1 Cor. 15:42 Resurrection is planted in corruption, it is raised in incorruption. When? Paul testifies to the experience of both. Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life.”  He is the word as seed and the fruit of life. What is planted is a word of God, having inherently in this word, the life, purpose and fruit. To mediate this to man, there must be both spirit and flesh. Jesus is the word of life, planted in corrupt flesh, manifested free from corruption. When planted? In Eve? The seed must bring forth two natures to be a mediator of the two. To fulfill this there must be a visible body to man. God spared a family in Noah’s day… not for man’s sake only - for his promise of a natural seed. Eve had taken this seed, as well as a seed of the adversary… an enmity of seeds in her offspring after the flesh. Cain and Able demonstrated this enmity in the flesh. This is two seeds of spirit making an evidence in flesh. This mystery is not brought to light until the conflict is resolved in the man, Christ Jesus. Jesus provided a victory in this conflict to those who accept His words. 


Not until Jesus, born out of the promise in flesh, through Mary, did the spirit of the promise become revealed at the Jordan. Then only those born of this same seed, got understanding… the seed being the word of God in the son. It was unbelief that caused Eve to take of the tree. This operation of satan in the flesh, has kept man in bondage to minding the flesh.


Our new nature in spirit minds the spirit. God's word is spirit. God prepared man for the advent of Jesus, whom he confirmed as His word, with numerous works and signs. The body of flesh God sent his son to dwell on earth in, is also a sign (Luke:2-34). Eve, Sarah, Isaac, David and Mary - all gave evidence of the fulfillment of the promise in flesh. The promise to Abraham is fulfilled in spirit.  (Luke 24:49; Gal. 3:14)  Both seeds are manifested in Christ Jesus. Jesus’ words and demonstration are of repentance, death, burial, resurrection and anointing. Then God reveals Himself as father. This is a foreshadow of our reception of spirit life and sonship. Christ’s cross is a work of satan operating in flesh. (1 Cor. 2:8)  


For one to identify with the cross of Christ, means to be identifying in His life, in the other side of the conflict of the two seeds that rule man. This cross is not for sinners. Sinners are in death already. They are the crucifiers, an operation of satan. The cross is not the penalty of the law. The cross is voluntary submission, as one, with the lamb of God. The reality of obedience, enmity, and death is now seen by believers as warfare in the spirit. The believer is one with the Son who is always crucified in flesh and spirit. Now we see resurrection is not historical or future. This should remove the traditions that make void these truths.  Will it? This word of witness has been in the scriptures for a long time. They are a judgment to those who remain dull of hearing. 


When folks receive Christ do they witness to a new life in spirit? Is it forgiveness for now and a wait for rapture, resurrection or Jesus the flesh man? This is unbelief and a confession of it. Has God said? Prove it! I don't see a halo or wings in your presence. This is always the same evil persuasion - to undo God's word. Their loved ones always seem to have made it to heaven and their spirits always seem to be at the grave site. 


Paul wrote in Gal.4:19 “My little children, I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you.”  Paul certainly was not waiting for Jesus to come out of the sky. He died never expecting such a thing. Search yourself. Are you in the faith?  Is Christ in you or are you disqualified? (reprobate) If Christ is in you, you must be in Him, for he does not dwell in your flesh nature. If you receive Him, you receive Him as your life. This is liberation from self - a freedom from self, the flesh mind and this evil world. This is God’s plan and purpose.  Christ Jesus is the fulfillment.





AWAKENING TO LIFE [Lloyd Ellefson] 7-15-04        1

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