SEPTEMBER 11, 2008

I jump in my biggest anointed truck; the one with the giant bed and overload springs.  I back it up to the dock of Your Presence, and there I fill it to overflowing with your marvelous fullness.  Within the wonderful load may be found healing, of course, but it is overshadowed with abundant life, perfect health, and resurrection being.  “That’s OK with me”, I agree.  “Just fill’er up.”

Slowly I drive away so that the army of the Lord may follow along and dispense the goodness.  Such joy!  The beneficiaries are running along side touching and kissing the fenders of the truck; and why not?  It is the mighty Presence; the Kingly Domain, mercy without limits.  The vibrations of this Presence makes my truck ride like it is running on cobble stones.  Such a wonder!  The gates of Heaven are open.

Confirmations are all around as earth seems to recognize the harmony coming down the thoroughfare.  It’s like water flowing into water.  There is only one water, and it is everywhere.

This is the name above all names and heavens and substance; the base and completion of everything that exists; the signet of Our King being revealed in every atom.  Holy hearts see only Jesus having filled and washed with Himself, all creation. “To him that is pure, all things are pure.”

Now we drive along the golden highway sanctified unto Ever Present Glory; gifted with single eye.  We are the blessed redeemed, awakened to The Light and loaded with His Presence.  Such a overflowing load it is.

This is you, whether you know already are destined to know, for the Grace that He Is belongs to all.  When we were alienated and without hope Christ died for all.

Back your truck into the household of Father, God, and receive a goodly portion, for it is a free gift.
















ANOINTED GIANT TRUCK [Jim-Melba Crofford] 9-11-08          1


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