AUGUST 20, 2005

What if someone would ask us, “How are we doing with our walk of perfection? And, How close are we to the walk Jesus had in earth? Have we advanced or been processed to the point that we raise the dead or walk on water or calm the sea, or restore a withered arm? Their challenge might be to see Who We Are especially in knowing that the work is finished.

Come to think of it, the old man, being dead, has received no benefit from all that processing, has he? Therefore, no wonder! There must be a new manifest man, risen; come forth from the tomb. Now, this new man came forth whole, full of Glory, with all things under His feet. He, Being The Name whereby all men may participate in the promise, and Being The Earthly Manifestation of The Father. Come to think of it, there is no other name under the sun whereby all these things have come to pass. Not our names, but His Name. Not only His Nature, but His Authority and Reign of Righteousness; His Presence only; death having passed upon all men of the former world. His Glorious Presence has filled all in all, and has opened the doors of The Kingdom of God wide for all to see His Manifest Wholeness. He Is Come Forth As The New Creature; Manifest In Earth. There is none beside Him. There is not one ounce of power or manifestation outside of Him. This is the Truth of The Resurrection now laid wide for all to see. All the Glory belongs to The Father Who Is Manifest in The Only Begotten Son, The Dweller of This New Heaven and Earth.

And, flat on our faces we are, before His Awesome Presence As King and Sole Dweller; Lord and Christ Jesus Come In The Flesh; Come To Be Peace, Joy and Righteousness. He Has Appeared to end that which is in part, and to Be That Which Is Perfect. He has made Us One Man.

Now, of course, we may not see this, but nevertheless it is Truth. This Is The Day, Everlasting Day of The Lord. It Is His Appearing that has reconciled the world. It Is His Manifest Presence That Is The Substance of All Reality. It Is He, Manifest, Wonderful, Exquisite, and Beautiful In Father’s Eyes. He Is Father’s Life Revealed, and He Only Who Is Immortality Dwelling in the Light.

As we all know, there is no such thing as almost Holy or part Holy. And no such thing as growing into Holiness. Only The Father Is Holy, and He Is Come In Earth visible in The Face of Man. Once, in the end of the world He Hath appeared without sin full of righteousness, and we confess that He Is Come, Our Right to Exist or to Be. Holy Is The One Who Is risen; Pure and Undefiled by man or the world. His arm Is Righteous, His Face Is Righteous, and His Presence Is All Commanding. His Is The Christ Mind of All Men.

He Has swallowed up the old, and rung the bell of The New Day. Time is no more, for God’s Heart has melted into all. The waters are parted and the earth has crossed over into The Promised Land. What Is Your Report?

Peace is the order of this New Day as we see Jesus Come in the Crowds of Glory. We see The King’s Dominion.

I love You, I love You, I love You, You with The Face of Love”, is all that we can say. With tears of joy, we see His Shine upon our countenances. Surely this is the rapture as we meet face to face, His Face As Ours.

Salvation has sprouted her wings like a mother hen over her chicks, and we are awestruck by Grace.

This Perfection did not come by measure or by increments. It came forth right out of the grave in resurrection and dominion. It is written, “When He Shall Appear…….” This Is That Which Is Perfect, The Which has been denied by countless generations.

What is this, but the bowing of every knee to the blessed Holy Man – ifest King.

I see You Lord Jesus come in The Flesh.


We wrap our arms together with you.
















ANNOUNCING HIS APPEARANCE [Jim-Melba Crofford]  8-20-05        1


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