JUNE 12, 2007

Seeing through the eyes of good and evil has brought mankind into a realm of duality and conflict.  Peace can only come as we fix our focus on the single spiritual eye of truth.  Truth being as it is in the mind of God.  In Genesis we hear from this mind as it looks at creation and proclaims, “all is very good.”  Those words in Genesis give us a glimpse through the single spiritual eye of our Creator.  Is it possible that we too can begin to see through this single eye?  The Bible states, if the eye be single the whole body will be full of light. 

Transformation life and illumination will not come by accusing others who may seem to believe differently than ourselves.  It will not come by pointing the finger of judgment and correction.  Transformation life will only become manifested through seeing humanity, and all of creation through a single spiritual eye of peace and harmony!  It can only arrive as we come up higher and see the whole picture from a perspective far above the present arrangement. 

A heart fixed on duality can never be at peace.  Peace comes as we focus on the present moment of life and know ALL IS WELL!  It is when we learn to see God everywhere and in everything!  When we no longer see “good and evil,” or have conflict, condemnation, judgment, or accusation towards our brothers and sisters, we begin to see through a single spiritual eye.  It is then peace can become our reality.  Our desire is then to live in harmony with all, we stop being offended, we no longer have a victim mentality, and we cherish the beauty of true forgiveness and mercy.  It is in this consciousness we embrace the character of our Father.  We speak like him, act like him, and do as he does.  We become the manifestation of him who is invisible!  We become the form for the One who has no form.

It is here our eye becomes single.  It is here we send forth thoughts of love, peace, and light to all humanity. In this place we know He is the “Father of Lights, and we have incarnated as a light to the world!  It is this light which is able to dispel all darkness from the consciousness of mankind.

What will it take for us to walk in the power of world altering, transformation God-life?  A single spiritual eye! For when our eye be single, our whole body will be full of light.  This light body will emanate through our universe and manifest the glory of God and the truth of our oneness!


















A SINGLE SPIRITUAL EYE [Mary Lou Houllis] 6-12-07          1


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