SEPTEMBER 10, 2005

Dear Precious Lamb, You will read that there is no remission of sin except for the shedding of blood. And in another place, you will read that Jesus shed His blood once for the remission of sin for all times.

You will know that sin is the reality of anything that is not our Father. Therefore, sin was taken away at the cross, and in the 5th Chapter of Romans, you will read that by this one act every man was restored to the Father, and also will read there, that Jesus much more abundantly restored more than was lost by Adam by that act.

Of course, the appearance world shows separation everywhere, but He is revealing the true world in this day. To be born again is to live above the appearance of any fallen creation, living in Him Who Is The Spirit. Know no man or anything but Spirit, which is the new creature and the new creation. We are called to keep a single eye, not looking to left or right, beholding His Face; knowing there is no other god or power outside of Him, and He is here to give that single eye to us.

We now back up from our former religious teachings, in particular to the teaching of good and evil which we were cautioned by God in Genesis to not partake . Now, we partake of the Tree of Life only which Is Jesus The Free Gift of Salvation Who said, ” I Am The Life.

As long as Moses is read, the shadow of the curse remains.

You will find in Colossians that Jesus is our free gift of infinite righteousness, and also you probably have read that God told Peter that what He hath cleansed, let no man call it unclean.

You will know Jesus is the end of all separation and that sin was simply thinking we were separate or lost. You will know that the 2000 years since the cross, men have not been able to believe Romans Chapter 5, and therefore are in a sense of antichrist not able to accept the free/free gift of perfect Life which Is Called Salvation, and Is Jesus Christ In You / Resurrection.

The Scroll is Jesus Christ Eternal Life unfolded now, today and every day forever in Jesus.

The Lamb’s Book of Life pertains to the unawakened (Whom God Loves also) He will never leave you nor forsake you.

However, every man will awaken in His Order, and none may awaken except He be drawn of the Father. It is His order, and His mercy extends forever.

Now, today is the day of mass resurrection or to say the acceptance of the resurrection that hung on the cross. Jesus described this day when He said On the third day, I will arise”, or in another place, “I will be made perfect.”

All men died with Him at the cross, and all men were made alive at His resurrection. He now is doing for us what men in part have been trying to do for 2000 years. Men cannot move one finger toward God. However, The Lord Jesus Christ within is awakening us to the magnificent Life Which He Is. (He Is The Only Life There Is. There is no life other or outside of His Life.) He Is moving on our behalf and revealing His wonderful Grace, and revealing Who We Are In Him. He is doing it in us and as us. It is the time now to be part of the everlasting praises around the throne for He Is Come In Our Flesh; quickened and alive; manifest in His Fullness. Suddenly He Has appeared without sin unto the day of redemption. He is here, our righteousness known as Grace.

We have a new spiritual attitude: All men are covered by the blood of the Lamb without exception, and salvation does not depend on men, but Jesus Christ In Them. He was lifted up on the cross, and He will and has drawn all men unto Himself. We know no man after the former old self, or after the flesh, but as God knows them. He sees us Perfect as He sees only The Only Begotten Son. We are ultimate mercy as we see them as ourselves.

Fear does not enter in to this marvelous day of the Kingdom of God In Us. “Be not afraid. For God so loved the world “Whosoever believeth in Him speaks of Jesus Christ within, Who cannot deny His Own Existence in man

He came to seek and to save that which was lost, and He finished the work at the cross. Now He is come to reveal what that work has been and is.

I love you dear reader,





















































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