Jesus came as the rock of realization of God and man and evil spirits. He did not jump and yell or speak of the ecstasy of God’s unspeakable presence. He did not speak of the overwhelming grandeur of God’s presence, or his Sonship in emotional outbursts. He was sober and his words were faith, fact and truth... a message of death and life. Today many writers bring forth emotional statements of their ideas of God’s presence and power. Far removed from the reality of experience. God is not impressed. In the truth of being, man has sickness, money and family problems, among other facts of this life. None of these things are the critical issue in life. It is the reports about God that are escalated to the point of hypocrisy. 


To receive Christ one must acknowledge death. Just to admit to sin is not enough. Why would Jesus say he came into the world to give life to man if they had life? If one receives life where does death go? I came into this world to bear witness to truth. When Jesus said this he knew they had scriptures. Is he saying man had no truth? What happens to the lie when truth comes? Man has been deceived to believe he has life. He is physically harboring a sense of being he takes as truth he is alive. Where does this delusion go when Christ is received? Jesus did not destroy this ignorance on the cross. This is only removed in the reception of the offer of Gods son. Then life ends death and truth ends the lie… only in him. This is not by any means something that is meant for man to receive in the flesh. Man must receive life to have an ear to hear the spirit. Then and only then are the heavens opened to the believer. 


Belief and faith will cause one to believe that Christ finished all that the father sent him to accomplish. The figure of Jesus and the believer seated in heaven is one of rest. Come to me Jesus said and you will find rest. The rest is only in God and the son. The spoken word of God is unfolding all that God purposed. It has come in the word made flesh. (John 3:31)  He who comes from above is above all. He who is of the earth speaks of the earth. What is birthed in man’s mind are images which is a limited ability and is not reality. He sees heavens as sky and earth as ground. He sees God sitting on a throne and Jesus as a person at his right hand. He sees heaven with mansions, Jerusalem as a city with golden streets. He will see the kingdom as Gods government set up to rule this earth. He will see hell as a lake of fire and eternal torments and angels with wings. He will see man and Jesus with a flesh body. He will see the millennium as a thousand years. He will see the cross as a literal sacrifice. To the believer all things have become new. To others there is a waiting for God to send Jesus to undo the evil in this world… maybe revival, or a powerful sons company. Jesus has come the second time in a kingdom not seen by man… not to deal with sin. That is accomplished. 


Christ Jesus is the way to the father, not to bring the man Jesus back to the earth. My kingdom is not of this world (heaven - earth - sea). In saying this, he denied he had any intentions of ruling this world of earth and its heavens. Rejoice-why not beg and plead? What’s done in Christ’s overcoming this world is done. We can rejoice for we are one with him. His life is our life. Actually there is but one God and one life. This is not works or war; it comes to the believer as deliverance of what God has done in his son. Today is the day of salvation, an eternal day of the light in Gods son… a light that dispels the lie that is the deceptive ruling force of the kingdom of darkness. Light is the end of the evil rule, not an escape to heaven. Life and death both reside in the ignorance of mankind. 


When Christ is received there is no more longing for heaven. This proves that to be delusion. Christ is Gods providence for all mans bondage. Nothing further is needed.  This makes all things new. Jesus has finished dealing with sin. To continue to correct the sinner is futile. That man cannot but sin, there is no hope given for his survival - for he is dead. To save the soul is dead works. An awakening from the sleep of death is the one and only way to have Christ’s purpose fulfilled in anyone. It is life after death now. Then the body is become the tabernacle of God in the son. That is the one and only true purpose for this earthy body. The body is the lords. Present yourself to God as alive from the dead. Now. (Rom. 6:11-13)


ALL THINGS NEW [Lloyd Ellefson] 10-5-04       1

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