OCTOBER 16, 2012

The sky is falling, the sky is falling …the warning from an old Chicken Little fable and which, as we all know is a bit skewed, because “the sky” is an illusion made up of a variety of things, not the least of which is a perspective and perception based on human vision and its limitations and the sky isn’t in danger of “falling” in the “normal” way of looking at things.

To answer the title question simply and succinctly: Of course not. When and where I persist in maintaining a position is when people attempt to dissuade me from that position based on a seeming physical reality – two and two may well add up to four and, in that particular realm, two multiplied by two also makes four. When we use the formula that seems so obvious when measured by the numeral two and we hold to the outcome as a principle or a “truth” that applies to all numerals, the “truth” will quickly cause some interesting flaws.

Let’s see if I can convert my crazy-sounding “logic” into something that brings about some understanding. Two plus two equals four. Therefore, three plus three should also equal four. Well, somebody will argue, “that’s just plain nuts.” No argument from this quarter, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the fact that the sum of two plus two is four. The product of multiplying two by two is still four. If we carry that over logically, then three plus three equals six and using the same principle that the sum and the product must be the same as when using twos and, therefore, three times three equals six. Is that correct? Of course not! Anyone with a grade school education and a measured I.Q. of 90 knows that three times three equals nine, correct?

Because this example seems so ridiculous to those with an I.Q. of 90 and a 4th grade education, what’s the point? Rather than just say it, let’s illustrate it.

I grew up in a neighborhood in which a boy my age had a measured I.Q. that was below 60. Without depending upon which scale was applied …he had trouble with the basics.

Who’s the retard now?

Many of us in that neighborhood had newspaper home delivery routes; Leslie had a paper route also and he could handle the rigors of delivering the paper onto the porch or otherwise protected from the elements, but could not handle collections. His mom took care of that.

The route manager to which we had to report daily to get our papers was continually taking one or another of us aside to give a gentle reprimand and reminder that Leslie was retarded and we were not to tease him or call him stupid, though on occasion he certainly did stupidly annoying things.

I remember quite well that Leslie went to work for his uncle who owned a small chocolate-making kitchen with a retail store out front. Leslie worked in the back …something to do with stirring the chocolate in the large vats. That was when he was in his teens.

Fast-forward to my early thirties; I had occasion to visit my parents who still lived in the old neighborhood. As I parked the car at the curb, I noticed Leslie walking down the street toward me. I waited until he came close enough to say “Hi” to him. He remembered me and returned the greeting.

I asked him what he did for a living …he still worked for his uncle doing the same thing he had been doing for over fifteen years. Somehow the conversation turned to spiritual things. I was in for a total surprise …shock would be more descriptive. I don’t remember anything specific, but I kept the conversation going because it was so beautiful to listen to him.

I finally expressed my appreciation for what he was saying and what I was learning from it …I told him honestly that I was really surprised. His words were the shocker.

“Oh, you mean because I am a bit off – I understand,” he said gently as he looked upward and off to the side.

“Well, Les, I don’t know about that, I just know that you know God, and this has been an exciting conversation for me, thank you.”

“Kinda proves that Christ really does have the power to change things, doesn’t it. I mean I’m no smarter than I was when you knew me, but that doesn’t make any difference with God my Father.”

Here was a man who literally could not add two and two or multiply three times anything, but had been saying things that mesmerized me. We shook hands as I told him I had to get in to see my mom and dad, and it was a real treat to talk with him …he opened his arms for a hug and he cried as he said a simple thanks; me too.

My mom greeted me at the door and immediately became concerned, asking what was the matter; “…why are you crying?” I asked her if she had ever had the opportunity to talk to Leslie …and she quickly said, “Oh yes, isn’t he marvelous? …his mother and I have become friends over the years. She told me once that she was much happier with a feeble-minded child who knew God than the smartest boy in the world.”

I can’t prove this because I live 3000 miles away from the old neighborhood now and that incident took place fifty years ago, but I bet Leslie would easily comprehend some of the intricacies of the 4th dimension – that place I equate with the “kingdom of heaven,” a position so many religious reject; he doesn’t  because he would know that the place where two plus two doesn’t necessarily add up to four and that we can’t see with our physical eyes, is still where our SPIRIT-PARENT lives, rules and from whence Leslie received the LOVE he so beautifully and noticeably expressed.

What’s the point? If you don’t understand some of the crazy-seeming things I say, it may simply be a matter of holding onto “sacred” principles about which I could care less and about which you may want to consider bringing before the SOURCE to see if you should accept a broader view of things that don’t add up in your present perspective. Here’s the plea I’m making and that only makes sense when considered from a 4th Dimension perspective …BOTH views may be true rather than it’s gotta be this or that. I’m not saying you are wrong, but a few of you are certainly say I am wrong, am I? Well I’m certainly not always “right.”

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