AUGUST 11, 2008

My Father is my metes and bounds; my matrix.  He is the whole of the work completed, revealed as The Son.  This is why I may say, “I only do what I see my Father do.”

Yet, I am privileged to say, “Father is my unlimited limitation; my endless ability to expand; my door of everything.  Father is my predestined unlimitedness, as I instantaneously and continuously find my captivity in Him.  He is my free endowment of LOVE, my space ship to the ends of creation.”

“This is good; this arrest, as Paul wrote: He led captivity captive, and this is me; arrested in Him. This is creation; arrested under His feet.”

I have captured the matrix, just as I am captured, and I shall expand the matrix to include worlds unknown; persons unknown, and fields of beauty unimagined.

My prayer is for all without exception; the simplicity of resurrection displayed in my heart, and before my thoughts, and even before my eyes. All are blessed with the eternal arresting presence of the King of Glory.

As I explore the matrix, I discover a new opening into reality.  God is so vast; why should I not follow the Light into the unknown?  So, first order of things is to bypass the beggarly elemental things and take a step in Him.  This I have done over and over, always finding new ground.  I cast my vision upon His appointed direction, and yes, my feet follow.  This is the lighted path, the easy way.

Heavenly it is as the very trees bow to me, and the wind changes direction.  I am free; God’s privileged explorer.

Arrested In His Presence and His Love,















ARRESTING PRESENCE [Jim-Melba Crofford] 8-11-09          1


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