MARCH 2004

This article is written to encourage and uplift the Sons of God… that we may present to the Body of Christ the true significance of a closer walk with God.

First, I would like to define the world Anticipate – the root word to Anticipation:

  1. To realize before hand.  2.  To expect.  3.  To be sure of.  4.  To think, act, or feel an emotional response in advance.  Example:  I feel God is about to bring forth in this season – all the promises He has made to us all. 

A newly born baby has a built-in hunger… a desire for natural food that will sustain his natural life.  A person that has been spiritually “born anew” – has had a personal awakening – also has a great desire to be fed… but the food that he desires is that which will sustain him in the spiritual realm… most especially a great desire to experience an intimate, personal relationship with his Heavenly Father.

Some have sought to satisfy this hunger by partaking of religious teachings available in many of the organized churches.  So many are feeding on the traditions of men, religious rules and regulations formulated to make man “acceptable” by God – carnal teachings that have no life in them.  Only a life-giving word spoken or empowered by Abba Father will produce spiritual growth.  Other words may sound pleasant to the natural ear, but without the anointing or unction of the Spirit of God… they are just more of man’s ideas and religious doctrines and will never nourish the spiritual man.

God is stripping those that are called to His leadership in this season… He is filling them with Revelation Knowledge of Him, satisfying them with an intimate relationship with Him, removing all of the hypocrisy and duality, and giving them clear vision that they may walk as Christ walked on this earth – speaking and living the same thing! 

Father is also filling these Sons of God – those that are totally led by the Spirit of God – with the discernment only He can give… discernment to know when to speak and when to remain silent… purge of self to be used as vessels for the pouring out of His unconditional LOVE – the river of life flowing out from within.  Circumstances will not prevent the flow… man’s opinions have no power over this out-working of God in man.

Father is establishing a steadfast, immoveable company of believers that will only speak what they hear Him speak… that will only do what they are told by Holy Spirit to do… that will walk what they talk… and that will be a yielded channel of His abounding Love.  They are being fitted to manifest words and meditations that are fully acceptable to Him – the giver of LIFE, LIGHT, and LOVE. 

So, I encourage each of you to “rest” in the anticipation you are presently feeling – the expectations that rise up as you are shown deeper vistas in the spirit realm… and to “know” that only Father has the power to bring about His Will, His Plan and His Purposes.  But He has chosen to use just such vessels as us to pour Himself through to a hungry world.  How blessed we are… but we can do nothing until He gives us unction and anointing to go forth.  So be at peace and enjoy His “easy way and light yoke.”  He is going to accomplish ALL that He promised.  He’s the only one that can… that He might use any one of us in His Plan is the real mystery of His ages.






ANTICIPATION OF THE SONS OF GOD [Roger Dale Coffman, Sr.] March 2004          1


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