JANUARY 31, 2009

Behold the tears of imagined mortality; My Bride, My Church, My precious love come running.  Behold the blush of favor in the faces of joy.  It is I Whose Individual Appearing you have longed to see.  It is I Whose favor you now see.  Yes, I have been coming as a thief in the night to first one and then another, setting their feet upon high.  This appearing has kept the world on its axis.

The Lord has married the daughters of men at the Cross making One New Eternal Man; even yet unfolding one by one.   However, now is the corporate appearing of the Army of The Lord.

There is a wresting, yes, throughout the world, but mortality is not in command; neither the words or actions of men.  I have stood up, a warm favor; everlasting goodness and gladness.  I Am not waiting on man at all, but Am constantly about My Father’s business. I Am instant atonement blanketing religious condemnation, bringing mercy and love to the fore.  No lack of understanding may hinder My Appearing.  Nothing is out of My jurisdiction.

This is My favor, Life in bloom, joy beyond limits; that you may accept every man a part of My covenant knowing I work all things according to My own council.  What else could be expected of My Kingship?  My Presence, My burning love is in command!


1.  The army of the Lord is manifested first individually, and now collectively as Christ Jesus in our faces; every man awakening at his appointed time; none left out; following The Voice of Eternal Light Who He Is.

2.  The daughters of men are the collective church in mortal existence.  (The Bride of Christ; Mortal Beings, not fully awakened, and in waiting).

3.  Tears of imagined mortality:  Not fully lighted, but pure and hopeful status.

4.  Favor: Christ at His Appearing In Fullness.

5.  Wresting:  Christ Jesus in action; His dominion through love and grace.

And so, My pronounced purpose is to reveal My Father; Perfection in Love, Harmony and Peace in earth; all that His Kingdom Now and Ever shall be.  This is My Purchased Inheritance for mankind; the fullness of My Immortality.

As I speak your name, you awaken to perfection.  Heaven will not wait, and neither shall I, for I have come in the flesh to be My love as you.

Our Love,








Army of the Lord/Daughters of Men [Jim-Melba Crofford] 1-31-09          1


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