Ephraim, you call me your brother, Judah,

But in the city of peace, Jerusalem,

You crusaded, locked us in and

Sang songs of praise to your god,

Calling us pagan,

Burning us to the ground,

And, God, who is King of all Kings,



You called me brother as you led us to

Gas chambers throughout Europe,

You turned your back on us,

Threw insults and spit upon us,

Took our homes, treasures and art, Brother?

Singing beer songs and military hymns,

Praising your Hitler,

And, God, who is Lord of all Lords,



You reached out to us with

Hands of reconciliation and new wine,

Olives restored by our hands In The Land

And, you demand it back, after

Waging your holy wars for our blood

Shed because of your desires to

Make us flee into the Med,

It will be on your head,

As you build up the Holy Temple, brother.

And, God, who is One God,

Maker of all the creation,



You divorce yourselves from us with your

Worship of Ishtar, the Easter goddess, who is the

Ancient fertility goddess of ancient Babylon,

Mocking our captivity,

Her prolific bunnies and eggs,

Whilst we keep the Passover Lamb,

Remembering the shedding of

Blood to protect us, brother,

And, God who commands us to

Have no other gods before Him,



You pick through Torah, liking

Psalms, Proverbs and the Prophets while

Chucking out the dietary instruction as “the Law”,

Reading Torah as only history lessons instead of the

Living Word of God.  You lord it over us

While eating your holiday hams with yams,

Smacking your lips with every perversion,

Wondering why we refuse to accept your version of Messiah,

Wondering why we fail to see Jesus as nothing more than

Your goy savior of the nations.


You fail to keep holy the entire Word of God,

Dismissing the Old Testament as old, and

Only dwelling in the New Testament,

Which is not new, but Renewed,

A covenant renewed between God and His people.

You continue to break the Sabbath, preferring Sundays instead,

You break the calendar which is set by lunar cycles,

Preferring instead the sun dial of the pagans,

Rah, the sun god, would be such a proud papa.

You preach a gospel of replacement instead of inclusion, and yet

You were always welcomed, always included even in the Passover,

As we fled from Pharoah’s Egypt,

And, God, who is Holy and above all gods



You send your apostles, teachers, prophets and preachers,

Ministering death through your crucified and cursed

Image on a cross, failing to realize

His commandments clearly state not to create

False gods or false images of Him because they are idolatry

And, Brother,

IF you really want to be my brother,

Keep all of God’s Holy and Living Word,

Let it wash over you and cleanse your soul

Open your eyes and keep His Word

So that I may have the scales removed from my eyes and see,

So that I may know the truth about your Jesus, whom you

Proclaim to be King of the Jews,

So that I may know the truth about my Messiah,

My salvation, my Savior,

Who was and is and is to come.


Brother, I want His Salvation,

I have walked through a bitter struggle,

Keeping His Word holy for you,

I want our Messiah to wash over me with His blood,

Cleansing me from all unrighteousness, and

I want you to know that God is ONE God, not three

I want you to know His fullness,

I want you to have His Ruach HaKodesh breathed into you,

I want you to be covered with His blood and receive Salvation,

I want you to be His body, walking in unity with me,

He alone is Lord of all Lords, and

King of all Kings, and

He weeps for us so that we may be reconciled to each other brother,

He weeps.


Meditations on Ezekiel 37:15-28 and Isaiah 11:13


© 2005, Maribeth Schlobohm All Rights Reserved


ARE YOU MY BROTHER [Maribeth Schlobohm] ~ POEM          1


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