I just returned from the meetings at Gary Sigler’s, in North Carolina. I must say, this is the first meeting in quite some time that Father led me to attend.  And what a blessing it was. The speakers were Tony Salmon, Des Walters and Floyd Watson. There were others who shared with us and the FOOD of Father was wonderful.

Also, the big BBQ that was provided on the last day of the meetings was great. There was such a spirit of LOVE among everyone and it was HEAVENLY!! I FINALLY got to meet, not only these men who shared the Word with us, but also, some of the MOST PRECIOUS brothers and sisters that I had met online and what a blessing it was. I wish we ALL lived together!! (Of course we do in the Spirit, but it was a wonderful blessing to see these people, face to face.)

And I received a big surprise at these meetings. As you know, we are in the study of the Book of Genesis, and low and behold, the speakers were speaking out of that very book. I had not heard or read any of the speaker’s Word on this subject, so my attention was riveted, to say the least. Some of the Word, I have to put on a shelf, and allow Father to show me the truth or the error of what was spoken, and He will.  But, all in all, there was some wonderful Word brought forth.

I thank all that was there, and Gary and Carol Sigler and Father, for providing the opportunity to hear what was coming forth. There was Word for everyone, no matter what their present understanding is, or where they are at in their walk in Father’s Plan.

I had been invited by Victor and Donna Cintron, who live in Virginia. I drove to their home and then rode with them and their son, Jonathon, on to North Carolina. I thank them for their love.

When we returned home, (at the Cintron’s) the next morning I was sitting on their back patio, just spending time with Father. The following is what He revealed to me:

That morning, as I sit outside, just enjoying Father’s presence, while everyone else was still sleeping, He began speaking to me about SONSHIP. I know that we have all been hearing different realms of Sonship, but we all know that we ARE His Sons, and that is truly a blessing to each of us. But, Father began saying to me, “The Word of Sonship has fully, reached all.”

As most of you know, Father spoke a Word to my heart in Jan of 2003. He said, “The changing of the body will BEGIN this year.” I haven’t realized ALL that is a part of this changing of the body, but, what He has shown me, so far, is wonderful. We all know that Father sees His Plan finished! Through Father’s eyes there are NO FLAWS in His people. We know from the studies, so far, that when Father created the man, (Gen 1:26) that man, or mankind, was created in God’s image… pure, holy, and as a Spirit being. Father brought forth this man from HIS (God’s) very Being. And we have NEVER been separated from Him since then.

There are those who do believe that we have been separated from Father, from “the fall” to the coming of His Son, Jesus. And they quote all the scriptures about us being sinners, and guilty of all these kinds of things, that brought forth our separation from Him. But, it just isn’t true. It is simply a learning that we’re going through, and it is BY FATHER’S PLANNING!

First of all, we were and STILL ARE created out of Father’s very essence, His very Being. He NEVER changes and neither do we. Secondly, it was FATHER’S PLAN for us to be placed in this carnal setting that we are in now. (Rom 8:20).

This place that we were placed into is our classroom, if you will. We are in the process of doing EXACTLY as Father told us to do, in Gen 1:28. We are learning to take dominion of the earth, US, our fleshly earth. Would a loving father cut ties with a son for doing and learning the VERY THING that father placed his son in? When you send your child off to college, do you expect him to do ONLY what you taught him at home, or do you KNOW that he will encounter MANY things while he is away from home; and he will LEARN what is best for his welfare? If you found out that he learned something that YOU think he shouldn’t learn; would you cut ties with him? NO! Of course not. A wise parent would say, “He will learn from his mistakes, and I will lead and help him to learn.” It’s the same with Father. He didn’t condemn us, for being and doing what HE set us out to learn. A parent would NEVER cut ties with their child. There may come something, that the son gets caught up in, that might cause a “distance” between you and him; but you COULD NOT change the fact that he IS STILL YOUR SON!!  It’s the same with Father.

And just so there WOULD NOT be any separation between us from Father, HE made sure of it! He had the Lamb slain BEFORE HE placed us, His Son, in this carnal world. There was no “fall.”  FATHER SENT his son, mankind, out to learn. (Rom. 8:20) What did man have to learn? He was in the image of God; all he knew was God, so what could there possibly be that he had to learn? EVIL, CARNALITY, THE WORLD’S WAYS!! Why would Father WANT his son to learn these things? The answer is simple. TO TAKE DOMINION OF THEM!!

How could we have taken dominion of evil, when there was no evil in the Garden? And was the woman (our soul) so powerful that God didn’t’ take into account, what she would do and be like? Not hardly! We hear people say all the time, “NOTHING can happen WITHOUT GOD ALLOWING IT.” Yet, they think that the woman was so powerful, God didn’t plan it! And that she had more power over her man, than God did. Come on!! Our God is ALL POWERFUL, ALL KNOWING, and we think that HE didn’t know what was going to happen! Have you ever ask yourself, “why in the world would GOD CREATE EVIL?”  Simple, we didn’t know evil, in the Garden, so how could we have taken dominion of it?

God did not separate Himself from His son and no matter what we have done, said, or acted like; we have NEVER been separated from our very being, Father. How can you separate anything from your own being? It’s impossible, unless you kill it, but even then, a separation couldn’t take place.

You see, when Father planned for man to come to this carnal world, HE KNEW it would take something to stop a separation. And He provided it. THE LAMB WAS SLAIN BEFORE WE WERE EVER CREATED. GOD’S ATONEMENT FOR US WAS ALREADY PROVIDED!  AND WE “FELL” RIGHT INTO IT! IF THIS IS NOT TRUE, the slaying of the Lamb was FOR NOTHING! Yes, it did have to manifest on the earth, and it did, some 2000 years ago, but it was in place BEFORE the “fall.” (Rev 13:8) Meditate on this.

Now, while you are chewing on that, you can chew on the rest of this. And I promise you, IT WAS FATHER who showed me the revelation of what you’re going to read. Take it to HIM and allow Him to give you understanding of it.

Just as in the Garden, Father’s Will was done; and it is STILL being done. Our lesson to be learned, on the natural level, is for us to JUDGE what is not of Father’s Nature within us.  Then get rid of it, by the leading of the Holy Spirit.  This word “judge” simply means, “to make right what is wrong”.  This does not mean that we are to bring condemnation upon ourselves.

As Father shows us what needs to be gone from our minds, we are to follow the Spirit’s leading, to rid us of it. When this happens, or maybe I should say, AS this happens, the Spirit and the soul are united in agreement to Father’s Will. We, then, see FATHER in us. Also, as this happens, it is my belief that the changing of the body has started to take place. The more of the Father that is seen in us – the more atoms of our body change.

When the written Word speaks of the earth, it is speaking of our body. This is the “promised land” that we were promised, our earth, our land, or our BODY! This is where Father lives and has His Being, IN US. And understand, this can only happen as we follow the leading of the Spirit. The “man” (the Christ), in us IS wooing the woman and the more she is with Him, in His Presence, the more the change takes place. We have to experience it, because, in the Spirit, those ordained to swallow up death, it IS FINISHED in Father’s eyes and it IS taking place (progressively) in this realm.(as our minds change.)  As JESUS is the Pattern, He walked on the literal earth, but His Head (mind or heart) was in the heavenlies. Pattern means, we are to walk into what He showed us. And to KNOW this experience, we MUST EXPERIENCE it. We know nothing, if we don’t experience that thing. And just as the “Lamb was slain before the foundation of the world”, it manifested 2000 years ago, EVERYTHING IS A RE-HAPPENING! Check it out and you’ll find that this is true.

Throughout our natural lives we have been Father’s Son. Whether we knew it or not does not change the fact that, in Father’s eyes, we have always been His son. No matter what we have been ordained to go through, we have been His Son. No matter what we’ve been taught, we are still His Son. No matter how long the process takes, we are STILL HIS SON. No matter how long it takes for us to come to the truth of this REALITY, it does not change A FACT OF OUR FATHER.

We are the FRUIT of Father’s loins, regardless of what we’ve done or are doing. Remember, NOTHING happens without Father allowing it. HE KNOWS what it takes to bring each of us to where HE WANTS us to be. Regardless of habits, regardless of actions, and regardless to THOUGHTS, we are HIS SON. We were ordained BY HIM to be here and to LEARN from the circumstances we experience. This is our classroom; Father is the Teacher. He passes us from grade to grade, as HE pleases. We are still, have always been, and will continue to be HIS SON. (Until HE brings us into another expression of Himself.)

We were created Spirit beings… out of HIS VERY BEING. That has not changed. It’s just that we Spirit beings travel in a flesh body and have a soul. We cannot change the fact of what we are, whether our beliefs go along with it or not. We are Spirit beings, and we are Father’s Son. And what could EVER separate us from Father? Nothing or no one… not even ourselves. (Rom 8:35) This is another RE-HAPPENING that did and still is, taking place!

Now, I want to share what Father spoke to me about “manifested sons”. The word, “manifest” # 602 in the Greek, Strong’s means, “to appear, to be seen, disclosure, lighten, be revealed, to take off the cover, reveal, THINK.” Now, we do not add anything to this, this IS the definition, take it or leave it.


In this scripture, the use of the word “manifest” is #5318, and it is taken from #5316-18, in Strong’s. It means, “appear, seem, be seen, shine, THINK, NOTHING (no thing) is secret, that shall not be made manifest,” or we can say, “nothing is secret, that shall not be THOUGHT, and that shall not appear, and then shall not be seen.” ANYTHING that is THOUGHT, in secret, SHALL BE SEEN.

We HAVE TO KNOW that we ARE MANIFESTED SONS, BEFORE the WORKS of the manifested son, will HABITUALLY appear manifested. IF we don’t have the reality that we ARE manifested sons, we will keep on waiting for the manifestation to take place; when all the time, it ALREADY HAS happened. And this THOUGHT, that we are WAITING to manifest, causes an ILLUSION to take place instead of the truth of WHO we are.  We are manifested sons!  But that illusion becomes our reality.

This RE-HAPPENING is: there is a people, that like JESUS, that receives what Father speaks to us, regarding WHO we are. And this people, like Jesus, are receiving His Word WITHOUT DOUBT, and without CARING what others think. Jesus AND this people, ACCEPT the TRUTH of Father’s Word being spoken and begin to WALK that Truth!  Jesus didn’t just think, “I think I am Father’s Son manifested, here on earth so, I think I’ll start healing, and raising the dead, and all the good things that I want to do.” No. Although He had come to the place where He knew that He was the Son of God, He just remained open for Father to work through. He had come to the place in KNOWING that it was FATHER who was doing the work, and it was ONLY the work that HE (FATHER) wanted worked. JESUS didn’t heal EVERYONE. It was Father who healed who it pleased Him to heal. But, even taking all this into consideration, EVEN IF Father had not worked ONE MIRACLE through Jesus; it would not have changed the fact that Jesus was the manifested Son.

I AM NOT taking anything away from Jesus, but then, as today; all of our focus cannot be on the man Jesus, instead of the ONE working THROUGH Jesus. Jesus is our Savior. There is absolutely NO DOUBT about that, and we all know it. But, once Jesus had done the work that Father had sent Him to do (John 17: 4), we are told to “KNOW JESUS NO MORE AFTER THE FLESH.” (2 Cor 5:16) Why? Because it was GOD who was Jesus. (Titus 3:4) When we are told to “know Jesus no more after the flesh”, it is because Jesus (God) returned BACK to being Father as He had been in the beginning. (John 17:5). We HAVE to come to realize, that the Bible is dead letter and that includes the NT. These are not my words, these are Father’s words! (Rom 2:27-29, 7:6, 2 Cor 3:6, 2 Thess 2:2). The written Word tells us, “ye search the scripture, BUT YE WILL NOT COME TO ME…” The Bible is to teach us that we MUST go to HIM, in the SPIRIT, to have our precious life awakened in us.

Do you remember when I said there would come a time when we would NOT be able to verify everything that Father teaches us by the written Word? It was the same with Jesus; it was FATHER who made Jesus to understand the mysteries of God. It’s another RE-HAPPENING! I know you get tired of hearing me say this, but it’s true. And I believe we are at that time now. Father reveals understanding to some of us, and that understanding is absolutely unbelievable to us; but, when His Spirit gives us just an inkling of the truth of what was said, then WE become the ones that people say (regarding us), “Oh that’s unbelievable, the Bible doesn’t say that!” But, we KNOW in our hearts that it is the Truth, even if we can’t prove it. Didn’t it work that way for our Pattern? So, although we were taught that Jesus did this and Jesus did that, we NOW KNOW, it was Father IN JESUS who did all of the miracles. The Word tells us, “WITHOUT CONTROVERSY… God manifested in the flesh.” (1Tim 3:16)  God had to become as man, to lay the Pattern back to HIM.

And Father has been, and still is, working HIS miracles through us, ALL ALONG! We may not have been aware of all the miracles that Father has worked through us. Take Peter, for example. People were healed through his SHADOW. (Acts 5:12-16), I think that Peter might NOT have known fully what was happening, when it was happened. Look at verse 13. “And of the rest durst no man join himself to them: BUT THE PEOPLE MAGNIFIED THEM.” The disciples were being magnified by the people.  FATHER, the ONE who was truly DOING the miracles, was not being magnified.  I think that’s what we’ve done. We don’t JOIN OURSELVES, we just MAGNIFY!  Can you say that when you went into a grocery store, or took your car to a garage to be worked on, that Father, through His anointing IN YOU, didn’t heal or perform some miracle, in someone there, and you knew nothing of it? I don’t think so, because none of us can say “No, that didn’t’ happen, because I didn’t see it, I didn’t hear about anyone being healed, and I can’t prove that happened!”  Well, you can’t prove that it DIDN’T happen either.

God doesn’t do things to PROVE it is being done. How many times have you sent someone a word, and then maybe 2 or 3 days later, you get email from them saying, “I don’t know how you knew, but, that was exactly what I needed!”  That was FATHER! He did it because it was needed – not to prove to you or anyone else that you KNEW it was needed and was given. We don’t know how many people have been touched by Father, through us. We need to stop thinking religiously. As for raising the dead; wasn’t it a person that Father SPOKE through that led us to Father? Of course the Holy Spirit did the leading of us, but we were RAISED FROM THE DEAD by Father using a person. (Rom 6) Of course, the natural death does have to be overcome, but it will be. (Actually, it IS overcome; we just have to allow it to manifest, by changing our mind about it.)

Now, think on this in the Spirit. Don’t allow the mind to add any “buts” or “yes but.” Just allow the Spirit to give you the revelation of this: We were created spirit beings, were we not? (Gen 1:26) In His image, what is God? A Sprit being. We were created out of His very substance and being – a spirit. Where are we now? We manifested from the spirit, into a flesh body on earth. That’s manifestation. Go back and read the definition of “manifest.” Another RE-HAPPENING! God was a Spirit being; then He manifested – or appeared in the flesh. That is manifestation. And we did the same. We manifested from Spirit form to flesh form. That is manifestation. And are we His Son? Yes we are. (1John 3:2)  We are His manifested Son!  We keep wanting to bring forth what WE THINK, the simple words of Father are, but they have to agree with OUR DEFINITION, in order for us to believe things. But, Who is all knowing? Who is this whole thing all about anyway? It’s FATHER! We all have had our fantasies of what the “manifestation of the sons of God” will be like. But that’s just what they are, OUR FANTASIES! The written Word tells us that these sons will do the things that Jesus did – and more. And right away, we go crazy in our imaginations. Oh, we’ll heal, we’ll raise the dead, we’ll do this or that. But, you know what Jesus really did? He simply stayed OPEN for FATHER to WORK WHATEVER AND HOWEVER and WHENEVER HE WANTED – not what Jesus wanted. Jesus told us, “it is the Father that worketh in Me.” And He said, “I only do what I see Father do, or say what Father says.” He was an open vessel for the workings of Father.

That describes exactly what we, as manifested sons, will do. Yes, we will come to the place where we swallow up death, but, I’ll tell you; with the fantasies that we have, it’s going to take a long time, UNLESS, we take Father’s Word on who we are. We became a manifested son, the day we were born into this earth. Like the people of Jesus’ day, we have just been looking at what our imaginations have told us how it will be. When we were in Pentecost and laid hands on someone, and that person received what we ask Father for, we were His Son, and we were manifested on earth and HE WORKED IT THROUGH US! Can you see what I’m saying. We MUST take our natural way of thinking out of all of this. It’s not a natural thing, it’s a spiritual thing and that’s the ONLY way we will understand this.

He is AWAKENING mankind, from that DEEP SLEEP that HE CAUSED to come upon us, in the Garden. (Gen 2:21) WAKEN!! WAKEN!! He tells us this throughout the Bible. WE ARE HIS SON, and we HAVE MANIFESTED IN THE EARTH, and HE IS WORKING THROUGH US, even if we aren’t aware of all the working that He’s doing through us. That’s MANIFESTATION! There are not if’s, and’s or but’s. It’s a fact. And we can deny our identity, and add OUR explanations all we want; but all we are doing is holding back what IS REALITY!!  And we’ll go to the grave with all this holding back!

Father gave me a song, a year or two ago and I didn’t fully understand it then. But, that morning on Bro. and Sis. Cintron’s back patio; I got the full meaning of it. There was a brother and his wife that led the praise at these meetings at Sigler’s. They so blessed everyone with the Spirit, when they sang.  I don’t remember their names, but I gave them this song and they were thrilled and blessed with it, and are going to put music to it. I’ll let you know when they have it finished. But, the song goes like this:

When you see me, You’ve see the Father

And when I speak, You’ve heard His Voice

He’s given me, His Love and Glory

And now proclaims, Rejoice, my Son, Rejoice.

And when I walk, you’ve seen His Footsteps

I am to follow the Path that He has laid

I am to see Him in all my daily movements

I am to see Him in EVERYTHING.

Doesn’t that bring to mind, His manifested Son, Jesus? Well, it should, also, bring forth the REALITY that YOU ARE A MANIFESTED SON. I think we have our focus on the WORKS that the manifested sons will do, instead of the Truth that Father is telling us. Let’s take our eyes off of the WORKS and place them FULLY on WHO and WHAT Father says we are. We are an expression of HIM. HE will do the WORKS that HE wants done, and WHEN HE wants them done. And when someone asks us, “well if you’re a manifested son, show me this, or show me that,” just tell that person, “Well, I’ll share one of the greatest miracles that you’ll see, and that is, that I have the BELIEF of HIS TRUTH OF WHO AND WHERE I AM, and I leave the works that HE wants done, up to Him.” It is a MIRACLE, in itself, that some of us know who we are, and that we can believe it, and can rest in the knowledge that Father will work what He wants to. That is truly a miracle! This takes us, keeping our eyes off of US, and keeping them on HIM, THAT IS LIVING THROUGH US. WE ARE ONE WITH HIM!! Hallelujah!! Thank You Father for what You are causing us to see!

Meditate on this Word. Take the word “manifest” back to its original meaning, and don’t ADD your opinion of what “manifest” SHOULD MEAN. We need to take the simple Truths that Father is saying to us, and STOP making it all so complicated.

Don’t let the works that Jesus did make you think that because the same works aren’t working through you, that you are not a manifested son. The truth is we don’t KNOW what is being worked through us, or who our shadow touches and heals. We manifested from Spirit form to flesh form. We MANIFESTED from one state of being into another state of being; and we have always been Father’s sons. So, what does that make us?  MANIFESTED SONS!  Why make something that is so simple into something so complicated?  Just REST in Who you are. And allow Father to do whatever works He wants done.

Do you ever go to Father and say, “Father what would you have me pray for this person or that person?  IF He gives you the Words to pray, KNOW WITHIN yourself that HIS WORD NEVER RETURNS VOID. You may never HEAR of what happened to that person, but if HE gave you the Words to pray, you can bet it was done!  Most folks are SO appearance conscious.  If they don’t SEE something, then they don’t believe it. The days of notoriety are gone. It is no longer “a one man show.” You may walk down the street and have the anointing (God’s life) in you – heal someone, and you’ll never even know. It’s not about you; it’s about Father’s Will for a person. So, I leave you with, Hello, Manifested Son!

Be blessed.


ARE WE MANIFESTED SONS? [Linda Keith]          1


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