JANUARY 8, 2008

This is a page from my personal Journal today.  It is about a phone call received in the Lighthouse Library Office this morning!  What a privilege to be “on my post” for such a time as this: 


A.MARK– A young man in a hotel room in ALABAMA had been sent to our LHL Website by Holy Spirit and he had been directed to read the article I wrote in 2001 about WATER BAPTISM.  As I’m typing this, I’m having the thought that probably he did a Google Search and was directed right to that document. [I later went to Google and discovered that the document is not shown on the first ten pages of Google’s Search Engine when I plug in WATER BAPTISM.]  So, that’s even more exciting to me, knowing that the Holy Spirit somehow had to lead this young man right to the site and the document!  Awesome!

MARK began our conversation by telling me that he had walked away from God a few years ago and has now been re-directed back “on the path” with a sincere interest in wanting to know God in a much more personal way.  He told me where he was, and how he had a restless night last night because he knew God was dealing with him to be Water Baptized.  Then he was led to the LHL Website and “your testimony” and when he read about how God had directed me to be Baptized at a particular place, and a particular time… in spite of the fact that I had already been baptized more than once in my life.  He shared with me, “I had the thought last night before I got to sleep, that the huge Jacuzzi tub here in this hotel room might be a sufficient place to be baptized, if I only had someone to help me do it.” 

“Then after reading your article this morning, I had the thought… if I call this person, would she help me be obedient to getting baptized now and “here.” 

Of course I readily agreed to do all I could to help facilitate his obedience and he prepared himself to get into the Jacuzzi filled with water.  I’m just now realizing that he already had that tub filled and was ready to follow this path before he ever made the call… what clear direction he had and what quick response to obey.  God just loves that kind of instant desire to please Him.

It was about that time that my husband, ROGER joined me in the office, not knowing what was taking place on the other end of the telephone.  I quickly filled him in on the present event, asked MARK if it would be alright for my husband to join us in this wonderful moment in his life and he readily agreed.  So, I turned on the speaker phone and both of us prayed with MARK as he made himself ready and entered the water.  He spoke his profession of faith in God and his total dependence upon God, asked for all of his past to be removed and to be made a new creature in CHRIST. 

When he came out of the water and dried himself and got into a warmer position, he was so excited because he testified that all of the things that had felt as weights upon him were now gone and he felt NEW, CLEAN, truly a very DIFFERENT MAN! 

We rejoiced with him, encouraged him in many ways, especially helping to redirect his thinking concerning all of the traveling he is doing in his work.  He said he is away from home at least 110 days out of each year.  But I shared with him that his steps were ordered and that his present job is providing one of the most valuable things he might not have available to him any other way – TIME ALONE WITH GOD… awesomely special time to HEAR GOD CLEARLY, to be directed in his next life ventures, and to have a whole lot of time for meditating on the positive things that can influence the rest of his life. 

We welcomed him into the Kingdom of God and explained to him that HE IS THE CHURCH… not a man in need of an organized church… but a man freed up to OBEY GOD and GOD ALONE… to be a vessel indwelled by the HOLY SPIRIT and empowered by God to walk out assignments in this realm and display God’s Power, as he is directed.

He had already demonstrated to me early in our conversation that he is already walking in a lot of knowledge of the Bible.  He and I were raised in the same denominational church background… one of the things that confirmed he was to call me when he read the article in my own folder of writings on Lighthouse Library, Int’l.  

We encouraged him to continue reading articles on our website and to feel free to call anytime and to feel free to stay with us anytime he is in the Dallas area, which he said does happen occasionally!  What an honor… what a privilege to be on My Post… an Anchor Line for another soul on the highway of life.  To be used to throw out a life line and reel in a new baby for the Kingdom… one drawn and prepared by the Holy Spirit of God!  Nothing could bring more joy! 

Our Father has shown us that we are entering into a season of great harvest… that many are being brought to an awareness of God they’ve never had before and that many on the highway of life are going to be looking for answers!  This was such an obvious manifestation of those things we’ve been shown!



ANCHOR LINE [Sunny Orly Coffman] 1-8-09          1


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