In a multitude of counselors – there supposedly is safety,

But there are some exceptions – that all of us should see.

If I’m picking and choosing – until I’ve found one I like,

If that’s what I’m doing – I’m trusting in my own insight.


Many walk in the darkness – so their sins won’t be seen.

They like if men tell them – things are not as they seem.

They may have conviction – for not forgiving someone.

Now they’ll seek counsel – asking what should be done.


Should I go here and there – am I really seeking advice?

Or for a man to tell me – holding on to grudges is right.

For if I know all the answers – I seek someone to agree,

If he’s against my opinion – he’s not the one that I need.


If we’re seeking for advice – are we wanting an opinion?

We can buy them anywhere – for about a dime a dozen.

If Father tells me what to do – am I needing your advice,

If I need a second opinion – my carnal mind hasn’t died.


If we’re not hearing Father – seeking counselors is wise,

But we need a wise counselor – one that doesn’t tell lies.

The best one I have found – is our Heavenly Counselor.

Our telephone to heaven – can you hear me my brother?


What we need to be taught – isn’t what you might think.

We must learn to hear God – or we can be easily jinxed.

I was jinxed by the teachers – who had it all figured out.

I couldn’t think for myself – and I was told not to doubt..


I have only one thing to say – if you are seeking advice,

Learn to hear God yourself – or you will hear many lies.

I believed God could speak – but He never spoke to ME.

If that’s what you’re saying – may I say you’re deceived?


I recognize my wife’s voice – we’re together all the time,

It’s the same with our Father – and I know He isn’t blind.

If practice makes perfect – we can practice hearing Him.

I really knew He could speak – and I practiced listening.


Every day I heard more – and I loved our time together.

Some times I would know  – I was disciplined by Father.

This word I didn’t like – I was in the Father’s woodshed,

There were times I would think – I’d be ending up dead.


A son without discipline – we all know what he’s called.

So I rejoiced in the woodshed – Father disciplines us all.

I know you may not believe – I spent years in that shed,

But I rejoiced just to know – I was raised from the dead.


I heard Him speak one day – after leaving some market.

Father told me “you are mine” – and I’m thankful for it.

It was only me in my car – but I suddenly wasn’t alone.

Call me a nut if you like – it’s much better than a phone.


ARE YOU SEEKING ADVICE? [Marty] ID 68-1 ~ POEM          Page 0068


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