience as SIN, it is essential that we see how this understanding harmonizes with the use of that word in the scriptures.

Please do not feel in any way discouraged if you cannot, at this point, see the need or the relevance of all this discussion of sin.  After all, we are all looking AT our experience from the point of view OF our experience. There is not a one of us that does not intensely want this planet to be cleansed of all the filth that seems to be the cause of so much pain by so many innocent children and adults alike.

Some, whom I hold in high esteem and consider to be more gifted that I, have openly stated their disagreement with the ideas I am presenting. I am not discouraged; I realize that I need that opposition if for no other reason than to see my own resistance to greater thought.

Understand that I do not primarily want you to accept my ideas.  No, rather let it be that you are researching and exploring an idea that was GIVEN to me from a greater realm. As it is written: It is the Glory of God to conceal a thing; but the honor of Kings to search out a matter

Nor think that somehow it is brain-capacity that is important here; yes a minimal ability to entertain thoughts and consider them… but we all have that ability. It is rather your ability to hold a thought EMOTIONALLY that is important. It is the emotions that are the gateway between the worlds of Light and this present realm. Our cellular, inbred resistance is emotionally based and needs to be released to let us go into the greater realms of Light.

Let us look at the understanding of SIN under the age of Law and the age of Grace, or the Church age. Sin, as the transgression of the Law and Sin as missing the mark have something obviously common. In both cases there is guess what… an EXPECTATION to be met.

Now remember the basic idea of sin is as follows:

SIN is the thought or the awareness that I cannot meet your expectation

In the case of the Law, the very clear expectation is that the worshipper is to OBEY the commandment. The failure to meet the expectation is not just a thought; it is real, and it is awareness. The Law makes sin real. Paul says: If it were not for the Law I would not have known (understood) sin. Penalty and sin-offerings are provided as a measure of grace to enable the worshipper but the expectation is and remains clear to this day: Sin is the transgression of the law.

The expectation that is inherent in the thought of ‘missing the mark’ is the striving for excellence. Paul, the Apostle, is the superb proponent of these thoughts. He compares the spiritual journey to a RACE and the eternal reward as a CROWN of glory. His reference is to the games that were the original Olympic athletic competitions. The winner would receive a simple laurel wreath crowning him. Paul also makes clear that this achieving or conquering or overcoming is not an exercise of the Ego but rather of the spiritual man yet… and very clearly… there is great EXPECTATION.

What to me is so wonderful is the realization that both of these experiences of sin that have been created at different spiritual levels in the journey of evolving consciousness of Man are needed to help us understand the more basic meaning and purpose of sin. All three compartments of the tabernacle, the outer court, the inner court and the most Holy place, each comparing to the three ages of Law, Grace and Kingdom have blood in them, and without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin. We need to understand in order to go on… And as I have said before… we can leave nothing behind that is unresolved or not understood. We are looking for that AHA moment… so we can say: Now I understand.  Rokus

E-mail # 19 A – Sin and Mistaken Identity.

Dear Friends:

The following email is a result of the discussion group on the subject of a Theory of Reality. The responses that have been so helpful are the ones that question the validity of what I am saying and I do appreciate them very much. Please feel free to comment either waylet me know if you don’t want to be quoted or namedI respect your sense of personal identity even if it is somewhat mistaken. 🙂 Chuckle.

In a message dated 1/22/2006 1:28:44 P.M. Central Standard Time, rose_janis@hotmail.com writes:

I just kept hearing that verse in Genesis–“sin is crouching at the door and its desire is for you and you must master it“. It was spoken to Cain when his countenance was fallen over something done to him that caused him to see himself differently. Once again, sin being in the context of us seeing ourselves in our mistaken identity.

Thank you Janiswe are definitely getting somewhere… I never particularly wanted anyone to just buy into the thought that I myself wanted to assimilate…I just want you to consider it like you do here…Thank You.

May I add this as a perspective?

I do very much see the concept of mistaken identity and I can see why one would call it sin, after all, it is “missing the mark”; which is the New Testament word used for sin. Yes, we see ourselves from a lowered perspective…however the “mistaken” part also comes from a limited perspective, from the divine point of view the lowered identity was intentional and desired, not mistaken. You needed this “false” identity to create the journey of separation just as much as you need the sin-thought to energize it. So yes, mistaken identity is closely connected to the idea of sin but they are not synonymous. Allow me to enlarge

So, if may take some license here, with you permission… I would reword the following sentence this way:

Instead of saying: seeing ourselves in our mistaken identity. This SEEING can only be done from a place of enlightenment I would rather say: seeing ourselves from the point of view of our mistaken identity.

The sentence now reads:

Once again, sin being in the context of us seeing ourselves in our mistaken identity

So, yes, sin and mistaken identity appear in the same context. Let me show how I see them connected but not the same. Mistaken identity is a thought about yourself. I do not think that the first thought that appeared in us was a thought about ourselves. When we look at child’s development it is a long time before a child can begin to reflect on itself, its first thoughts are spontaneous reactions to its experience, its feelings. Feelings are induced by environment, only later by self reflection.

I consider the scenario to be like this: As our emerging state of separate self began, our first thought forms that appeared in the void of our beginning form, were a response to what we felt, the awesomeness of our Father’s unconditional love. Our first thought may have been:

Oh…I do not want my Father to be disappointed in me


How can I return this awesome great love?


Am I worthy of this great love?

Now you can say that all these thoughts are the result of mistaken identity but there really was no mistake about this new identity, it was just beginning to form, it was innocent as a child’s, it was new and unformed it was exactly what was desired…

So, we see that each of these various presented thoughts assume that there was an expectation on the part of the Source, whether such an expectation existed is a different question.

We conclude therefore:

“The thought that I am unable to meet the expectation of the Source”

Precedes the idea of an identity, a formation of a SELF whether this thought is mistaken or real. In fact this thought was a spring board for the formation of a separate identity.

So, my conclusion would be this about the idea of mistaken identity:

Sin is a generating force of thought that enabled us to form a sense of self, an identity. This identity would serve us on the road of separation and when we finally began to see, way on down the road, that separation was not real, a creation of the mind; we would consider that identity to be “MISTAKEN”.


THOR Email #20  Sin conceived the primary negative emotion… Shame.

Hello Dear Reader.

It seems to me from reading the responses I get that we are ready to proceed to the next phase. Those of you that can see my intent in defining sin as a primary thought in the development of consciousness will be as anxious as I am to explore its implications for understanding our experience. Those of you that are still resist entertaining the thought have heard it enough to be able to at least consider it, whether you actually see it as significant or not.

Remember, it is not so important whether in some way we are “correct’ in defining our terms… the more important question is this:

Is this manner of looking at Sin helpful to us in understanding our journey?

Remember the analogy of the tree… the myriads of God-Seeds that were expelled, some catching the high draft, going for miles and miles… others spiraling down quickly but all of them on a Journey; a journey of exploration, a journey of becoming, of discovery. Remember how the Tree felt… without requirement, without any rules or conditions… no expectations placed on the seeds… except for this intense longing and desire that Love might be all that it can become and the empowerment of Choice.

As we began in this awesome newness, in this unformed consciousness, without boundaries, without definition… we were struck by a thought that formed itself in response to this overwhelming, all encompassing love… What if we cannot return this Love? What if we cannot meet the expectations of the source?

As we processed this totally new thought, this beginning thought that would lead us on in the forming of consciousness and the definition of self, we experienced, for the first time, the most basic of all feelings…a feeling of un-worth in the presence of such total Love. We experienced a feeling of un-worth that we now understand to be Shame. Shame not of anything we had done, for there had been no action, Shame of the only thing we could form shame about… our own being, the beginning formation of the idea of a self.

Sin when it was entertained, conceived in us what we now know as the primary negative emotion… shame.

Nobody told us about it. Nobody forced it on us; we were not raped, seduced or abused in any way… when we created the sin-thought.  It, in turn, conceived in us the beginning formation of self… the program of separation kicked in… consciousness began to form… identity took on shape we began the journey of the separate self.

The true understanding of this process will release not only us but untold generations that have lived in fear, fear of some force outside of ourselves that may have seduced us or deceived us… fear that always debilitates… paralyzing us… causing us to look to another and not to that of God that has always been the essence of our own being.

The prison doors are swinging open, not only for us but for worlds and realms of thought that lie beyond our awareness and yet are intimately connected to us and released with us as we remember and take back the only power there is, the power freely given to us as our very essence…LOVE.  Rokus

THOR: Email 21 Sin and Grace… Descending and Ascending.

Dear Friends:

“Sin the thought of my incompleteness, through its shame I descend, Grace is the awareness of my wholeness, through its joy I ascend.”

In the same way as our vision in this natural realm is limited to a narrow band of frequencies in the middle of the spectrum of electromagnetic waves called visible light, so also, our reality, or our AWARENESS of reality is limited to a narrow range of perceptional frequencies called the third dimension. The scripture speak of things in the Earth, above the earth and below the Earth. The Mormons speak of Terrestrial, Celestial and Tellestial Glory. Here IN the Earth we can create experiences that will help us know and understand.

We have focused on SHAME and its cousin GUILT because this very low vibration of the emotional body is so important in our beginning the journey of consciousness and finally our becoming incarnate. You may feel my pre-occupation with sin and shame to be obsessive compulsive behavior, and well it may be.  However, if we take just a brief look at the society we live in, the daily fare of TV viewers; we might conclude that humanity, in general, has some kind of introspective compulsive interest in violence, sex and crime. Perhaps we would like to exclude ourselves from them; however, we cannot, they are the reason we came.  Our fate is tied to theirs in Love.

However, to balance the scales a little about Sin, we see it to exist with its polar opposite, Grace. If you can say: “I missed the mark;” you can certainly also say: “I hit the mark.” Pride of accomplishment in a job well done and feelings of worth the very opposite of Sin, are important feelings that need to be nurtured in the experience of child development.

If you can ask the most elementary and painful question of your existence: “Is it OK to be me?”…You can equally well affirm the awesomeness of your existence with thanksgiving and say: “I am so glad to experience all that I am and all that I am becoming!”

In fact, as is easily seen in homeopathy and in the preventive measure of inoculation, it takes a little disease to stimulate the body to health and wellness. So the experience of Sin is essential to attain to the height and depth of Awareness of Being. In early child development it is so important for a child, under the loving guidance of a parent, to experience the full range of its emotions through Sadness and Joy, Success and Failure. Only much later in life, if at all, it may discover, as we are doing now, that true life really exists in a much larger scope than this present realm of opposites.

Most important in considering all this is the fact that the emotional body is the doorway to ascension, it was used to lower you to the nakedness through shame, you may use it now, through joy, to ascend, clothed in the Glory of your greater knowing.

However, to truly experience the fullness of Joy needed for ascension, you and I will have to totally embrace, with thanksgiving and understanding, our experience of sin and shame.

It is so important for us to UNDERSTAND Sin and Shame so that our emotional bodies can be cleansed; the “fine twined linen” of our nervous system can be washed in the Blood of the Lamb. The deep seated toxic Shame must be washed from the cellular structure of our bodies, our seals loosed, so we can read the book of our own incarnate experience, receiving it like a Lamb that has been slain from the One who sits on the Throne of our Being.

It is in the reading of our book, the time when we finally understand, we know, we remember and we ascend, clothed with the Glory that we had with Him before the worlds were.  Rokus

THOR: Email 22 How deep is toxic shame; The rabbit hole? Will you look?

Dear Friends.

In the movie “The Matrix”, Morpheus has the challenge of explaining to Neo that what he sees to be real is, in fact, not real at all; it is only real to his mind. He must explain to Neo that the Matrix is a computer generated reality program that Neo is experiencing only in his mind and, in fact, his body in a factory with thousands of others being used as batteries to produce energy for the machines that have taken over the planet.

At one point Neo is given a choice, a blue pill or a red pill. The blue pill will let Neo go back to where he was; remove all remembrance of recent events. The red pill will take him into the unknown, the unexplored, the greater reality, which Morpheous compares to the Rabbit Hole in “Alice in Wonderland.” Of course Neo takes the red pill… just like you did.

What am I saying? That which Spirit is talking to us about, Reality, the Old Paradigm, Awakening from the dream state is very much a parallel to that Movie. The shift happening in our awareness and our thinking about who we are, who God is and what reality is for us, is as earth shattering to us as it is for Neo.

This shift in us cannot happen only by entertaining new ideas. Your and my mind, programmed in its thinking and perceptions of what we believe, will not change those ideas simply by a process of thought simply by considering ideas that are truer than others.

It requires the Holy Spirit creating situations in your life and illuminating your heart-mind. It takes places of impossibility where you either plunge off the cliff or draw back to the security of old thought patterns. It requires a time when the still small voice of God in you whispers a thought that takes you in a direction that you did not desire, that seemed impossible and that caused you to loose everything you had but a whisper that you could not refuse. To not receive that thought, and not go where it bid you to go was as impossible for you as it was for Neo it’s called destiny.

We are of those that will make a change for all men, all men that have been on this planet and all men that shall yet be born here. It is a change of perception, it is an opening of the understanding, it is a shift in awareness. You know it if you are part of this change and you cannot resist its demands on your life. You would rather give up your life here than disobey this call, this apprehension to purpose. You are Neo, the new One… the ONE that is to come.

To become fully aware of this change in your perception of the world, of reality, you MUST be willing to review, as in a personal Life review, the beginning, the journey and the end or purpose of the whole of who man is. You must let yourself feel and reconsider what sin is and how it has served man’s evolving. You cannot walk past the drunk on your path or the abused child in another you MUST LOOK and CONSIDER… you came for this reason. You must let yourself experience shame, feel its awesome downward pull, its very low vibratory frequency feel it, know it, see how it is the child born from sin when sin conceived in the mind see its awesome devastating, yet purposeful, effect on the evolution of consciousness embracing both and then releasing all the pain caused in ages and millenniums of struggle to birth and bring forth a wholly new concept of man on the planet. This stage of cosmic evolution… this eternal drama on the screen of Human consciousness… this book as yet unopened… sealed with seven seals… in the hand of Him who sits upon the throne.

We came here, we created this physical reality, this place where all can be seen all is manifest. We came to see… to see what we could not fully understand… the root reason behind our journey, our evolutionary drivers… SIN and SHAME. So why would you refuse to look? Rokus

THOR Email 23 How does shame serve our journey? …Rachel and Leah

Dear Friends.

As I have stated at numerous times and places, this experience of incarnation, being in the flesh, is like a book that needs to be read. It is like a drama on a stage to make clear and visible the invisible things such a Love, Joy, Shame and Sin.

As said, one of the most difficult things to look at is that which one intensely desires to hide from or be in denial of… that is SHAME. Shame is that which was used to propel us into this physical 3-D experience almost as if we were betrayed. Jesus had to be betrayed to experience his cross…Thank you, Tony, for those thoughts. I believe that each of us can find in our lives experiences of Shame, that eventually pushed us into God.

The scriptures also are a story book of many incarnations to display our journey. Almost every event recorded there has multiple layers of esoteric meaning that Spirit can unveil to you to help you understand your path. The story of Jacob, Leah and Rachel is like that.

It is a beautiful, painful story of Love and Betrayal. Jacob is fleeing from his other half… his twin brother. Here already is the setting of the duality of our experience. He meets Rachel at the well, and Leah when he arrives at his uncle’s place. Again… two sisters, duality. It says: Leah was tender eyed but Rachel was beautiful and well favored. In other words, Rachel was a knock-out. Well, you know the story… read it in Genesis chapter 29. Jacob serves 7 years for Rachel, Laban makes a great feast… Jacob wakes up the next morning… not with Rachel, as he supposed, but with Leah surprise, surprise… Laban… you betrayed me! Well, Laban said fulfill her week and I will give you Rachel also… custom demands Leah be married first.

Well, how would you like to be Leah? The older, unattractive, undesired, passed off by guile now married to a man who clearly prefers your younger sister in every way. Shame is the path of her journey indeed.

What happens in Leah because of this shame? She becomes fruitful the scriptures say: And when the Lord saw that Leah was hated, he opened her womb.

The story goes on to record how Leah bears four sons. Each time she names the son from the experience of her heart and her desire. The first born, Reuben, means “Look…a Son” and she says; the Lord hath looked upon my affliction; now, therefore, my husband will love me. Her next son, Simeon means hearing, she says: “Because the lord heard I was hated; therefore, hath he given me this son. The scriptures record; And she conceived again and bare a son; and said, now this time will my husband be joined unto me because I have born him three sons, therefore his name was called Levi, meaning joined or attached.

Notice how deep in Leah’s heart is the thought that “I am not able to meet my husband’s expectations” and the consequent desire to do so. Feel the shame in her life, comparing herself to an image of herself, her sister. Feelings of being afflicted, hated, and alone, through it, she conceived her sons, her experience, her awareness of self, driven by the motivation of her Shame, believing in God to hear, to see her predicament.

Finally, she bears again… this time she lays it all down; she realizes some deep inner truth and says: Now will I praise the Lord and calls her next son Judah which of course means Praise.

Notice that this time she does not name her son from something she requires of the Lord or something she desires from Him she has come home... she says: “I will praise the Lord.”

The Leah and Rachel story is the soul’s journey in material worlds through shame to fulfillment and realization of inner worth and wholeness. The two sisters are in continual conflict over their mutual husband, material consciousness, the deep intense desire. Their seeming way to attain worth… is to please the husband someone outside, apart from themselves. The story is full of conflict, competition, love, achievement and fulfillment. It is the story of our Ego journey in physical form. It is the story that displays the root thoughts of our beginnings in consciousness… the desire to please, because we feel we are not able to meet the expectation, the thought that we are NOT pleasing, creates the desire TO please. The thought that we are NOT worthy, shame, is the driving motive to prove ourselves, to create and procreate unto our perceived husband.

The story ends with Jacob reconciled to his twin, purchasing a plot of land and raising a sacred altar unto the Lord calling it “El-ELOHE-ISRAEL… The Mighty God Of Israel.  Remember, that would be his own name he put in there. Jacob is saying, by using his new name:

“I have overcome the realm of limitation, the Ego realm, I have come to my greater knowing, I know who I Am and I worship only the One true Father of all, the source of my being.”  Rokus

THOR: Email 24  We must own our experience as beings of Light

Dear Reader:

We have come to a place of re-evaluating our progress and completing a step in our journey of a Theory of Reality. Much has been said about sin.  Many evaluating names have been ascribed to it unbelief, missing the mark; transgression of the law, fraud, wrong doing and so on. These are names of awareness created from our experience or concepts from truth and the scriptures.

Some of these have to do with acts, acts of commission, acts of omission, “To him who knoweth to do good and doeth it not, it is sin.” Such acts or lack of acts cause guilt and guilt needs atonement.

Sin in the sense of mistaken Identity or a Sin as another personality in youmaking you do what you do not desire to do lie at a deeper level of awareness of self. Such awareness of Sin is rooted in Shame, Shame that causes one to hide from true self and create an alternate personality.

The most important reason for us discussing and searching for the root of sin and sin consciousness is that it is ultimately important for us to begin to own our journey.

The time has come for man to stand upright, to shake off the victimization of centuries rooted in the blaming of another or others for his place in consciousness, his state of being, and his circumstances. Man, as you, must own his experience as man and his journey of evolving consciousness.

How can he do this? How can you do this? You need to understand this: That which has been the seeming cause of all your pain and sorrow was actually of your own creation. You were the one who first created sin and sin consciousness. How did you do that? You did that by a thought that you created in your infancy of consciousness and knowing, the thought that you were not able to meet the expectations of the All loving Source of your being.

As long as you and I think that there was some external agency that caused us to sin, we will forever be imprisoned by that thought. Even if you were cleansed of all blame towards such an entity or impersonal cause still, in your memory, you would have a sense of debilitation or powerlessness that would cause you to deny yourself that ultimate emergence of power and glory of being that the Source of all Light and Life gave you, as the spark of who you are.

Many of us have thought that our so called troubles began in the Garden of Eden, the innocence, the lie, the betrayal and resulting blame and shame and our subsequent journey into material form and serpent mentality. However, I will show more clearly as we go on, that point of our incarnation into material form was actually a sort of final step in our descent from the highest realms of Light and a major turning point in our journey of realizing consciousness and identity.

I will show that one of the major remedial purposes for this physical experience was to accomplish this very ownership of the journey that we are now considering in this email. As you, in your present experience, free yourself from all entrapment and victimization, you also free your consciousness of those same feelings in greater realms where they were first created. The whole story created in material form, the Garden, the call of Abraham, the giving of the Law, the Cross of Jesus and his resurrection and now this emerging of a body of consciousness in a people of Light was planned and intended from the beginning when Elohim said: Let us make man in our image and likeness. In other words, let us, by our incarnation, create a video of imagery for all to see who we are and what the purpose of the Father is.  Rokus den Hartog

THOR: Email 24 A Mary Lou’s Rsp… subjection to vanity Rokus

In a message dated 2/9/2006 4:45:17 A.M. Central Standard Time, OneWhtDove writes:

For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope, Romans 8:20

Vanity, being self consciousness which also encompasses sin consciousness, was imposed by who? Though your theory about this may sound good, it really isn’t the whole picture, Rokus, unless you see yourself as the one who did the subjecting of creation to this vanity to bring your theory to this realm. This was clearly done by one to another and not by anyone to himself.

Thank you so much for this response. The scripture is so well, taken… I checked the Greek meaning of the word vanity and, indeed, it can be translated as selfconsciousness or self-awareness. The inference there is “without purpose” or “futility” and indeed the negative aspects of self do seem totally useless and contradictory. Futility, of course, is an experience of this realm.

Now remember, my thesis is that it was the Source itself that initiated the journey into separation; hence the Source itself, the Father of Light, “him” in your quotation, does take full responsibility for it. The Law of Moses is very clear about responsibility: the OWNER of the Ox that gores a man is liable for the man’s injuries or death. However, man is merging into a new and greater awareness of his Oneness with the Source.  As we do so, we also take responsibility for the journey, and particularly, its unfolding after our separate consciousness began to form. The idea of “done by one to another” is definitely an idea of the experience of separation.  From the Father’s point of view, he does everything to himself through himself and for himself. He only experiences separation as us.

You lump “vanity” or “Awareness of self” and Sin or Sin consciousness, into the same lump. If Sin, as I say, can only exist in a relationship, and it requires two to have such a relationship, then clearly sin can only form itself AFTER the separate self begins it’s Journey. It is the thought in the self, created by virtue of its power given to it from the source that forms the first thought we call sin. Clearly, if the Source assumes full responsibility for initiating the journey he also is responsible for the consequences. And again, I repeat, the most important single item of truth in all this address is the idea that we ourselves are the creators of what we call sin. So, we must see it as the Father sees it what it is, its purpose, and the reason it no longer is needed in you… if that is the case.

Why do we not want to take responsibility for sin? Simply because we see it totally as negative and undesirable and feel shame for the sin we do see in our lives. When we finally see that it is an important ingredient in the mix, like yeast, perhaps we can enlarge our perspective.

Having said all that, I really think that the writer of Romans 8:20 is not talking about the beginning that we speak of. I believe he is speaking of our coming into form. A couple of verses later he states that the creature itself will be delivered from the bondage of corruption, meaning simply the limitation to material form and the consciousness that comes with it. I think there are many worlds, many creations, and this one that we are a part of has a special significance; that is, there was a great hope expressed, a purpose of redemption, in the creation of man on this planet. The creators are said to be the Elohim, a plural group of entities; however, since they were executing the plan of the Father, the HIM in your scripture refers to the Elohim acting AS the Father, the ONE.

This present creation, how and why it was formed…is next on our agenda.  That is how I see it for now… Rokus

THOR: Email 25 Are you frustrated at our progress? I need you… Rokus

Dear Readers:

As we slowly progress through worlds of thought that have been on this planet for many ages, it is difficult to clearly think about beginning things because our experience has already taken us to a climactic point of emergence from old paradigms.

Yet we need to understand the old paradigms and our past, limited, perception of them to clear ourselves for take-off take-of into the stratosphere and space beyond where greater reality awaits us. This greater reality that is so intensely inviting requires us to leave the past behind all its joys, its lessons, its ecstasy and sorrow yet we cannot until true understanding comes understanding of beginning and purpose that enables us to assimilate the whole of the experience of humanity and agree with the Light and say: It is Good.

Some of you, my dear readers, take my writings very personally and try to fit the whole of it into your personal experience. I consider that you need your personal experience to be able to relate to what is written just as you need your personal identity of self to relate and participate in the experience of humanity.

Let me quote from an email, written to me from our very excellent discussion group that is formed around these writings. If the person who wrote these lines reads this email, I hope he or she can accept the thought that this response serves so well my purpose for these writings and I am truly thankful for it. Whatever frustrations any of us experience are all miniature experiences of the total and deep frustration in the human experience itself, the fact that we cannot understand who we are and why we are here.

Dear Rokus, Please do not send me anymore of these writings. I do not need someone to try and rewrite the Bible. Sin, shame, guilt and Lord knows what else. Jesus Christ, Rokus! You are not bringing in any new revelations, all I hear is you trying to re-write what already has been done. Sin, shame, guilt, evil… no evil, we are God, we are not, we areif we could only remember who we are? What if we can not? My God, guys and girls, what are we trying to do here?

Again, to the writer of those lines thank you for expressing yourself so clearly and with such punctuation. You so clearly express frustration that we all have and cannot look at or get a handle on.

All of you that are reading these lines have already dealt with sin, guilt and shame in your lives. If you had not, no way would you be able to read any of this, it would be meaningless to you. We are like a spaceship in orbit around large planet, the gravitational pull has exhausted a large supply of fuel that we took on for that very purpose, we must now cast off those burners and empty tanks that will only be a hindrance to our journey through space. It is essential that we do look at it, recognize the purpose it served, know that we need it no longer, even if others still do, cleanse our ship from the excessive material, and point our ship for the stars go to hyper-drive! Yahooooo! Here we come!

I am writing you again, as I have done before, to let YOU know how much I need you to write these emails… including particularly the one who wrote the quote above. As you read, whether you respond in writing or not, you are responding. Your response stimulates me and thought come in me that I did not know I had. The truth, of which I have general sense, becomes clear in me as you either agree or resist it. Thank you all… again… for reading and reacting stay with me… Rokus

THOR: Email 26 Your physical experience… a “Living dream”

Dear Reader:

To understand this experience of being physical from the point of view of our greater being, our existence in heaven, we need to look AT our experience, it holds the key, It is the purpose of this realm… to create visual and tangible experience for understanding, not only understanding in the here and now, but understanding in the greater realms where we eternally exist.

In this realm, if you have a dream, most of the time the elements in the dream are symbolic. I recall a woman told me she dreamt that she was raped by a black male… the interpretation was in the words themselves, black-male or blackmail. This person was having an experience of being obligated to do by another what she really did not want to do. She was struggling with a spirit of obligation. You also know about standard dream interpretation books that can help you, sometimes, or lead you astray, sometimes. The great interpreter of dreams is the Holy spirit She helps to create them Awesome.

My daughter Eva, until she was around three or four years of age would often dream of literal events that would happen the next day; one day she came down the stairs Mommy, Mommy, I am going to have chocolate cake today. Mommy of course knew that there was no chocolate cake in the house but Eva was not to be persuaded I dreamt it mommy! Sure enough, about noon… she was invited to a birthday party… chocolate cake and all.

However, after she became a little older it seemed that she made a shift, as she was more integrated into her physical experience, her dreams ceased being literal and became as we all experience dream life. Our dreams are the connectedness between the realms, you dream symbolically about your greater being but your physical life is the ‘Living Dream” OF your greater being… this dream needs interpretation.

We are all aware that this present experience of ourselves is happening in what we describe as a lower vibration. Events in this life are specific, concrete, clearly defined and create opportunity for judgments to be made, decisions, choices. We can look at the experiences of this life, the physical ones, as if they were a dream. Each element in the dream represents something or someone in a different plane of existence. Sometimes scenarios that we collectively experienced are slowed down, and repeated on the stage of an individuals life.

There is a powerful story of Love and Betrayal told in the scriptures in the Book of Hosea.

The story starts out like this: And YHWH said to Hosea: Go take unto thee a wife of wholesome: for the Land has committed great whoredom, departing from YHWH.

Well, have you ever read the story? He marries a harlot, has children and is told what to name each child prophetically foretelling what will happen to the nation of Israel in history. She then leaves him for another man ends upon an auction block where Hosea is told to go buy her back, even told how much to pay for her. Then, she lives with him in faithfulness.

Hello… are you hearing me? Do you think it is possible, even as Hosea was contracted for his life to display greater purpose, that your life too is contracted, from before you came here? Moreover, can we conceive the thought that Adam came, contracted to display a certain scenario on this planet, a Living Dream, in which each element has a specific and significant meaning so that all on-lookers from cosmic realms might see and understand?

I want to share with you a specific living dream that was acted out, here in my house; that will help us understand the purpose for the creation of material worlds. If YHWH could use a man’s life, Hosea, to portray his relationship and dealing with the children of Jacob throughout their history in time, is it too much to assume that The Light can use my house and the people in it to create a scenario to confirm to me what I am hearing about the our journey in time and our descent into matter?

Here is the story: A young woman was visiting in our home, she was depressed about her self loathing. Someone had told her to take a mirror, look at herself and say the truth: You are beautiful… I love you. We have a wood stove to warm the house, as I went down, in the wee hours of the morning to check on the fire, she was lying on the couch, looking at herself in a mirror, saying those words. As I interrupted her, she was somewhat embarrassed and explained what she was doing. I talked with her for a minute and as I went back up the stairs I commented to her: Maybe something happened in your childhood that caused you to have this deep seated shame of yourself, this self-loathing.

At the top of the stairs I took a peek into Eva’s bedroom, she was sleeping there along with a niece and her sister Cornelia. As I opened the door I noticed this unusual, pungent, odor but strangely enough, I just closed the door, wondering at the odor but not interfering.

I had been in bed for perhaps 15 minutes or a half hour when there was a great commotion in the house, like herd of elephants Cornelia had awakened, the room was full of smoke, blankets were smoldering and being pushed into the shower Eva was running down the stairs with soot on her face.

Apparently a hot curling iron had been left under the pillow, had burned a hole, one foot in diameter and an inch deep into the mattress before the smoke became pungent enough to awaken, not Eva, but Cornelia who was sleeping on a mattress on the floor. The curling iron itself was a twisted, melted mass of plastic and metal.

The young woman, downstairs, awoke with a start. The first thing she saw was a young girl, Eva, running down the stairs with soot on her face. That visual event triggered a memory in her. When she was just a small girl, she had an easy-bake oven and had used the light bulb from it to read by in bed. Apparently she fell asleep with the hot light on the bed sheets, catching the bed on fire, burning the whole house down in the middle of winter, Christmas time.

As she saw Eva coming down the stairs the memory of that event flooded back in her mind. She remembered what her mother said when the house and all the children’s Christmas gifts were burning and she was standing outside: Look what you have done!”

There was the shame and feelings of unwarranted guilt that had locked her into self loathing for thirty years of her life. The source of the feelings, the cause, had been repressed in an attempt to live with the shame but the shame , deep seated as it was, persisted, waiting for a time when she could take responsibility for her journey and see the event for what it really was not her fault.

That is the Living Dream what of the interpretation? Here is my understanding and interpretation… for now! We, too, in our infancy as humanity perceived a false sense of Guilt and Shame about ourselves that has locked us into self loathing these many long ages of time. The young woman is all of us, Elohim kind, our greater being that desired incarnation. Our greater being experienced sin and shame in the very beginnings of consciousness. We are looking into the mirror created by our physical experience to help us understand what happened to us to cause us to have shame and self loathing. You and I are doing this as we read this email. Reading with the Light, in bed, represents limited understanding, earthly wisdom, what you and I have called carnality, the knowledge of the flesh, the tree of knowledge of good and evil, the bed is the place where you choose to sleep. The sleep is our incarnation. Burning the house down and loosing all our gifts is the loss of our house from heaven, our greater knowing, the glory of true understanding and eternal relationship. Loosing the giftedness is our feelings of dis-empowerment, the weakness of the flesh we experience here. The mother that accused the child as being the original cause of all evil is the lie we were told by Mother Religion about ourselves in the Garden that caused our self loathing. Eva represents our child-like experience of humanity, our lowered knowing of self. The sooth on her face is the repeated experiences in this realm that remind us of what happened in what we call the Fall, the staircase she is coming down, lies, deceit, blame, shame… all the feelings and attitudes described and experienced by Eve in the garden. It also helps us to understand that the blame and shame we have taken on is misplaced and not true. I suppose I, checking on the girls, am the Angels that watch over but are not allowed to interfere the drama must unfold as planned.

To sum it up we could say that in our childish perceptions of reality, the Garden experience, we took on a self loathing because we accepted a lie, a lie we could not understand. The whole episode is an experience to give us emotional insight into the events that happened to us in the garden.

After the whole experience was over and I let myself think what could have happened… what if… what if why did I not install a smoke alarm? And, I do think we should take responsibility for our journey. Tell our children what drugs, alcohol and sex can do, put safeguards in place however… in our lives, those of us who have come to redeem this planet and restore true knowledge to creation, our lives our not our own, nor are our children’s lives, we belong to the eternal purpose for which we were sent and the Angels will protect and keep us for that purpose just as they orchestrated this unbelievable scenario in my house only a few years ago.

What are we learning? The shame that we have is rooted in lies, lies we have been told, lies we have created ourselves, lies that blame us as the cause of evil because of disobedience to our Father. The truth is that we came here to create an experience in obedience to the Father. The truth is that we have shame because of sin that we created in the very beginning of our journey, sin and shame that serve us, shame we had no way of understanding, shame that needed to be re-enacted in the flesh worlds in order for understanding to come to our higher being. Our Real Shame is an image we created as a result of sin. Sin is a thought we created that acts as an evolutionary driver of consciousness. The events in the garden, like the scenario in my house, are a created reality to help us get at the real cause of our shame and sin… so here is my concluding statement:

Material reality was created by the Elohim for the purpose of a Living Dream that would help all worlds, seen and unseen, understand the Journey of separation and know the Love of the Father.

The truth about you is that you are a being of Light, a being of great power and Love, a being that totally loves the Father of Light and has come into material form to do his will… you are exquisitely beautiful!  Rokus

THOR: Email 27 The WHY of the incarnation of Elohim as Man.

Hello Dear Reader.

I have said it repeatedly and will say it again… thank you for reading these articles. I mail quite a few of them, in my scale of things, but even if only a dozen of you read them… (I think all of you do!) it is incentive for me to write again I have an expectation that drives me. A bit humbling to think that way after defining sin as the thought of a failed expectation.

I am experiencing the unfolding of these thoughts as I write, perhaps if you find a minute to respond to something that inspired you or that raised a question you can experience that unfolding with me.

For some years I have known that our view of what we call the Fall, our interpretation of the story related in Genesis, was wrong, I knew we were viewing awesome events there but the glasses of shame that filtered the light of our understanding caused us to see more sin-consciousness; and we always walked away condemned.

The key to unlock this dilemma is first to realize that the Garden Story is indeed NOT the same as the Creation story in the first chapter. Eden, the Edenic state, is NOT the beginning. It is, as the book of Hebrews describes it; the LOWERING of Elohim into this third dimensional experience where he knows himself as Adam.

To give a different context to the word: “The Lord God planted a garden” perhaps a comparison to what we call real life might illustrate. Hitler was looking for the allies to invade Europe, they needed to create a beech head. He consulted with psychics and apparently to the last minute was convinced we were coming across the English Channel. There was a great deal of dis-information… a euphemism for deceit and lies being propagated by radio and other means to help him think that way. To keep the landing spot and method of arrival a secret was very important… The enormity of the operation was awesome and successful… we managed to land our soldiers on European soil with loss yes but the mission was a success. Many gave their lives for the great cause of freedom.

So it is with the lowering of Adam into this hostile environment of the three dimensional plane. Deceit, lies, confusing thoughts and ideas have shrouded the truth of our beginning for many ages. We could not see or understand. Jesus purposefully told his truth in parables, by his own admission, so that the ruling element of his day might deceive them selves into thinking they knew what he was a saying when in fact they knew little or nothing of what Jesus said. Jesus himself had to take the disciples apart and show them the sacred meaning of his words.

To this day certain religious elements are totally misled by the first few chapters in Genesis. Some scientist use it to scoff the scriptures simply because the King James mistranslation uses the word “day” for a period of time. Priests have used the story to condemn women for all time. Religion in general has built a prison called original sin to control the minds of men.

What do I say? I say that SIN did not begin in Eden. When it says by one man sin entered the world… it means what it says… the experience of sin which existed from the beginning… took on a whole new color, if you like, a greater, more easily recognized, more visible state, when man took on a physical form. Sin now has become an ACT, an act of disobedience. Shame also, in this lowering, became more real and intense, it was felt as NAKEDNES, the loss of eternal awareness and glory and a wholly new dynamic entered the picture…GUILT. Guilt as a result of ACTION… not just the result of THOUGHT.

Why did all this happen? Why was sin and shame made more real? It was made more real for one reason and one reason only so it could be clearly seen, identified, so as to be understood. This plane of manifestation is not the realm where things originate no, it is the place where the invisible things of eternal awareness are made visible.

Can you imagine a scientist who, by genetic engineering and cloning creates a new species. He sets up a scenario to test this new creature to check out it moral qualities. When this creature fails the first test, disobedience, the Scientist locks the creature away forever? I don’t think so… not a wise man… much less would an all wise God do the same.

So…Not only the HOW of the incarnation of MAN but the WHY must be answered. Let me make this tentative statement…subject to revision as the Light dawns.

The creation of Man on this planet is a progressive step in the eternal plan of evolving consciousness to satisfy the original intent. Man is a Glorious, Powerful, Beautiful being of Light who descended with intent and purpose to be here at the cutting edge of unfolding consciousness Rokus

THOR: Email 28 The Cosmic Story Book is opened… we have a vantage point.

Dear Reader:

The march 2006 issue of National Geographic, the current issue as I write this email, bears this title on its cover:

The Greatest Story Ever Told

The Journey of Man,

The trail of out DNA.

Perhaps they anticipated me saying the following:

The incarnation of Adam, the journey of Man on this planet, Is a Cosmic Story Book, a Primer, to help other, non-physical realms Understand the journey of Separation.

Now that we are able to appreciate, and have a conceptual context to make the above statement we also have a point of view from which to look at the whole journey of man. It is difficult to understand the words of the Angels who exulted at Jesus birth saying: “Peace on Earth and goodwill towards man”; as we see that same region of the globe filled with turmoil and hatred and ready to explode into a nuclear holocaust. We need a greater vantage point to understand those seemingly irrelevant words. Some would say that Jesus has come and gone, a religion in his name has filled the earth, through bloodshed, and we now have more war and hatred than when He was here. Yes, we need a greater point of view.

One of my readers expressed his frustration this way:

Please do not send me anymore of these writings. I do not need someone to try and rewrite the Bible. Sin, shame, guilt and Lord knows what else. Jesus Christ Rokus!

This person, we’ll just call him Bill, who happens to be a dear friend… was honest enough to express the frustration of a lot of people, not necessarily my readers, who find it hard to make the adjustments necessary to accommodate to this new perspective. To Bill it seems that I am rewriting the scriptures, and, in a sense I am doing just that. However, it would be more properly said this way. The bible will seem like new book to you and I once we learn to look at it from a higher perspective, from above instead of from below.

The first chapter, no, the second paragraph of this record of Man shows him being lowered into this three dimensional world of opposites through the agency of shame and blame. The effect is dramatic… pain in childbirth for the woman, sweat of the brow, thorns and thistles, futility, for the man. A “belly” point of view and a diet of dust for the Serpent. These are the opening lines of this awesome story yet we through our religion have based all our self loathing and rejection of self on a concept called original sin compounding the first paragraph into many chapters on the same subject, shame and sin. This is the underlying cause of all our wars… our inability to neither understand nor accept ourselves or our journey…

Well, Peace, Goodwill toward man…The Dawning of true understanding of Who you are and Why you came, is now availablebecause of a man who came and demonstrated the truth of man and his journey, He opened the Cosmic Primer, the Story book. We are reading it. The angels were right after all.

The LAW and obedience to it lies at the core of the three major religions mentioned. Some aboriginal people don’t even have a word in their language for GUILT; it seems that it is a specialty for us. The next chapter in our Story Book will deal with the nature of LAW and the role it plays in unfolding consciousness. Paul, the teacher of the last Age, called the Law a Schoolmaster, referring really to the Slave that accompanied the child to school to ensure his arrival there. Today we might call him the Bus Driver.

That single statement by Paul, who was the master student and teacher of the Law will be a springboard to help us understand why a people had to be separated and sanctified and be a Holy nation, A royal priesthood for the cosmic story to unfold. It will be the subject of our next email.  Rokus

THOR: Email 29  Descending and Ascending. The journey through Form

Dear Reader

Jesus, the way-shower or the one who shows the path made this statement.

No one ascends to heaven but he who first descends from heaven even the Son of man who is in heaven.

It follows that the key to ascending lies in understanding, looking at, the descending or the Lowering. No one who is still mortally engaged in the place of being lowered has much interest in looking at it, the ONLY desire is to be FREED from it, But those who ARE free and wish to ascendto those this writing will be significant.

We have seen the beginning of the journey into separation, Sin and Shame, we have seen how incarnation, or being lowered further into FORM gave a picture of that first separation when the Eve was formed from The Adam even as our being-ness came from the source. Shame became the portal for our incarnation and Guilt immediately colored our first acts… yet we still could not understand this pain, this awesome remorse that drove us to try to please, to perform… all we found was pain in child birth, the birthing our being in form and thorns and thistles, the resistance and opposition to our progress.

It is the Law, given to a people on Mt. Sinai that was to accomplish this last degree of lowering to help us to understand Guilt, Shame and Sin. These spiritual qualities that are our companions through the valley of the Shadow of Death, the journey of Separation, along with Goodness and Mercy, must be expressed in the realm of form to be clearly seen and understood they did… they came with us.

It is the Law that gives a legal definition of Sin and makes Guilt real and understandable.

The strange thing about the Law is that it shows the truth by showing us what the truth is not. I will return to that thought later.

The book of Genesis does mention creation, one chapter, the lowering of Man, two or three Chapters but it really slows down when it tells the story of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their descendents and their journey into Egypt. Again we see a re-enactment; even as Adam and his children were lowered into the realm of materiality; so the children of Israel were lowered into Egypt, came under the rule and bondage of the Pharaoh. Egypt and its Pharaoh represent for us Material consciousness and the rule of the Ego.

Much could be said and has been said about the Story of Abraham, the Father of the Faith walkers and the journey of Israel through the ages of time all beyond the scope of these few emails. We wish to concentrate on that particular aspect that will give us understanding of our lowered estate so we can be fully released to ascend. Every stain of darkness must be washed from our soul so that we can take flight into the realms of Glory and Light that are our inheritance while still in these matter bodies of limitation.

The Law of Moses is and was a CONTRACT; a legally binding contract between two parties; a contract to perform and a stipulation of a penalty for non-performance. It was a MORTGAGE. There is no other covenant or contract ever made with man like this one. Our next email will examine this contract and its significance for all Time and Ages.  Rokus

Thor: Email 30 Law, the legal definition of Sin… review.

Dear Reader:

Thank you for persisting with me through these simple yet disturbing, uprooting thoughts. The reason the process seems laborious is simply because new neural pathways need to be created in our brain as we learn to process the greater thoughts of reality that are awaking within, rising up from the deep as it were, remembrance .

Recall our original thought defining the idea of SIN:

Sin is the THOUGHT or the AWARENESS that I am unable to meet your expectation.

Only yesterday I received a call from a dear friend who has been reading these progressive emails and asked me the question: How can God not have expectations? How can it be sin to have expectations? I was a little taken back! Have I been so unclear in my presentation of the most cardinal thought of all these emails? Have I left the impression that sin is having expectations? Surely I have not, however… just to make amply sure that I do NOT leave that impression… note carefully. I repeat the first phrase of the definition of Sin:




What is that thought or awareness?

“I am unable to meet your expectation”

Notice that this leaves the question about whether or not God has expectations, completely open. Neither does it decide whether these expectations are real or imaginary

Let me say how I see this. To me this is clear. The Source has a purpose, this purpose is an expectation however especially in our immaturity we cannot perceive that expectation, so we create an imagination, false images of that expectation then we decide that we cannot meet those self-imagined expectations. Can you see how difficult this must be to resolve? Ever raise children? Can you see why an elaborate plan of redemption has been put in place from the beginning?

The awesome wonderful perfect Law of God that David the Psalmist so eloquently emulates was given to Israel for the whole world, for all the cosmos to see the enactment of this Sin Principle.

When Paul says that the Law came and sin revived, it means that the Law came to make the thought of sin a real awareness, an experimental reality. Notice the word AWARENESS. The Law brings awareness of sin by imputing guilt. It is called a ministry of condemnation.

When the Law makes a requirement and you make agreement to keep the law.

Then you KNOW that you have failed to meet its expectationyou are CONDEMNED. The Judge says: Will the jury foreman please read the verdict: “Your Honor, we find the defendant guilty as charged.”

The wonderful thing about the Law and Guilt created by that Law is that the guilty one can repent, Atonement can be made, restitution can be given, and punishment can be measured out and served.

Let me say it again: The law was given to make sin a real, tangible experience so that guilt could be felt and understood as to its real cause.  Rokus

Thor: Email 31 The Law is a contract. Two parties. A Mort-(En)gage.

Dear Reader:

Have you ever felt victimized by the Law? We all have. Running a red traffic light at three AM, no traffic in sight, no one hurt, no one even endangered, no one around except you and the police in a car, a half mile away, who just happened to see that your brake lights did not come on. Criminal law requires that intent to harm and actual harm or fraud be committed for conviction, not so for traffic offenses. And well traffic law should be that wayif for no other reason than to enforce safe driving habits. Yet, you cannot help but feel that somebody took advantage of you when you pay that $100 fine and get points on your driver’s license.

What is the principle here? In a free society like ours the ideal is that those that govern do so only by the consent of the governed and that only laws passed in harmony with the public will are truly valid. The opposite to that is Dictatorship or simple Authoritarianism. I have the right to rule over you because I am more powerful than you.

Here is the most important aspect of Law that needs to be looked at. The Law of YHWH, the Law of Israel was only exercised by contract of agreement between YHWH and the Nation of Israel. In the same way as a Mortgage is not legal or enforceable unless it is signed by both parties of Contract, the Lender and the Property owner.

I want to very carefully show the nature of the Law and the power to impose its punitive conditions from the scriptures themselves because the whole reason and purpose for the Law is based on this principle.

In chapters 20 to 23 in the book of Exodus the laws governing the social and moral requirements are stated. They are worth a close scrutiny, far beyond what we intend here. In chapter 24 is the critical verse I want to show you. This verse holds the key that shows the giving of the Law to be a legal contract between Israel and YHWH, it reads:

And Moses came and told the people all the words of YHWH and all the judgments: and all the people answered with one voice and said:

All the words that YHWH hath said we will do.

There is the “I Do” of the marriage contract. In chapter 27 and 28 of the book of Deuteronomy Moses gives instructions for a ceremony to be exercised upon crossing the Jordan River, upon entering the Promised Land. The significance is shown in Chap. 27 vs. 9 where we read:

Take heed and hearken, O Israel; this day thou art become the people of YHWH Elohim. It reads like a benediction after a wedding vow, the ceremony consists of some tribes standing on one mountain reading the curses resulting from failure to meet the expectations of the Law, the commandments; and other tribes standing on another mountain reading the blessings that result from the keeping of that same law. After each curse is read, this instruction is given; And all the people shall say; Amen! Amen meaning. So be it

In Chapter 19 of Exodus Moses instructs the people to bathe and sanctify themselves, they are to refrain from conjugal relations, they are to present themselves to YHWH as in a wedding ceremony. The promise is given this way:

Now therefore if ye will obey my voice indeed and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine. And ye shall be unto me a Kingdom of Priests, a Holy nation.

And againin verse 8 we read this critical statement:

And all the people answered together and said; All that YHWH hath spoken we will do.

The evidence here is abundant, this is a legal contract, duly executed and signed by both parties, and the expectations are clearly spelled out as are the penalties for nonperformance of the conditions of the contract.

Sin is no longer just a thought, a thought perhaps based on an imagined expectation; sin is now a legally defined by this contract

Sin is the transgression of the Law.

Not only is Sin now clearly defined and understandable, so also is the result of sin GUILT the Law condemns the transgressor by his own agreement to perform and failure to do so. A man stand condemned by the very Law he agreed to keep.

A modern equivalent to this Law is the execution of a Mortgage. The lender and the title holder make covenant. The borrower agrees to meet certain conditions, a mortgage payment, usually once a month for a specified amount, the rate of interest and duration of the mortgage. Failure to meet those conditions causes the DEATH of the owner, that is, he is no longer the owner, ownership passes to the Lender, hence the word “MORT”, it is French for “DEATH” As it is written, the soul that sins it shall die, that is ,it forfeit its rights, looses its identity.

When we look in wonder at this elaborate national experience, involving millions of descendents of a single family, a plan that spans centuries of time, many generations, great prophesies, great pain and suffering, whole nations subjugated and deported for hundreds of miles by cruel despots, told in divers manners by prophetic writers, a plan still unfolding today in the middle east as we stand on the brink of a nuclear holocaust we ask, why?

I say it was all done so that we, standing now on the Cusp of Ages might understand the basic principles of the journey of unfolding consciousness on the stage of human affairs. That a people, today might inherit, not a physical inheritance of land such as Canaan or the USA or Palestine but the promised land of unlimited potential of Adam, the great cosmic prize of the Ages The Glory of Man as the Tabernacle of God. Oneness; the answer to Jesus prayer.

In our next email we will try to sum up the significance of the Law.  Rokus

THOR: Email 32 Why the Law? The Source does not condemn us

Dear Reader;

We come now to the heart of the question. Why was the Law given at all? History shows that the nation of Israel never did keep the law. Over and over the prophets came and rebuked them, and over and over their dire predictions came to pass, the nation was torn apart, the tribes were scattered, away from the temple worship in Jerusalem for long ages… what a powerful story. The writer laments and cries out did God fail? Did God cast off his people whom he fore-knew? Paul answers these great questions clearly and carefully in the book of Romans. It will suffice for us simply to ask the following question: In light of all this suffering and pain to those to whom the Law was given, we ask:

Why was the Law given?

We notice that the covenant of the Law was ratified by the sprinkling of blood. That blood was shed before the Law was even broken, before transgression was made… yet the purpose of shed blood is the remission of sin. We understand that the Spiritual realms that gave the Law also knew that the law was given so that SIN would become real. Sin would be revealed. The law was given so that the people would break it and so they did. Hence they were called a Nation of Priests; they all gave their lives to show the reality of Sin and Guilt. This fact is further made plain by the establishment of the Levitical Priesthood to make atonement for the worshipper that could not keep the commandments.

All this had to happen; the Law had to come, in order to show what is true when there is NO law. It came so that the following can be said; Where there is no covenant of Law…No sin can be imputed. No curse can be exercised, no death penalty can be imposed, there can be no condemnation administered if there is no Law.

Do we understand what condemnation is? Yes we do, many Ages have unfolded, many saints have given their lives…yes we know what condemnation and Guilt feel like, the Law came, sin became real, we agreed to its terms, we suffered the consequenceswe know, we understand.

Why was it so important to understand what causes Condemnation, Guilt and Death?

We needed to know what Guilt and Condemnation are so that we might know this simple truth:

“Father, the Source, does not condemn us, We do it to ourselves.”  Rokus

E-MAIL 33 – The Grand Father Clause… our beginning… Abba, Father

There is a legal principle called the Grand Father clause. It works like this.

In 1964 I bought 5 acres of land from a farmer friend in Ontario Canada. I bought it for $2000 and began to build a cedar log cabin. I cut the trees, skinned, carried them and built my 30 by 40 cabin in the woods.

Chris, the land owner did not want to give me legal title at the time of purchase because the mortgage holder would have required the money to be paid against the outstanding mortgage.

Three years later a law was passed preventing strip development along county roads, a law to prevent farmers selling lots from their property along the roads of rural Ontario. When I tried to sell the property in 1970, the real estate told me I could not sell; I had no title and could not get title because of the recently passed law.

How did I sell? The real estate sold the property for me to the new owner, and then the new owner took me to court, to get a title. In court I was able to establish that I in fact owned the property before the law preventing its sale was passed and hence had an inherent right to sell the property even if the present law forbade me. I could show ownership by photographs, dated, that showed the building of the cottage and the canceled checks showing the monies I paid for the land. I sold the property for $16,000. It was the Grand Father clause. A law passed later could not cancel out legal transaction made earlier

Paul the Apostle uses this principle to explain how the Law which came later could not cancel out a Covenant made with Abraham 500 years earlier. The covenant made with Abraham had no conditions, there was only one party, God, having no greater to swear by swore by himself saying: In blessing I will bless thee. The law of curses that came later could not cancel out the covenant of blessing made earlier.

What am I saying? I am telling you and all Worlds that Guilt, Shame and Sin which are made real by the Law were never imputed from the beginning, Not the beginning of consciousness when the Source blessed every seed that came from him and when they went on the long journey, a beginning without conditions or requirement or any agreement. Nor was there such a contract in the beginning of our incarnation, the garden experience when we partook of duality. There were no signatures put down and hence no condemnation can be imputed.

The accusations, the Shame and Blame that have petrified us all these long ages have never been imposed from the Source it has all been of our own doing, with the help of darkened intelligence, our own sense of self loathing created from our own imagined failure to meet the expectations that were never spelled out or required. We ourselves have condemned ourselves; we have been our own judge and jury… unlawfully.

The Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world and the blood shed in every age all testify to the great unconditional love of the Source that cannot leave nor forsake its own, forever, in all worlds an all ages. It’s love is unconditional and unending in its power and grace. No law, no power, no intelligence that speaks or utters any law or statement or curse can ever cancel out the original LOVE and INTENT of the Source when it gave of its own self and covenanted with itself, to begin the great journey of Love, the great journey of becoming, our beginning in consciousness. Abba… Father.   Rokus

THOR: EMail #33 ARSPLets soar…re-label and release… D.E.

Dear Friends.

The trip up this mountain has been an arduous climb, thank you for staying with me. It is emotionally painful to retake the steps of our long journey but it must be done to gain the greater perspective we need for ascension. I truly feel that a much larger perspective of the subject of Sin and LAW needs to be created in us in order for us to truly transcend it, hence this lengthy series of emails on this subject… again… thank you… I am including a response to email 33 in this writing to underscore this thought:


Rokus: Yes the door is open… Hallelujah. I think we are taking one last glance back, an overview if you like…a saying good bye with thanksgiving clearing all the ports up and away we go! We cannot let go of what we do not understand, cannot understand what we are not thankful for… yes, yes… We are on our way… Rokus

From D.E.: Hey Rokus… I’ll take you hand… I’ll fly with you… However, I’m not so sure I want to look back, My preference would be to take the last glance as we soar above it… Either way though… I’m ready let’s go… D.E.

And my response:

Well… I understand how you feel. I think there may be a residual fear in us that we… maybe… just maybe  could get stuck again for twenty years with a unfaithful lover or a child that is unmanageable or a job that abuses you but you think you need it.

Those are not maters of the intellect; if they were we could just take a glance as we leave. No, they are all emotional attachments, the last mooring lines to three dimensional consciousnesses that need to be released. And ONLY true understanding the kind that comes from a WHOLE experience an integrated response from your whole being all four strands can cast off those mooring lines. As we review our experience we need to RE-LABEL everything as Andrea said… re-label it all from a higher perspective… so we can leave it.  Rokus

RSP to #33: Here is another response… from Andrea she speaks of re-labeling in a highly personal way she is like living dream for all of us, for all mankindshowing us the reason for looking backreviewing and re-labeling before we can release ourselves. Andrea represents MAN; each person in her experience represents a perception of self for humanity:

From Andrea: On Thursday morning I lay in bed and suddenly something came over me. I felt, more than heard, the words, “Release them, re-label them.” Suddenly, I saw each person that I was in an emotional struggle with and I released them, I released them from the task that I HAD FORCED THEM INTO; the task of condemning me. I released them from doing their part in this dance. I re-labeled their role in my life. Just love and be loved in return. And also I realized that I didn’t have to share any of this with them. I didn’t need to seek forgiveness or apologize for anything. This had all been about my need to condemn myself. I had brought them into my life to serve that purpose. Now I realized I no longer needed that purpose served.

So I rose from bed Thursday morning and I was free. Free from all of the worry about these issues. Inner freedom… today is Sunday. Today, there are real physical things manifesting in my life that show the change I am going through.

I am walking out of prison; slowly but I am definitely singing as I go.

Thank-you Andrea

The prison we are walking out of is a perceived prison… the experience of limited identity empowered by Sin and Shame. To leave it we must re-label it not to see it any longer as a prison… but an experience we desired and created for ourselves so we could come to this present place of unfolding consciousness… We are here…now, at the sharp edge of unfolding awareness. We are free and have always been so Rokus

THOR: Email 34 How is the Law a Schoolmaster; a school bus?

Dear Reader:

I remember riding the school bus when I attended High School in Ontario Canada in the Fifties. If you were the first to be picked up in the morning you were also the first to be dropped off at night, the school bus thing was not an experience you looked forward to… it was mostly way to get somewhere else to School. One older student, he came on the bus about halfway, was always smoking as he stood waiting for the bus. If you have ever smelled a smoker who smokes on an empty stomach… you have some idea of the odor that permeated that school bus as he first stepped in the door. Yes, the school bus experience is the experience of what is NOT your true being, it is a trip to show you what you are not so you can choose who you are.

Now that we understand the law was given to create a legitimate context to experience Sin and Guilt Condemnation and Death and that the people who bore that curse of the Law were really a nation of priests who carried it as a cosmic object lesson for all men and angels; we can understand why Paul called the Law a Schoolmaster (slave) to lead us to Christ.

The word Christ literally means “Anointed”, so the statement really becomes:

The Law ministered condemnation to us so we could see and understand that it is really we ourselves that condemn ourselves and so bring us to the empowered life.

As it is written, there is therefore no condemnation in Christ, to those who live not after the flesh but after the Spirit.

It is the perception of life based on the experience of this three dimensional world that provides the energy of Shame. Shame lodged deep in our cellular structure, shame from the infancy of our origin, our child-like interpretation of reality that formed the first thought of sin, the thought that there was something innately faulty about us that disabled us from pleasing our Source. Shame that drives us to become better… Shame that causes us to create an atmosphere of Law, Law that says… I will do better to morrow. I will please God; I will do all his commandments, fill all his expectations and so please him. That spirit of Law that has worked in our members from the beginning. Self effort to improve what needs no improving, just unfolding, that spirit of law so important in everyone’s experience is the pathway to Christ, the anointed, the empowered life; the life that acknowledges that in the essence of us we are bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh. We are pleasing to the Source because we are its seed; we are its offspring, its own essence and life. That is the truth we acknowledge, the truth Jesus showed all creation; when we say:

There is therefore no condemnation in Christ Jesus.  Rokus

Dear Readers:

Thank you again… those that are still reading. I have finished what I believe is the most difficult part of THOR. A summary of the first 35 emails follows. Our next series of emails should be very exciting; a whole new awareness of who Jesus is and why he came to a small planet on the periphery of a small Galaxy, the Milky way.

Again… any reaction to my writings is greatly appreciatedRokus

Dear Friends: Email 35: A Summary The Source never condemned us… we did

It is time for a synopsis, an overview to check our progress in developing a new Theory of Reality.

I am very satisfied, from the responses and discussions prompted by these writings that our old programming is being scrambled. The debris is definitely floating to the surface, ideas and perceptions that just do not work in helping us understand who we are and why we have come.

Chronologically we began with observations and conclusions abut this physical realm, about it being a place where eternal, invisible things can be seen to be understood. We then used that principle to begin investigating those eternal things. Here follows a sequential series of thoughts concerning a new theory of reality.

Firstly: All of what we consciously experience of ourselves began with a desire in the Source. That desire is reflected in all creation… the desire to produce after ones kind. It is the desire of the Source to experience the Love that the Source is and so to know itself in a way that could not be in the Oneness alone. This is the desire that required that AN OTHER ONE begin to form. This is the beginning of duality we call it the journey of separationWe say…the Source itself initiated the journey of separation.

Secondly: So the ONE bought forth out of itself the MANY… the Many that made up the WORD, the expression. As they were brought forth the Source blessed its own God-Seeds blessed them unconditionally to go forth, create identity, create journey of consciousness in pure joy and freedom. This is how you and I were conceived… this is our eternal mission to fill the desire of the Source, the Father of all.

Thirdly: In our conceiving we became as children, innocent, without experience or knowledge only feeling the desire of the Source and its total unreserved unconditional Love. As we began to try to respond to this Love, among our first thoughts there came a thought, a questionwe wondered…what if I cannot meet the desire of the source. What if I cannot meet its expectation of me? So is it that Sin was formed, it came out of the very formation of our own consciousness… we were the creators of it; a necessary by-product of our creativity; a goad to press us on.

Fourthly: As sin was formed in our earliest formative thoughts it turned our attention inward and we learned a wholly new experience, one we have learned to excel in we questioned our own worth of being… we created awareness of shame.

Fifthly: As worlds of consciousness were created and we unfolded in this Journey of Separation into ever increasing density of form we learned the process of forming Identity. As we did we needed greater measures of organization and control. Civilizations, worlds, came and went and the questions became increasingly insistent for answers. Love and Control seeming opposites pressed the journey on. To answer the deepest questions of our existence, sin, shame and the reasons for them, the Elohim agreed to create this physical realm and then lowered themselves into this realm in Human form.

Sixthly: The creation account of Adam is our story of being lowered into physical form. Light beings lowering their vibrational frequency. As in the beginning of consciousness there were two main elements working, separation…seen in the male and female and shame, the motivating principle that drove us into this biological clothing, our humanity. The great prize for which we came was the knowing and the understanding of our Journey the revealing to us of the Father’s heart.

Seventh: As shame, our sense of un-worth; shame, the result of our thoughts of separation and sin, were translated into acts we began to experience a whole new level of shame… Guilt. Guilt caused by acts motivated by shame. There was no way for us to understand Guilt and its mother shame nor was there a way for us to understand that these two were based on presumptions and false images that we created in our minds about an infinitely loving and accepting Source. To make the experience of Sin, shame and Guilt real, legal and tangible… the Law was added. A people were formed, called out, formed as a nation to marry the YHWH of Israel a covenant of Law, of performance, of conditions, requirements, and conditions. This Law gave a legal definition to sin and hence guilt. For the first time we understood how guilt is created in us failure to perform an agreed contract; and the death that results from it separation.

Eighth: The door is now open. The lowering is complete. Sin, shame and guilt are experienced in a valid setting of Law and punishment created from agreement. The way is now open for us to begin to understand the fundamental truth of our existence. Sin and guilt and its result… condemnation and death are all the result of our own mind they were never imputed by the Source.

The time of Law prevailed upon Israel until 2000 years ago when the Light of All Light appeared as Jesus the Messiah of Israel, to redeem them from the curse of the Law which they suffered for all creation.

Even though the Law had come… its lessons could not be understood for the curse was still upon his people. We are ready to open the greatest chapter of the human story the coming of the Son of Man. Yahshuah… Jesus of Nazareth. We will do so in the next series of emails… Rokus






























A NEW THEORY OF REALITY [Rokus den Hartog] March 2006          1


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