JULY 7, 2004

The teaching of the Tabernacle of Moses is a “Graphic” that shows the spiritual Progression of Man – from the OUTER COURT [PASSOVER] – No roof [only natural light source – carnal thinking] – MAN having experienced an “awakening” – drawn out of the world by the Holy Spirit – thru water baptism, laying his life on the altar, receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and entering the HOLY PLACE [PENTECOST] – [only light source – 66 books of the Bible] – limited revelation – still a mixture of flesh and Spirit… and finally – through the Rent Veil into the HOLY of HOLIES, sitting between the Cherubim on the Mercy Seat next to God – on top of the Ark of the Covenant – in intimacy with God – no mediator necessary – nothing to prevent the total unity – flesh no longer in control – mind of Christ manifested – [only light source is LIGHT Himself] – purity – holiness – clear hearing – Wisdom – Knowledge – Understanding.

That Mercy Seat is the top covering on the ARK of the COVENANT.  Those two huge Cherubim on either end of the seat are facing one another.  When the Mercy Seat is opened, there are three things found inside of the ARK:  the tablets with the law written upon them, a CLAY JAR filled with MANNA, and Aaron’s Rod that budded.  What do you suppose all of this represents?

I see these three items preserved in the ARK as another “GRAPHIC” of MAN’S SPIRITUAL PROGRESSION.  The LAW was given to show man that he could not live by a set of rules – DO’s and DON’Ts… a vision of a cruel TASKMASTER just waiting to pounce on a man when he breaks a rule does not inspire him to greater things… but the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE from LOVE Himself – expressed in the sacrifice of sending HIS SON as our propitiation, draws us to Him – what kind of Father would make so great a sacrifice for ME?

Is the ultimate goal for MAN to enter the HOLY of HOLIES?  It’s the FINISHING SCHOOL of SPIRITUAL PROGRESS on this earth… – the REAL SEMINARY TRAINING and graduation [declaring you fit for service] occurs in the HOLY of HOLIES, but being FAT and HAPPY in your completion of your own spiritual growth is not the ultimate goal.  SERVICE is the ultimate GOAL… NOTICE:  I said SERVICE – not “WORKS.”  To enter SERVICE implies one is a SERVANT, wouldn’t you agree?  So that means he TAKES ORDERS – not RUNS THE SHOW!  Now he becomes that CLAY JAR filled with manna that is one of the three things hidden within the ARK OF THE COVENANT.

The manna implies that he is filled with everything that is necessary to sustain LIFE – all of which is supplied totally by the Father – nothing this servant has done to “earn” his LIFE PRODUCING POWER.  It is purely the result of being a “branch” attached to the “vine” and receiving the IMMORTAL SUPPLY DIRECTLY FROM THE GIVER OF LIFE.  Aaron’s ROD that BUDDED, the 3rd item inside of the ARK, is also a “GRAPHIC” –  of a SERVANT in SERVICE – a SERVANT carrying all of the POWER of LIFE within himself, being TOTALLY SUSTAINED and EMPOWERED by that INDWELLING force of LOVE Himself.

So what happens once man is brought through all of the phases of the TABERNACLE experience?  He is now in the HOLY of HOLIES and now he comes to a MAJOR TURNING POINT – he makes a 180 TURN AND goes back to the STARTING POINT – back to the OUTER COURT as a totally YIELDED VESSEL – just as JESUS was.  He, again, becomes “one of the crowd,” to the innocent observer.  But while he does not exhibit PRIDE or ARROGANCE in any degree, the TRUTH and LIFE and LIGHT that reside in his CLAY JAR now has a FULLY TRAINED, YIELDED, FILLED VESSEL – fit for the Master’s Service and the FATHER in this “GRADUATE,” through the CHRIST SPRIT, will CHANGE THE WORLD, one man at a time.  But only AS Father CHOOSES, AS Father EXHIBITS HIMSELF through this humble CLAY JAR that takes no credit for himself, that speaks only as FATHER speaks through him, that only ACTS as FATHER acts through him, that LIVES, MOVES, and has his BEING only as FATHER LIVES, MOVES and has HIS BEING through him.  It’s ALL the FATHER’S doing and nothing of the man.

When Jesus, as the risen CHRIST, was seated at the right hand of FATHER, He fulfilled His promise of “SENDING A COMFORTER.”  So, we are not left here to our own “devices” – though sometimes it might “feel” that way… we are never alone.  We are “awakened” from our dream state – thinking we are our own boss and having our own agenda.  We are “drawn” by the Spirit back to a “remembering” of whose we are, reunited with FATHER as the CLAY JAR, drawn from the OUTER COURT through all of HIS PROCESSINGS to the HOLY of HOLIES, and then returned to “the world,” as a totally “CHANGED SERVANT VESSEL” to FULFILL a particular PLAN and PURPOSE of GOD through our own lives.

























































AN OVERVIEW OF THE TABERNACLE OF MOSES [Sunny Orly Coffman] 7-7-04           1


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