NOVEMBER 8, 2008

He issued me a brush and a bucket of His blood and on the side of the vessel was written Baptistery.  “This is the end of waiting and wishing,” He said.  “I have entrusted you with Myself.  Now you will know the reality of drinking My blood and eating My flesh.  No more in-part or imagining or speculation.  No more trial and error or unfinished portions.  Let this be known as the life of all that look upon My face.”

“It is your privilege to paint resurrection upon the brow of all who faint.  The end has come for men who have known no hope, for My Presence is come with a vibration of Heaven to seek and to save all that was lost.”

“Many are here to confirm the harvest, as substance is brought forth with the wind of change.  You recognize Spirit as your supply; never knowing Me as inadequate.”

“You are bosomed with Me with all your trust having been established at the Cross; now raised a fire of righteousness.  So now, let them be baptized with My Presence receiving Me as I am.” 

“It is the end of the world you have known, for salvation is far greater than men have recognized.  You did not hesitate to cross over into the un-explored Promised Land; readily leaving accumulated reasoning and planning in favor of instantaneous awareness of My Presence.  With open arms and wide eyes they shall be led over as well.”

“The new is a complete separation from the old; Grace and Mercy without measure.  In the new world, there is freedom indeed, for it is known that Father’s will is always done.  There is a smile on creation as they turn toward the sun. (THE DAY STAR)  Yielded, they are recipients of peace, joy and gladness, having opened their hearts to the mind of Christ.  My hand has parted the waters for all to pass through.”

“Go forth now in peace, joy, and love.








BAPTISTERY [Jim-Melba Crofford] 11-8-08          1


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