A year ago the Lord began to speak to me that we were yet as Abraham, walking the length and the breadth of the Promised Land, searching it out, but not yet possessing that spiritual realm of our inheritance. He dealt with our hearts to move to Summerland and to leave behind and to dispose of many things that we have carried with us for a number of years. “Be not encumbered (weighted down) with many things” seemed to be our “watchword.

He told us, “I will thoroughly loose the hold of material things upon My people. Worldly expectations shall pass from them as I bring upon their spirits that house that is from above, even that house not made with hands. It is the security of your life that I am asking you to yield to Me!”

This past year we have rented houses for only six months at a time, and when March came around, we were very weary at the thought of another move when the owners would return from Phoenix. It was a comfort to hear from many members of the Body who were also being dealt with in moving and in the stripping-down of their belongings.

Whenever I would ponder in my heart what our next move might be, I was aware of two things. First, I “saw” an outline of a composite dwelling, one made up of a number of distinct parts. I understood that it spoke of the Lord’s Body. He said, “In this Day, My Body shall become one. In the wilderness, I took My remnant people into solitary places where they would learn to hear My Voice and to walk alone with Me. Now I am bringing them together again, for I am one Body and one Bread, and so shall My people move as one. So shall it be in this new Land — not a solitary moving, but a moving by My Body as I lead each part by My Urim and Thummim within.

“My people are being removed from the security of their hiddenness and are being brought into the light so that they shall be known as the Lord’s brethren. Even as each of you is struggling with leaving your hidden-away places to dwell among the people, so do My Own struggle with their being revealed in this day. Comfortable places are being removed from My people, for My salt must go forth to savor a cold and dying world.

I have brought My firstfruits sons out of their cold, dark winter into the warmth and light of the brightest time of the sun — even My appearing within them. Rejoice in this and know that summer abides within this people because the coldness of death has been conquered, even by dying to its influence over the life. Prepare to be thrust into the sea of humanity, O My sons, for it is for their sakes that I have brought thee forth!”

The second thing the Lord kept bringing before me was the meaning of the name of Penticton, a city nine miles away from Summerland. It is an Indian name that means: “a place to stay forever.” On every hand, I am hearing from the people: “The Lord is saying, ‘Come home.’ “The Lord reminded me, “Have I not been telling My children to ‘come home?’ “

“It is the entering-in of My people into their true home and dwelling-place in the Bosom of the Father. Mine Own must not be turned to left or right but keep steady-on unto the goal of the nature of their Father in the place of His full light.”

Where is our true home? One saint shared this word, “All is well. We are heading home to the Father.” Just as believers have different “images” in their minds as to what God is like, they also have different concepts of what “home” means. To some, it means ‘a cabin over yonder’ after they die and leave this world. But, to the remnant company who have died to self, it is a place in the Bosom of the Father where not only is He in them, but they are in Him.

Jesus cried with longing, “Father, I will that they also, whom Thou hast given me, be with Me where I am…” Where was Jesus? Well, His feet were still upon this solid earth, but in His Spirit he was always abiding in the Bosom of the Father- always knowing His Heart and His will. That is the place He has longed for us to come — to abide there, for it is a place to live forever/”

Recently, I’ve been thinking of the four restaurants that Deanna Paulat was shown in a dream some years ago. I remember being shocked to hear of a “fourth” place, for we are used to hearing of only three entrances in the figure of the temple. As I was pondering what this “fourth” could be, I heard the Spirit of the Lord say, “Coming unto that place (of the Mercy Seat — Step Three), and being that thing (Step Four).

In each of the gates or veils through which we pass-from Passover to Pentecost to Tabernacles, we pass through a progression of spiritual growth. The light in each court reveals to us what there is for us to possess in each realm. When we come into the third dimension, of Tabernacles, of the Holiest of All, we not only enter in, we become that which we behold in the Shekinah Glory of that realm! We behold the Mercy Seat of God, and the glory of His presence shining upon our hearts causes us to become God’s “mercy-ers” that we might “mercy” all men on God’s behalf and declare unto them, “Be ye reconciled to God.”

This is a “coming-home”, of abiding in a place in God from which we shall not come out. It is “a place to live forever” — a return to “the Bosom of the Father-” We become His mercy-seat unto the world!

I John 2~2 says, “… He is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.” The Greek word translated “propitiation” also has the meaning of “an atoning victim, or specifically, the lid of the Ark (in the Temple): —mercy seat. He is the “Mercy Seat” for our sins, and in His nature, we shall learn “For those whose sins you forgive, they are forgiven; for those whose sins you retain, they are retained” John 20:23.

This must be a most important doctrine, for it was the first instruction that Jesus gave to His disciples after He was raised from the dead and breathed upon them the Holy Ghost. You would expect that every church would teach this principle as its greatest foundational pillar of truth. Such is not the case, for they do not perceive the nature of the Lord and cannot be “mercy-ers”. It is only “mercy-ers” who can receive that gold block of the nature of God and become a part of the gold of the Mercy Seat.

The Spirit spoke once again to my waiting heart, “My Light arising within you shall cause you to ‘come home’ unto My Bosom, to be one with Me as I intended from the beginning of the creation of man. Sin has been but an interlude in time — it is not the sum of the whole matter. I have ‘sealed up the sum’ and it is the desire of My Heart when I first spoke: ‘Let us make man in our image and after our likeness.’ This was and is My purpose for My creation and nothing in time has the power to thwart My will, or keep it from coming to pass. Rest in this, for it is the Truth, for I am the Truth!’




















A PLACE TO LIVE FOREVER [Elaine Cook]          1


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