My Spouse! in whose presence I live,

Sole object of all my desires,

Who know’st what a flame I conceive,

And canst easily double its fires!

How pleasant is all that I meet!

From fear of adversity free,

I find even sorrow made sweet;

Because ’tis assign’d me by thee.


Transported I see thee display

Thy riches and glory divine;

I have only my life to repay,

Take what I would gladly resign.

Thy will is the treasure I seek,

For thou art as faithful as strong;

There let me, obedient and meek,

Repose myself all the day long.


My spirit and faculties fail;

Oh, finish what love has begun!

Destroy what is sinful and frail,

And dwell in the soul thou hast won!

Dear theme of my wonder and praise,

I cry, who is worthy as thou?

I can only be silent and gaze!

‘Tis all that is left to me now.


Oh, glory in which I am lost,

Too deep for the plummet of thought;

On an ocean of Deity toss’d,

I am swallow’d, I sink into nought.

Yet, lost and absorb’d as I seem,

I chant to the praise of my King;

And, though overwhelm’d by the theme,

Am happy whenever I sing.













ASPIRATIONS OF THE SOUL AFTER GOD [Madame Jeanne Guyon] ~ POEM         1


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