MAY 8, 2008

The last article I wrote was about the Power of Surrender.  A powerful principle Jesus taught and demonstrated during his life, arrest, trail, and death.  It is a principle which has changed my life on a daily basis. It has taken me to a depth of freedom I have not experienced before.  For this reason I am writing more thoughts on the subject. Bear with me, for my desire is for you to experience this unchangeable depth within yourself! 

Nonresistance is the key to being released from what Christ referred to as the world or physical realm.  Resistance empowers the world of matter and its dominion over us by feeding and energizing it.  It gives the devil a place of reality in our lives.

Our purpose for being in the world is to awaken to the truth; we are not of the world!  Within us is the power to overcome, or rise above, this realm of time, space, and matter. How do we know this?  Many scriptures point to this truth.

Listen to a few:

“You are in the world but not of the world.”

“My Kingdom is not of this world.”

“The Kingdom does not come by observation.”

“The Kingdom of God is within you.”

“Seek first the Kingdom of God…”

“In the world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer I have overcome the world.”

Each of these scriptures is pointing to a higher dimension of reality than can be discerned by physical sight.  To enter this realm takes following the same universal principles Jesus demonstrated.  One of the greatest was nonresistance or surrendering to what is and  trusting in the  greater unseen presence… the Kingdom, or realm of God within  no matter how it “looks” or “seems” in the outer world.

How did Jesus overcome the world?  He gave it no place or energy.  It was not his reality, so he never resisted it.  Remember scripture says:  Agree with your adversary quickly. Your adversary is not in the outside world,  but within you.  When you first recognize, then agree or allow what is going on, instead of fighting or resisting it… something miraculous happens.  You become aware of a deeper dimension… the Presence within you. 

You awaken to the kingdom or infinite presence within yourself.  This presence enables you to rise above and overcome the physical realm.  You are no longer in bondage to what looks real in the changing situations of life.  You know and depend on the eternal unchangeable truth of eternal Presence.

Jesus said in order to follow him (or walk beyond the physical) we must deny ourselves.  What self is he speaking about?  The carnal self which tries to tell us this physical realm is all there is.  It is the “I” you perceive yourself to be apart from God.  The “I” which has a story of a beginning and end.  This story and perception of ourselves is what energizes and empowers the carnal mind or ego.  The moment we are able to recognize it as an untruth and just allow it, we become empowered with Kingdom reality!

Scripture says the carnal mind is against the things of God and cannot comprehend the universal laws of God.   Only the invisible realm of the Kingdom of Heaven contains all truth.  Which do you choose?  If you choose what can be seen with the carnal mind then you believe in good vs. evil, peace vs. war, life vs. death, and duality will rule your life!

Jesus also had to make a choice.  He chose the unseen realm of the infinite Kingdom.  The invisible limitless realm of spirit was his reality.  My Kingdom, what rules in my life, is not defined by the realm of matter.  It is defined by the higher principles of spirit.

He was proclaiming, “My truth is in a greater dimension than what can be seen.  By not giving place to duality I have entered the realm of Oneness and singularity!  I have crossed over, while still in the flesh body, to a dimension beyond the physical.  Hey guys, get happy, start living in joy… you are empower to do the same!”  I have paraphrased how I hear Jesus speaking these words to me.

Truth is:   As long as you can only identify with the physical realm you will live from what the physical realm dictates which is duality.  Good – bad, love – hate, health – disease, life and death.  Once you rise above it, there becomes only one truth.   All is very good and nothing has power but God!  God is Omnipotent.  There is therefore nothing to resist or fight! You either acknowledge only one power or duality reigns in your life.

So you can choose what you empower moment-by-moment by either fight against “what seems to be” or surrendering and trusting in a greater reality.  

The miracle I have been experiencing is this; when I do not give energy or resist situations which show up in my life, they begin to dissipate!  It is like a key I wish I had awakened to sooner.  Is it always easy?  No, but it gets easier, and easier as I see the door it continues to open  The door of Kingdom, the unseen reality of eternal, changeless power.  God changes not.  God is the same yesterday, today and forever.  Anything which has the quality of change cannot be divinity.  Therefore when you don’t resist or fight against it, it begins to align with the Presence of unchangeable truth.

Peace is not just absence of war.  Peace is a mind containing no duality.  “Peace I leave you, my peace I give unto you, not as the world gives, I give unto you.”  Jesus was speaking of an inner peace which cannot be controlled by the changes taking place in our outer world.

Today more than ever we need to have access to this peace!  The daily Newscasts are trying to pull us into fear on every front.  Fear of the changing economy, gas and food price increases, and the many  homes being foreclosed on daily,  just to name a few.  

Do we have power over all this?  We surely do!   It is the unchangeable power of the Presence of God within us.  It is the power to see beyond what it looks like and know that in this moment, as we draw our next breath, we are one with all that is!  We are an expression of the limitless, eternal, and infinite presence of what can never change. As we get this illumination one by one, we are changing the corporate consciousness of our world!

Paul had a beautiful revelation which each of us must have to enter this peace beyond understanding.  He said he was persuaded… he had an inner conviction; that neither death nor life, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come could separate him from the love of God!

What was Paul really persuaded about?  That all the changeable things of this world, such as the economy, fuel prices, food prices, things we encounter in life, and even death itself, had no dominion over him!  Nothing could ever separate him from the unchangeable Presence of God The unchangeable reality of infinite life within his Being!

Our whole purpose on Planet Earth is to awaken to this unchangeable Presence and I will write more about this in my next article.

Until then, practice the power of surrender and see if it does not open the door for you to experience the unchangeable Presence of God in a greater way! 

Remember:  Perfect love (awareness of the Presence of God within) casts out all fear!  

Until Next Time… Know You Are Loved!






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