II Corinthians 3 tells us that there are two kinds of glory. One is of Moses and the law, which is surpassed by a second, greater glory in Christ. The glory is from one glory (death) of Moses' ministry to the glory (life) of Christ. (II Corinthians 4:9-10) Paul talks of carrying in his body the death of Jesus. This death was a death to sin, not by sin. so he could also manifest the life in Christ. Without being dead to sin, there will always be sin to hinder and contaminate the truth witness. We have been raised with Jesus. There is only one resurrection and it is Christ Jesus himself (vs. 14). The experience to some is life and to others it is judgment.


(John 5:28-29) This judgment is given to the son of man. The judgment is because of Jesus coming through the identity with man to a generation in spirit as a son. The judgment of Christ Jesus and the Lord's Christ (anointed) is not of good and evil - that is the Law of Moses. In Christ, it is the judgment of the quick and the dead. 


(Acts 10-42 and I Peter 4-5) The coming of God's son brought light in which judgment comes to the world. When one has received the Holy Spirit, the mission is to teach spiritual understanding, which is light. This light, or spiritual understanding, is judgment, and it comes to those in darkness lacking light.


(John 16-8-11) The seat of Christ's judgment is in the earth now. This light, when shared in the Ecclesia, is present judgment in the body and to the world. As stated, it is not of good and evil, but of life and death. This is determination, which is void of condemnation. If our hearts condemn us, God is greater than our hearts. 


[I John 3:20-22) Know you not that the saints will judge the world and each other? (I Corinthians 5:12) This is present, not future.  If God has an adversary, he created one. It seems this word 'adversary" is represented as singular (for the most part) in the scriptures. How did God create an adversary or an adverse condition? God is spirit. Material creation is unlike spirit and life, thus needing judgment. This becomes an adversary in those that witness of life with clouded knowledge. How did God create all things? Was it through Christ Jesus the man? Was it Jesus as the son? Or as man? Or neither?


"The word was with God. The word was God. Sanctify them in thy truth. Thy word is truth." Jesus said. "I am the truth." Being the word of truth, all things were created through him, by him, and for him. The word is God. The creation (things visible and not visible) is a manifestation of the word of God. When we receive Christ Jesus we receive the word, the son, and God who fathered all. In spiritual realization, we can perceive how our old "I," "me." "self," and mind of flesh, which dwells in that realm, is an adversary of God (God being spirit). In this realm, what is seen of creation comes to the soul through the flesh and opposes the spirit. It opposes the word and God. Jesus came to bring light to that realm of darkness, sin, and ignorance. For flesh man, this is all he can be. To receive the word of God, in the spirit in which it is given, changes everything. It changes the invisible and spiritual perception in us. Faith now is anchored beyond the veil on man's heart, raised from creation to creator, and from flesh to spirit.


The Law of Moses and the message of Christ Jesus do not oppose each other. Moses spoke of Jesus to come. The law has righteous demands, which Christ of the penalty and the curse of the law? Jesus also is a fulfillment of the penalty and the curse. Yet, Paul writes of those who are yet subject to Moses* law and are under the curse of the law (Galatians 3:10).


The Law of Moses came as a writing on stone. In anger, Moses cast down and broke the plates on which the message was written. God instructed Moses to go through the process again. This second giving was put unbroken into the holy of holies. Eventually all was lost - the stones and the temple. Deuteronomy means the second giving of the law. Christ Jesus brings to us the spirit of the law. It is the same law revealed now as complete and fulfilled in a spirit. The flesh was a problem and remains so.


The spirit fulfilling the righteous demands of the law is given to believers in Christ Jesus The first command of the law is to have no other Gods. "Hear, oh Israel (Yahweh), your God is one God (Elohim)." God may, of his own choosing, have many manifestations to man, yet man arrives at many diverse ideas of God and of who God is. God is love. He also a consuming fire. We read that God is a jealous God. Some believe God to be three parts - a trinity of Gods. God said, I am that I am." That is to say, that he is what he is, and he will not change because of man's ideas about who or what he is.


To take only one of these manifestations of God, to make a doctrine of it. and to put everything else under the context of this one doctrine is something that is happening today in a lot of places. To accept only one portion of the manifestation of God is wrong. H shuts the door on really understanding everything from death to judgment to life It's very difficult to change the ideas that people have about God being just good, evil, or he's a trinity, or that God is jealous. They base everything they minister on this idea of who they think God is.


Christ is the escape from the judgment, of man's ideas about God, about who he is, and what he will do. Yet, man continues in his own ideas of who God is – looking only at the manifestation or the letter of the scripture. There's no doubt the death penalty was in order in Israel. The penalty of transgressing the law of Moses on the basis of two or more witnesses could result in physical death. They had stoning as the death procedure. The spint of the law brought spiritual death, however, mankind was ignorant of this until Christ Jesus brought the news that death was spiritual and death of the flesh was symbolic.


The religious Jews would not receive the testimony of Jesus. He entered the synagogue and read from Isaiah. "The spirit of the Lord is on me, of which he anoints me to bring the word to the poor." This part of what he read identified him with being the Messiah, or the anointed one. Of course, the Jews had a lot of problem with this because they looked at him as if he were any other man. "This day," he said, "it is fulfilled in your ears (only)." In spite of all Jesus did, the Jews yet hoped for the Messiah to come.


Today, the religious system holds the same hope. They obstruct the coming of Christ in his kingdom. They keep men in bondage to the false idea that physical death is a passage to heaven, not realizing that Christ and his kingdom are accessed now in one spirit As long as Christ was on earth, he was seen as God’s presence. In the Old Testament, it was the temple that represented the presence of God. Now, God was in this temple of day. Today, the religious hope is for him to return in his body and bring the kingdom. They've missed the reality of his spirit returning to those who believe.


Now they have become an adversary to the truth of his presence in spirit. So, we even might say that the goodness of God's providence has made men his enemy because they don’t believe.


This religious system fights the ideas that Jesus finished the work, delivered man from sin, and brought life. They remain under Moses* law confessing adamantly to be sinners. They prove this to be true in themselves, confessing they are sinners. Through the law is the knowledge of sin. Through Christ we know freedom from sin and from Moses' law. Those who confess to be sinners are still hearing the judgment of Moses law and are still under the curse of the law.


There was, and is, from the time of Adam, a voice that came to man. The word is as God said. Today, if one should teach that the testimony of the word tells us that we are born of incorruptible seed. We are a new creation in Christ Jesus, and we are born of the spirit, what they answer is, "Has God said?"


Jesus has been called a pattern son. He came into the earth as the word made flesh. He went to the baptism of repentance. He was anointed and began a ministry. Man rejected him - all men being sinners at the time. The religious persecuted him, and they, in partnership with the world, put him to death. Could it be the same fate awaits those who witness truth as he did? This. of course, is members and not a single individual. Yet, the reality of what happened to the man Jesus was. and is, spirits of the adversary in man. They oppose the spirit of God in Jesus. If the rulers of this world had known the wisdom of God, they would not have crucified their Lord of glory. This goes on today. This spirit of truth is rejected and discarded by the same spirits of darkness in men, in the world, and in the religious system.


Consider what I say and may the Lord give you understanding.


ADVERSARIES [Lloyd Ellefson] Feb. 2004        2

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