JULY 14, 2007

There appeared a great apprehended nation at the top of the Mount of Transfiguration when Moses, Elias and Jesus appeared together. Moses appeared to represent all people who were subjects of the law. Elias appeared to represent all people from the era of the prophets. Then there remained Jesus, the order of Melchizedek receiving all these subjects unto Himself. (A gathering; apprehended unto Himself into everlasting Life.)

There was a signaling of great change, preparing the way for the new covenant that would become known as the new Heaven and Earth.

In this new covenant, this new order, it is plainly demonstrated that Spirit and Flesh are One. Even Jesus’ clothing was shown as pure Spirit Light making all things, animate and inanimate one in Spirit. This was a demonstrated foretaste of the Glory of Resurrection Life in The Lord Jesus Christ. It plainly showed Who We Are In The Christ of Salvations Love.

We are of that order, Melchizedek. New risen creatures in Christ Jesus, even from the day of resurrection from the tomb. It is time for earth’s awakening.

Now will appear risen glories in the faces of men, those without fear, without limit, without spot or wrinkle, without sorrow, suffering or pain. Now will appear right through Heaven’s Gate the One New Man of all men. Now will men know the beauty of His Appearing without sin.

His apprehended new Life is clearly visible to those who receive Him, and Life has taken a turn worthy of His Cross.

Jesus is come again.


Infinite Oneness in His Love,














AWAKENED ORDER of MELCHIZADEK [Jim-Melba Crofford] 7-14-07          1


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