If you are resisting the thought that fasting is important as a meaningful vehicle toward acquiring healing power to help others and receiving spiritual healing for you, consider this important point: You are resisting it because you have a mental block toward it. Asking why you have the mental block is a circular question, that is, it is a question that will have you running around in circles in your mind …never receiving wisdom from the SOURCE.

This man knew the power of fasting can move a giant obstacle.

You can find all kinds of educational information about fasting, including its health and healing benefits from any number of resources. If you are considering fasting as a means to have a breakthrough in the realm of healing power and spiritual healing, and its necessary companion, which is results-getting prayer …meaning prayer that increases faith for being able to do the seemingly impossible – you know, those things which we tend to think of as miraculous or supernatural – and which Jesus promised you’d be able to do if you believe enough, NOW HEAR THIS: These educational resources for gaining knowledge about fasting will lead you to even more circular thinking …leading nowhere, at least as regards to the subject at hand, that is, healing power and spiritual healing.

Fact: Some people have been healed of any number of debilitating and supposedly incurable diseases simply in, and apparently by, the process of fasting. I say apparently because fasting wasn’t what healed them!

What brought about their healing was the commitment, an act of faith, yeah, doing something to get closer to the SOURCE (“God,” if you prefer) of everything. In other words, fasting, to quote Ryan Bruce on a recent podcast [Podcast 8 Seven Secrets Pt 4 – B ] is an effective tool for spiritual growth, “I don’t know why,” he said, I only know that it works.”

Here is a Brad Cullenism: Like so many other seemingly “good” things, fasting, if it doesn’t lead us to and connect us with the SOURCE (by whatever other title or name) is (ultimately) worthless.

Back to the health benefits of fasting: I have seen many people get their healing, seemingly as a result of fasting. Do not get caught up in any health benefit, including weight-loss as the reason for fasting …accept health benefits as secondary, an “add-on,” so to speak, NOT the primary reason for fasting (period).

If you want Jesus to be your example, consider the obvious reason for his forty-day fast and his continued fast of “I have food about which you know nothing.” Here is the reason and please make note:  Jesus fasted to overcome any and all dependence upon physical things, because Satan has ruler-ship over the physical realm, including food, sex and booze. Satan is the “god” of this world – and the one thing that has helped many of us, more than any other, to break free from his dominion over our lives, is fasting.

It has also given us the faith to effectively say “take a hike” to his helpers …and they go.

That’s it, Wow! Thank YOU, Dad!

Now then, if you want some general rules of safety and health that will protect you from the so-called dangers of fasting – write me for specifics for YOUR situation or, better yet, go direct. Need help with going directly to SOURCE? Write either of us for our suggestions – hopefully they’ll be helpful, albeit second hand:



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