AUGUST 17, 2012

“Until they understand who and what they are commanding they will resist the message. Until they understand when and what to ask they will resist the message.”

I knew immediately what I was being told. We’ve been given authority over all manner and sorts of obstacles that keep us bound in a religious stupor …and, like it not begging “God” (BWOTON), to do something, if it “be his will” is not using the authority we’ve been given. That’s part of the misconception.

Last night, around 11:00 p.m., I decided to take one last peek at my inbox, and this was sitting there waiting for me:

Hi Brad…

I’ve known for a long time that the so called “subconscious” is a problem, and when the master said “Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted shall be rooted up” I have always taken that to mean the impressions that were in our subconscious from birth on, that he spoke of that are the noxious weeds that often impede our progress.

It is common knowledge, among the more spiritually advanced, that whatever any problem there is that stands in our way, Spirit will reveal the path for me to take concerning its eradication.

The “way” will vary of course according to each individual as Spirit will, in each instance; guide each of us in the way we must go concerning the eliminating of anything that “appears” to stand in our way.

Your message is very good in that it allows the young to consider that the “enemy” is within, {it is never anywhere else} and should send them to the Father to reveal a course of action that’s right for them.

I appreciate you because the cutting edge of all your messages is the same as John taught when he said, ”Ye have an anointing and ye know all things”…

In other words, you messages point to the only source of where the answers we need are found, nowhere but within our very being.


You may not agree with the man that my “messages are cutting edge and the same as John taught,” but my response was, in effect, to thank him for the encouragement …since the flavor of many e-mails yesterday was hardly that. In fact it could be said that some were more to the point of shooting the messenger.

I went to bed with the question, “How come he gets what I’m saying and so many miss it?” Just before I drifted off I remember thinking, “Oh well, let them who have ears hear” …abruptly I heard a very gentle, “take responsibility.”

I knew that meant not to take responsibility for everyone who refuses to hear, but for the message I deliver. Okay, how do I do that? Knowing the answer would come.

Sure enough, just shy of 5:00 a.m., I was awakened with what became the title above. “Address the Misconception.”

I’m sure that most of you are already way ahead of me, here, but the misconception has to do with how we’ve been programmed in our subconscious by religious teaching about the need for reverence and obeisance in any “praying” that we may do.

Like it or not (to those of you who point out my proclivity towards being redundant), engaging in the use of the authority we’ve been given when, for example, the need to get rid of something that is plaguing somebody, is NOT wrenching our hands and saying, “Oh God, if it be thy will, do something about this.”

The time to “ask” just what is the “will” …meaning the desires and purposes of our SPIRIT-PARENT …is before we use our authority; and if we don’t have clarity as to what the “higher purpose” (higher, that is, than our feelings), that’s the time to demand and command all the resistance in both the conscious and subconscious parts of our brains to get out of the way and for both the subconscious and conscious to be in total submission to SPIRIT …and keep commanding and demanding until we have CLARITY.

CLUE: When we demand and command things to happen and they don’t it almost always means we haven’t asked if we should even be involved – and further have not commanded and demanded to hear clearly so that we KNOW.

That’s the authority we’ve been given. USE IT! It is very clear that “God” wants us to have the kind of “faith” that removes obstacles. Don’t ask for it …it has already been given – demand and command all the religious obstacles and resistance, in the brains of these body bags we occupy, to get out of the way UNTIL we are able to exercise REAL faith.

That’s the message I was given this morning. Take it or leave it, your choice.
































ADDRESS the MISCONCEPTION [Brad Cullen] 08-17-12         1


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