JANUARY 6, 2006

As we become more intimate with our Heavenly Father, I also think we become more impatient with the things of the world.  For we find that the ways of this world are so much against His ways.  I truly believe that our very impatience is the strong indicator that we are in this world, but not of this world.  But the balance is – to continue walking in His love – when all around us seems like such nonsense.  For this allows the Christ in us opportunity to reach out, through us, to those that are brought across our path.

I continue to remind myself that I may be the only Christ someone may see this day… not that I AM Christ – and yet I am made in His likeness and image… but it is Him, present in me that does the work.  It is His choosing that He has determined to indwell me and make Himself manifest through me… not my idea.  But I do choose to walk in peace and agreement with what He is doing.  I am His dwelling place on this earth and I am only here because His has chosen it that way.  What a privilege to be in this present place!  I do so want others to be able to see, understand, and rejoice in this knowledge, too.  And my flesh gets pretty ‘ticked’ when I see others goofing off with no apparent awareness or understanding of what is really going on.  But, I’m not in control and the most I can do is remain available and grateful that – for a reason far beyond my own understanding – He has chosen this way of operating through we frail human beings. That truly is a mystery to me.

I believe that, without consciously being aware, we bring judgment wherever we are sent.  The people we come across may also have no conscious awareness of what is going on… but the Spirit of Truth in us is bringing accountability to the people and the systems we are brought in touch with.  Things must suddenly line up with the Truth – the person that resides within us.  He is changing the world and all that is in it, one step at a time, – as we are sent into the path of others.  It is that ordained encounter that presents the power for change.  Consequently, there is immediate warring going on – flesh against spirit – not a conscious thing on anyone’s part – not on our part – not on the part of the recipient – but just because it is not conscious, does not mean that it is not VERY REAL and that we are sensing the struggle!

I’m getting more and more comfortable with the fact that these kinds of spiritual battles are occurring and less and less disturbed with the opposition that raises up many times in the midst of the opportunity.  I do truly believe that this is the beginning of our “ruling and reigning” with Christ in this earth. 

I was recently invited to be a part of a Board of Directors for our local County Charitable Hospital.  I was voted in as that member at a recent meeting.  As this article is being written, I am awaiting the attendance of my first official Board Meeting.  I will be going forth with great anticipation to see what Father chooses to bring forth as His Divine Order in that organization – as His Perfect Plan and Appropriation and Utilization comes forth!  But I’m confident that the work He chooses to do will be unlike anything my mind can imagine…  for His ways are always so much higher than I can fathom.








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