MARCH 30, 2008

Fear…the greatest obstacle holding humanity back from ascension!  Fear of the unknown, fear of getting too far out of the box, fear of what others may think, fear of being mislead, fear of embracing new thoughts, fear, fear, fear!  Fear has been the device used to paralyze and keep man from stepping into his dynamic purpose!   

We have entered an unprecedented time in our history.  Man is experiencing an evolution of consciousness. There is an awakening taking place, revealing our true purpose as creators in our world.  Instead of blaming a God “out there some place” for all of mans problems, we are beginning to take responsibility and becoming aware of the authority within ourselves to bring a shift in consciousness.

Eckhart Toile’s book, A New Earth Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, is an amazing tool being used to arouse mankind from their Adamic sleep.  His writings contain Biblical principles, if you have eyes to see!  

Oprah was so moved by his book she offered an online course, free of charge, which began March 3, 2008 on .  Over two million people worldwide have been participating in the course.  It has been a history making event!  Never before have so many people gathered on one site for a class or event. I believe it is changing the awareness of our planet. For years I have been teaching about a “tipping point” in the consciousness of humanity being on the horizon.  This class could well propel this event forward.

Here is where the fear factor comes in.  During the last few weeks I have received many critical and fear based emails from “Christians” who seem to feel this is a new age or some “woo woo” teaching which does not line up with scripture.  They are fearful to become part of this event because it might compromise their Christian standing.  How sad!  They are missing out on a historical happening awakening mankind worldwide, because of fear associated with their beliefs!  My Bible says “Perfect love casts out fear.”  Any belief which stimulates fear cannot be coming from the base of love!

I believe Eckhart Tolle is unveiling divine principles in a new way.  The principles Jesus himself spoke about and demonstrated, Tolle is teaching in the language of our day.

“A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” Scripture tells to us. From this principle are we able to understand there is a mind within man which can hear two voices? Listening to both of these voices has brought confusion and chaos into our lives and world.  It is the main reason for the instability of our planet.  We have been listening to the wrong voice!  Discerning between the two voices is a key to man’s ascension and peace.

Scripture refers to the mind separated from God as the carnal mind. Tolle refers to the voice of the carnal mind as the ego voice and defines it as, “A false sense of self, based on false concepts, based on form.”  The ego voice is making its judgments from a false identity based on what looks true through a physical perspective.  

The Bible clearly teaches the same concept. “Faith does not walk by sight.”  We are encompassed by a much greater dimension than what can be seen with our physical eyes.  It is the dimension of spirit.  Tolle calls it Presence. Only by stilling the voice which identifies with matter, are we able to experience Presence.

The Bible also says, “If your eye be single your whole body will be full of light.”  Here is revealed the principle of Singularity and Oneness.  If we see from the single spiritual eye of God (Presence), instead of viewing from our physical eyes of duality, our whole being will become enlightened!  This same principle applies to the voices and thoughts within our mind. Once we are able to discern the stillness of Presence instead of a mixture, our lives will reflect the light within.  The voice of the carnal or Ego mind drowns out the voice of divinity within us. We must become aware of this voice and learn how to silence it before we can fully awaken to our purpose.

Tolle is teaching how to discern which voice is speaking within our mind.  He then reveals, by becoming aware of the ego’s voice and allowing it instead of fighting against it, something magical begins to happen. We sense a space or presence between our thoughts. This Presence is God! We become aware there is something greater than thought, it is Being.

How many of us want to experience God in our lives in a deeper way?  Here is a book with Biblical principles which helps us become aware of God in all of creation.  “God inhabits eternity.”  “God is Omnipresent.”  There is no where God is not!    Just by becoming aware of this presence in nature and all living things, ego (carnal mind) begins to loose its power over us.

I applaud Oprah for what she is doing to assist the ascension of humanity through the class she and Tolle are teaching.  I honor Eckhard Tolle’s revelation which he was willing to share through his book.  This book can change your life!  It will give you tools and practices enabling you to recognize and discern between the two voices and come into Presence.  One of the reasons we have not been able to experience God, moment by moment, is our carnal minds are always projecting back to our past or forward to the future. God is always in the now and this is a very Biblical principle!

All of you know the story of Lazarus. Within this story is the principle of “now.” As Jesus arrived Lazarus had been buried for four days.   Martha saw Jesus coming and greeted him; “If you had been here, my brother would not have died.”  Jesus said; “Your brother shall rise again,”   “I know that he will rise again in the resurrection in the last day” Martha replied. Martha could only identify with the past or future.  She could not hear the voice of the “now” but she was about to! Jesus boldly said to her; “I AM the resurrection and the life; he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.”

Can you hear the message?  The I Am within each of us is the resurrection and life!  It is not in the past, nor in the future.  It is in our NOW!  The moment we believe and recognize I AM within, it will raise us from a limited death mentality to an eternal perspective.  To do this we must learn to be in the presence of the now and quiet the ego voice.  Ego spoke those words to Jesus through Martha.  It was Presence which answered her!

In his book Tolle quotes Jesus many times.  As I view his class, the awareness of The Christ within him is so apparent.  His expression of divinity has impacted my life.  How blessed I am that a few years ago I determined there was nothing to fear but fear itself.  I made the decision to follow and trust God within, to guide and direct my life. No longer would dogma, old beliefs or fear keep me from forging forward in my quest for God!

This decision has not always been easy as others have not always agreed.  What I rely on is the faithfulness of God!  We all came into this realm with a purpose and I trust with my heart as I press forward, in love, that my purpose will be fulfilled.  Though it hasn’t always been a “cake walk” I wouldn’t trade it for the world (physical realm).  It has opened my life to limitless possibilities and a realm beyond the physical!  Life has become a daily awakening to a greater dimension of beauty and Presence. Life has become Omnipotent in a real way!

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