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MARCH and APRIL 2008






















MARCH 25, 2008

Greetings everyone. I hope that I find you hearing and seeing more, in a higher rank, in the particular order you might be in. Things are happening quickly, in our FOCUSED BEING and it is wonderful!!

For the last 4 months much has been happening in my life. First, I lost my home and everything in it, right down to the silverware. (I won’t go into all the particulars), but things came about and I gave my trailer away; I gave all my furniture to some who needed it; and I moved in with my sister. I actually didn’t LOSE my home, I turned loose of it.

Then 2 wks ago I had surgery done on my left carotid artery. It was a much more painful surgery than I thought it would be, but as you see, I survived. I am not supposed to do anything for 4 weeks, but I am almost healed. Really!! (in this physical body).

Throughout all this happening, I have had a lot of time to do some listening, and listening I have done. Folks, this is for the mature, what I AM about to write. We are in the day that WE have made, we are rejoicing and we are glad in it. The ONENESS with each other, Who is I AM, are seeing this Oneness manifesting in a way we have not experienced before (At least some of us.) I remember reading the scripture which says, “POUR ME OUT A BLESSING;” and this is what is happening. Have you ever blessed Yourself? I have been hearing that as we ALLOW the manifesting of I AM to appear, literally appear, we are blessing ourselves. Light, Love, Walking, and SINGING is what is happening in the Firstfruits.

Have you ever experienced something and then REALLY experienced it? This is what is happening. So much that has been given to us in the form of revelation; we thought that we had experienced it. But now, the REAL EXPERIENCING IS TAKING PLACE, in this material, nature realm. Some may not understand what I AM saying, but those Who ARE experiencing it, know exactly what I AM saying.

I became acquainted with a sister that lives in Texas, sometime ago. I have experienced ONENESS, I mean REAL ONENESS in her. I AM speaks through and as her in a way that I have only experienced through a couple other people. Of course, we are all One, but the experiencing of the REALLY KNOWING that you are One with another is a NEW (non religious) experiencing of I AM. I see her as I AM; I hear her as I AM; it is truly awesome experience. She is MUSIC. I AM flows through her speaking (MUSIC) and heals; the flow brings love; also it brings truth and understanding. A word or movement of I AM’s flow, brings forth a peace and a knowing that just flows with what is rising from within.. I tell you this about Pam, because I will be mentioning her throughout this sharing.

Right after moving I thought, “What is this all about?” I must admit that the first week of leaving my home to someone else, I was bewildered, a bit. I had thoughts like, “you should be depressed about this”, and “what are you going to do now?” But after I moved into my sister’s house I had a lot of quiet time (my sister works dayturn). I did not get into my bible as I usually did, because I began hearing PEACE! Have you ever heard PEACE? It is a beautiful song that fills you and you can’t be sad, even if you want to. So many have said, “Linda, you are showing no emotions” and I thought, “Good, all that is leaving me”. I knew that I AM was in all this. What looked to others as hardship, for me, was a knowing that I was losing temporal things. I have been released from anything that can take my thoughts or responsibility, so I can just “BE IT”. At first, all of this wasn’t really clear to me, but I knew without a doubt that it was all in the plan. So I accepted it and had that wonderful, loving peace.

As I was waiting for surgery to be scheduled, I started writing down some things that were rising from within ME.

I kept hearing, “I am being led out of the usual limitations, into another realm that is mine by rights,” and I heard, “We are the combined voice of many, yet One”, and “We are a language that needs no tongue.” I LOVE this one, “We are Ourselves, turned inside out, being turned from within to the manifestation of our true Identity, being shown as We allow the “within”, to become our outer.” We ARE the Kingdom. It was within Us, now it is coming forth in this visible realm. Some think of the Kingdom as a place or thing, I did myself, at one time. But it is not a place or thing, it is Us.

During this time of “down time”, actually it has been turning out to be an “upper time”. I was shown my friend, Pam, as a source of understanding in the days to come. And as it is turning out, it is amazing; when I need to “know” something, she calls and the first word out of her mouth is the understanding that I need; and she says the same is happening with her, too. It is really mind blowing!! There was a day when I wanted to talk to her so badly, and wham!! Right then she called. I wanted to share with her some things that had been rising from within, and what did she say, before I could say it? “Linda, I just feel something SO “NEW” is happening.” That is exactly what I wanted to tell her. We have shared things that was coming forth from her, in MUSIC, and mine was coming forth in writing.

I have had depression trying strongly to come upon me, since the surgery. I am not fighting it, because we are not to resist the adversary, and I am really beginning to see why, manifestedly. I have been shown that when these “bouts” come, to just allow them to manifest, and then forget them. I am not fighting them (this is part of some of the things coming to me). It is not that we haven’t heard this before, most of us have. BUT, to experience it without even trying to is something that is hard to put into words. Things that most of us have heard for years, are beginning to manifest the revelation in a way that I do really understand when I AM spoke one night and said, “to truly know a thing, you must experience that thing.”

I keep hearing, “I am being led out of the usual limitations, into another realm that is mine by rights,” and I heard, “We are the combined voice of many, yet one”, and “we are a language that needs no tongue.” I LOVE this one, “we are Ourselves, turned inside out, being turned from within to the manifestation of our true Identity, I AM being shown, as we allow the “within”, to become our outer.”

We are not the names We are called, those names are SYMBOLS of our true Identity. We have been given the most awesome attribute of I AM, the ability to project Our thoughts outward into physical form. And NOW We are realizing that We don’t have the gift, WE ARE THE GIFT and We are to pour Ourselves out for others. Each of Us create Our own physical reality; and We create both the glory and the terrors that is existing within Us. We have been given the responsibility of bringing forth the Godness that we are. UNTIL we realize that we are the Creator, for there is ONLY I AM. Some will refuse to accept this responsibility. Some won’t accept that We cannot blame a devil for the misfortunes that man brings forth, for We have received the KNOWING that this devil is a projection of Our psyche, BUT We have not grown wise enough to learn HOW to use our creativity constructively. UNTIL NOW!

Speaking, walking and Being is a vibration. We were told that “God walked with Adam in the cool of the day.” Well, walking is a vibration, and vibration is MUSIC. God SANG to Adam in the cool of the day. When WE walk, a song goes forth. When We speak, a song goes forth. We are SINGING to each other and those Who are being raised into this new (to us) rank and order. If you remember, in the article Ranks and Orders, I said that every Order has ranks that make up that Order. And once again, We are babes in BEING IT. Of course, just as with each rank and order that We have walked through, EVERYTHING is different, in understanding, than it was in the Order we are moving from. It is like a rebirthing over and over. Could this be what some think of as reincarnation?

“In a moment, in the twinkling of the eye, you will be changed.”

The word “moment” is atoms. In the atoms of Our earth, Our body; “in the twinkling of the eye” in the original is, “in the jerking of the focus”, you will be changed”. In other words, Our focus is being jerked to another diminution of understanding and that jerking is bringing forth the MANIFESTATION of the change that is finished in the Spirit Realm. I know some say that there is nothing to be changed, but I AM said, “UNTIL I AM SEEN THROUGH THE PHYSICAL, AS WELL AS THE SPIRIT, THE MANIFESTATION OF ME IS NOT SEEN!!” I AM at the place where I care not what others say, I AM IS SPEAKING, and that is the ONLY voice that is NOT of the illusional thinking mind. I KNOW that others are experiencing this, MANIFESTING. They are not just claiming it with what is STILL RELIGIOUS words. There is a change that is being SEEN. And it takes no more than allowing the revelation that We have been given to COME FORTH, not just THINKING it and imagining that they have arrived. Yes, in the Spirit realm they are arrived, but IF it is not being seen, in this natural world, it is not complete. There are those Who KNOW the out working is happening. It is not just an understanding of a revelation that we received a year ago, or 10 years ago, and can speak the understanding of that revelation. It is understanding of BEING IT, coming into physical sight. We are indeed in the Day that WE have made. It is Our day, the Plural God. Hallelujah!!

Do You want to explain something that is happening, but You just cannot utter the words? Well so are many of Us. But the sweet thing about it is, when We talk to someone else Who is experiencing this “new” dimension, they know exactly what We mean when We cannot even but it into an understandable sentence!! This is the Fristfruits. They understand each other because they are One with each other.

And I AM is saying, “BE IT, BE IT, BE IT. No more are you to be a babe and just read a thing. I have told You Who You are, I have given You time to think on it; I have worked it into you, so NOW BE IT. There was a time when You thought as a babe, acted as a babe, but NOW YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, BE IT.”



MARCH 27, 2008

We have all read articles, books and the such, telling us HOW TO BE. What rose within me, to this question, is WHEN YOU KNOW WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE, YOU DON”T HAVE TO TRY to BE IT. And I realized that this is so true. We all have the desire within us, to BE more than what we have thought we are. Some desire it more than others and work (not physical or religious works) and seek the manifestation of Who we are. As we know, NOTHING is forced upon us, from I AM. WE DO HAVE A CHOICE in our seeking or not seeking. The reason that I AM DOES NOT FORCE ANYTHING ON US, is because I AM KNOWS that in “time” all of His/Her plan will manifest, in THIS REALM, as it is in the heavenly realm.

I received the most wonderful, and beautiful responses regarding the first part of this writing. They were not just the usual emails. These emails were FILLED with the BEING that they are. There was such UNITY in word and “feeling”. You were actually in the presence of those who wrote them. I could SEE the Oneness of these One. We are all KNOWING that the BEING IT is indeed the visible manifestation of I AM, IN THIS WORLD. Oh HALLELUJAH!!!! There was THAT LOVE, that TENDERNESS, that EAGERNESS that I AM IS EXPERIENCING BEING SEEN, in these responses!!

As I said in part one, there is a KNOWING that can’t really be put in words, and yet the ONENESS has us singing the same song that each of us are singing, we all understand what the other is trying to say. Yes, these responses were absolutely beautiful.. I even felt the PRESENCE of some who have returned to the invisible realm. I share with my friend, how twice I have felt the presence of Floyd Watson. I was sitting at the computer one night, maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago, and I just felt his presence so strongly. I remember a time when I said to Floyd, “you know Floyd, I would LOVE to visit the invisible realm just to see what is done there, to hear the communication there, I don’t want to STAY there, but I would sure like to visit”. He laughed and said, “Just do it”. I remember this conversation so clearly. Floyd also wanted to be in the invisible realm, he longed for it. So who knows, MAYBE Floyd is trying to let me/us know what it is like. We will see.

Like my friend said, “we are all a symphony,” each with our own song that is in harmony. Oh and the beautiful music that is coming together. Our music comes in different way; some sing; some dream; some have vision; some write; so many different ways we all sing our song. It is like a well synchronized machine; it all comes out of I AM’s thoughts; then the plural God (us) manifests the thoughts of I AM, in our given way. Us in Him, Him in Us; Him as Us, Us as Him. One way HIS song is manifesting is in LOVE. Haven’t you started being His/Her Love? I don’t mean just feel His/Her’s love, I mean, feeling it come forth, out of you.? You don’t recall when it started coming forth out of you, so strongly, that you recognized that we had never (in this realm) really experienced love, not I AM’s kind of love. There were people that we had to love from a distance and now, there IS NO DISTANCE, we are all ONE. And even those who don’t know their true Identity, is realizing that we are changing. But, you know what? We aren’t changing; we are manifesting the true ONE.

So many WANT TO SPEAK all they felt pressured to NOT say before. So many get caught up in Sonship, just as many got caught up with the “Rapture”… But, if we look at the Pattern that was left for us, Jesus, we see in John 17:5 that Jesus LEFT SONSHIP and REturned to Fatherhood. We are experiencing the same. These are the Firstfruits of this move of I AM. (His/Her being seen, literally seen in this world). I was told in one email that this sister walked by a mirror and saw the true HER/I AM. Some have been hearing this word for such a long, long time, but just could not share it with anyone, because no one was telling of it. Now, it is like floodgates being opened with her/Him. I know these things are true. I CAN FEEL IT IN THE SPIRIT THAT I AM, because we are ONE SPIRIT!! This is the hard part to put into words. We are actually “feeling” what others are feeling and experienced and it just brings bubbling joy up within us, because we seem to be experiencing what the other is experiencing. The time will come when we will remember HOW to speak all that is happening in the heavenlies, right here on the tera firma. We have such glorious times and happening manifesting in and through us. Glory!! It is all can utter sometimes.

One sister said, I remember years and years ago, I heard the Spirit within me say, “your flesh has been carrying your spirit around; but there is coming a time when your spirit is going to carry your flesh. I believe we are in that time. The song is carrying our flesh around and we are seeing the fulfillment of what Amos said when he pierced the first fruits with a sharp instrument. That is the song that is coming forth within us. Oh! I am so excited to hear your song come forth to me.I know exactly how this sister is feeling. We are now turned inside out!! And no longer is what I write MINE; or what someone else writes or says, or sings is theirs. No it is the ONE that we are. I love it. Unity in Who we are is so lovely, loving and awesome.

She said, “It is refreshing to know that we just let! No more worry about this and that. I am tired of trying to fix someone, mainly our children. I can’t draw them to this. Only Spirit can!!! We are in their space for a reason; a song, if you please. They themselves will have to hear the melody and respond.

Don’t we all feel that refreshing? Isn’t it such a peace within us to know, we have to work out OUR OWN SALVATION, and they have to work out theirs? They will, as they become open. Yes, and it was tiring to try to bring our kid’s in, out of their mess; and now, the tiredness is gone; because as I AM, we now realize how everyone will turn out to be.

Another sister said, “Oh, how I agree, the code of identity is ours by rights...birthrights. The story in Jeremiah was coming to me as I was reading your email. The story in 49, maybe…the one about being told to go buy the field and it was his by rights of redemption. Jeremiah is all resistant because the field belongs to his adversary and enemy. And God says, buy it anyway…it is going to be yours because a battle is going to be won and the land will be yours. It is a story I love….always have. It is the best story of hearing and experiencing the hearing long before the reality is manifest outwardly. Believe inwardly and just watch it become outward reality.”

She said, There is just so much good stuff coming through us. When you said the inside has become the outer experience~~ I leaped like Elizabeth’s baby leaped to hear Mary coming through the door. I have had the same thing shown to me~ only it was like turning a sock inside out like I used to do with the kid’s socks out of the dryer. Just that simple picture has been with me for years~ the inside will be the outside and that is the Lord’s prayer...”thy will be done on earth (Outer) as it is in Heaven (inner). We are hearing and experiencing all at the same time~~ oneness. The changing in the twinkling of an eye~` to me, is the changed perception we have of ourselves. The birthing of our true identity~` birthing it because it is now an outer experience when it was once an inner experience. The joy of giving birth three times years ago is nothing compared to the joy of giving birth to myself. The true identity of JXXXX~ the I AM. Wow, what a one-derful day to be alive! Didn’t we all wait so long~~ the laboring to see this day is worth all that it took to get us here!!!

Many of us are just sitting and listening to another and just basking in the true Identity that we are, not will be, but are. We are speaking the same things. Like what my friend said, “The changing in the twinkling of an eye~` to me, is the changed perception we have of ourselves.”, to me the twinkling of the eye means “the jerking of our focus”, and no matter what words we use, it comes all to be the same meaning. Such harmony is upon us.

How do we BE IT? I don’t think anyone can give us a 12 step theory, but what I experienced is take the words that I AM has sent us, “As He is, so are we in this world, this present arrangement”; “of His fullness, have we all received‘; “think it not robbery to be equal with God”. No only are we “equal with God”, we are ONE IN HIM, US as Him, and Him as us”. Eat these truths; chew them faithfully daily, hourly; allow them to be worked in you and stirred up in you and they become you and you open up and I AM rises. We cannot be concerned with what others say; we just love those who condemn us, because we realize where they are, or they wouldn’t condemn us if they were in no way mature. But KNOW they will mature!! And that is all I and others did. For years some of us TRIED to be like I AM, and thought we were really making progress, when all of a sudden self popped us in us and we found out that, nope we weren’t like I AM. But, when we give up the trying; keep HIS truths in our heart and mind and STOP TRYING TO BE, we wake up one day and see without even trying I AM was manifesting through these bodies of ours.

We have thought, all of our lives that we are something that we weren’t. But now we know that we didn’t lose Who we are, we just lost the true thinking. Now we have regained the thinking with the mind of Who we are, we can stop trying to become Who we already are. You see, we now know that we have been I AM, even when we didn’t know we were, and He lived His life through us, all the time that we forgot Who we were, so do we think He isn’t us anymore? No, now all we have to do is just BE Who we are. Live daily KNOWING Who we are, we don’t have to change anything, it IS STILL HIS LIFE, He will show it as it is desired to be. We don’t have to walk around talking religion, being a bible thumper, no all we do is what HE does, walk around as He is. He shows what He wants shown. He is Who He is, US. WE are Who we are, HIM. We need to not look at self any longer, because when we look at self, we are taking our focus off of Him. HE IS OURSELF!! And as we do this, Who we ARE appears to others who see us/Him. We are not to be concerned with what others think of us, “oh she is blessed with showing love” or “oh he is blessed with being gentle”, no, you see they don’t realize that they are looking I AM, right in the face!! For those of us hearing this, our focus IS CHANGED. We have nothing else to change; all we had to do from the beginning was to BELIEVE what He told us, that’s it. Even when we didn’t understand what He was telling us, we woke up one morning and realized that now, not only did we understand what He told us, we ARE what He told us. So we stopped trying and HE appeared.

This is the coming forth of the firstfruits; they will not see death, because death WAS DONE AWAY WITH! HE TOLD US THIS. We have no devil to fight; because He told us that He destroyed the devil, (which was the natural carnal mind). More and more everyday, when we look in the mirror, we see HIM, not the self that we have thought we were.

How do we BE IT? Just BE IT. Nothing more. We will see our thoughts ARE HIS THOUGHTS; our concern with be with others, not worried about us and needs. It is surprising at first, but then it all becomes our real Being. It will always be wonderful to know that we love others enough to give what they need; to speak words that have become our words, to them. We are now wanting the best for others. We just allow it to flow out of us to them. We ARE creators, TRUELY we are.

We need no one to teach us “the 12 steps”, we just need to BE IT and to share it and allow each person to BE IT as they will.

My computer is flickering, so I am going to stop here, for now. PLEASE share with us any bit that you can share that others may come to know themselves. If you want, I will not use your name; but I am happy to use the names, because there is power in numbers that are ONE.



MARCH 31, 2008

I urge you to go and watch this video. In a way it shows how “our” life has been.

I was asked to give my opinion on What Fatherhood is. This is something that I have being hoping all would receive. This is a higher Order that we have been shown, over and over in the Written Word. Many have not seen it, and many WILL NOT receive it because they feel that glory is being taken away from I AM. When in fact, this is His Plan. We are to come back to where we came forth from. And I AM walks through the NT to show us the Pattern. HE, not the man Jesus, wants to be seen through and as US. I will try to go step by step, the way I received this revelation. IF some are tired of hearing it, read something else while others hear and learn. To me, I never tire of hearing what is rising within me, and others, AS US.

I want to start with I AM. HE/SHE brought us forth out from within Him/Herself. Many of us were coming forth AFTER the Garden, the “fall from the Garden, and as we were born from the womb of our earthly Mom and Dad. So, I would like to go over what the Written Word tells us.

First, I want us to look at the Pattern that I AM set for us.

Gen. 1:1-31. If you see, I AM created the heaven and the earth. (vs. 1) This is the entire chapter, that I AM did the creating. He brought forth ALL that was brought forth, OUT OF HIM/HERSELF. There was NO-THING to create from, EXCEPT HIM/HERSELF. And EVERYTHING that was created, HE WAS WELL PLEASED WITH. That means that EVERYTHING showed ONLY HIS/HERSELF glory. All was in one accord, in Him/HER. There was NO-THING that He/She was not pleased with. (Gen.1:12, 1:18, 1:21, 1:25, 1:31). You see that nowhere was I AM NOT PLEASED. Since everything came out from within Him/Her, how could ANYONE not be pleased? Are WE pleased with evil, opposites, good and bad, right and wrong? I am sure that everyone says a big NO to that question. Now, to I AM, ALL that He/She created, that is what He/She sees, RIGHT NOW. He sees ONLY the way HE/SHE created everything, PERFECT, as He/She is perfect. This is His/Her NOW. No tomorrow, and no yesterday. The way HE/SHE sees things, that IS the way things are, regardless what the natural mind tells us. Ok, now look at Chapter 2.

Chapter 2:1-3. We see here, in these verses that the same I AM made or created all that was created and then HE/SHE STOPPED HIS/HER WORK. Now grasp this. When you stop working and rest, what do you do? NOTHING, you rest and you behold what you did. This is what I AM has been doing, RESTING. Now, when I AM finished His/ Her work, He shows us, in the Written Word, that all He/She created, was created in SPIRIT FORM, or the SPIRIT REALM. Let me show you this.

Gen. Chapter 2:4-5, “These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens. And every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew/ for the Lord God had not caused it to rn upon the earth, and there was not man to till the ground. But there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground.”

To show that I AM created all in the Spirit realm, we must notice several things, in these verses.

VS 4) “these are the generations…” In I AM, there is no TIME. So, how can “generations” be counted, UNLESS they were NOT in the Spirit realm. Generations IS TIME. TIME originated on the earthly realm.

VS 4) “in the day that the LORD GOD made the earth and the heavens…” Notice, LORD GOD. God’s Hebrew word (given by men), LORD GOD, is Eloheim, as was the word “God”, in chapter one. ELOHEIM means “plural God”. Not plural gods. ONE GOD. The “MAN” that came forth, out of “God”, IS EVERY PERSON!! And at that time, that “MAN” was EXACTLY as God was. MAN, or “plural God” was ONE IN GOD, and the same as when God brought him/them forth. They knew all that I AM knew. In fact, the plural God was in HIS/HER image. The plural God, like God, DID NOT KNOW, EXPERIMENTALLY, or LIVE in a natural body. (Natural, as natural was meant to be. What we NOW consider “natural” SHOULD BE THE NORMAL TO US.) God did not live in a physical body. And the plural God were also CREATORS, as was God. AS ARE WE!! Remember, the plural came out from within God and was in His/Her image.

VS 5, “And every plant of the field BEFORE IT WAS IN THE EARTH, and every herb of the field BEFORE IT GREW; for the LORD GOD has not caused it to rain upon the earth, AND THERE WAS NOT A MAN TO TILL THE GROUND.”

When I first allowed the Spirit, the ME WITHIN THIS FLESH BODY, to rise up within me, the first question that I asked was, “well why wasn’t there a man to till the ground? What happened to the MAN that was created in Chapter One? And God created all plants, and herbs, why weren’t they growing? The reason? Because in Chapter One, EVERYTHING was created in the Spirit realm. In Chapter Two, the plural God started creating, the flesh. The plural God, US, came to this physical realm to learn to do as God had told us to do, AND WE AGREED TO COME HERE. TO DO WHAT WE WERE TOLD TO DO IN Gen. 1:28-30. As we know or are remembering, EVERY WORD IN THE SPIRIT HOLDS A DIFFERENT MEANING TO IT OTHER THAN WHAT THE EARTHEN MIND THINKS. Every thing named in Chapter One, holds a Spiritual meaning to it, and most of those things that were created in Chapter One IS WITHIN US. Trees, flows of the air; heaven, etc. are all within us to learn to take dominion of. (IS. 40:6-8 among other scriptures). As all is transformed by the renewing of our mind, HE/SHE RISES UP IN, THROUGH and AS US. Our memory is returning. Hallelujah!! The plural God, has been EXPERIENCING living in this realm; taking dominion of all that does not bring forth His Nature and allowing Him/Her to rise AS US. When the church tells us that MAN can do nothing, they are right. IF you think you are MAN, you cannot do anything. But you see, WE ARE NT MAN, WE ARE A SPIRIT BEING LIVING IN A FLESH BODY. WE are beginning to take dominion of it and all that comes against it. As this happens God becomes visible. Not with the eyes of the natural, but as we see as He/She sees. And He/She only sees what He/She created and the way it has remained, because GOD CANNOT CHANGE!! It is the natural eyes seeing, and the natural minds telling us that we are something other than what we were came forth OUT OF HIM. You see, our mind has fallen so far away from the mind that we REALLY HAVE, the CHRIST MIND. The LORD GOD with all of the power and wisdom and love of the TRUE IMAGE THAT WE ARE, listened to the natural mind. This is how evil was created(Gen 1:5, IS 45:7-8, IS 54:16, and other scriptures). There was NO EVIL in God, of Chapter One; but in the plural God, the LORD GOD, as HE/SHE/US became captured by the things of the earthen realm, WE, THE LORD GOD created the evil, or began seeing evil, good and bad, opposites, and believed what the earthen mind told us. (Proverbs 23:7)

Proverbs 23:7, For as he thinketh in his heart (mind), SO IS HE!! Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart (mind) is not with thee.” As we believe, we manifest that being. What we focus on, magnifies, or just becomes bigger in our beliefs. And our words then claim the lies of the natural man, as truth. What are we told about our words?

Proverbs 18:21, “life and death ARE in the power of the tongue and they that love it, shall eat of its fruits.” Now, throughout all of this, REMEMBER WHO AND WHAT WE ARE, WE ARE CREATORS!! Just as God of Gen. One, God THOUGHT a thought; He then SPOKE that thought; and finally, what He/She spoke, MANIFESTED. It is the same with us.

Back to Gen. 2:5. Notice, it was the LORD GOD that caused it to rain. We know that in the physical, nothing can live without water. The plants, the herbs , the grass, the trees were brought into visibility by the LORD GOD. Physical rain. Physical greenery began growing. Elohim created all this. Plural God brought all this into visibility. And you see, God of Chapter One, WAITED, IS WAITING for the plural God to MANIFEST so that He/She is no longer, “the invisible God”. The plural God is remembering their True Identity (like the prodigal son) and He is being seen, here on the earth, through and as Who He/She is and Who we are. ONE!!

Ok, I want to share the Pattern that God made for us to follow. I am sure if you study all this out, you will receive understanding as to WHO we are. Now let’s look at that Pattern.

First of all, what is it that we know about God? (John 4:24, 2 Cor 3:17, Eph 4:4-6) He/She is a Spirit Being. Now, what did we just see, WE ARE IN HIS/HER IMAGE (regardless of what the flesh mind tells us). We are the plural God. We are a Spirit Being that lives in a body. IF the body was US, it would ALL be all over when the body dies. This body is a vehicle. He/She is Spirit, and We are Spirit. And since there is ONLY ONE SPIRIT, that means WE ARE THE SAME SPIRIT HE/SHE IS. Ok, let’s go on the next part of the Pattern we are to walk into.

He/She MANIFESTED IN THE FLESH. (1Timothy 3:16) “….God manifested in the flesh…” He/She took on a flesh form, the man Jesus. We are told that Jesus laid aside His Deity (forgot or turned loose of the memory that He was God) and became as A MAN. To be a Pattern, God had to become exactly as man was. (Phil 2: 5-8, the LIVING BIBLE). This is so clear.

“Your attitude should be the kind that was shown us by Jesus Christ, who , though HE WAS GOD, He did not did not demand and cling to his rights as God, but laid aside his might power and glory, TAKING THE DISGUISE OF A SLAVE AND BECOMING LIKE MEN. And He humbled Himself even further, going so far as actually to die a criminal’s death on a cross.” Let me ask a question; CAN GOD DIE? No, we all know that. God took on flesh, as the man Jesus, to SHOW US (or to give us a Pattern, if you will) that, yes, WE CANNOT DIE EITHER!! We have eternal life. When the body decays, we go right on living and REMEMBERING UNTIL we are FULLY AWAKEND TO OUR TRUE IDENTITY! SOME WILL NOT SEE DEATH TO THE PHYSICAL BODY, this will/does depend on our belief, of what He has told us about Ourself/Him/Her. This is step two of His/Her Pattern. He manifested in a flesh body, and so did we. WE forgot our True Identity, and HE TURNED LOOSE OF HIS/HERS, so He/She could be a flesh person, and show us that we are on a journey BACK to Who we are.

Step three of the Pattern. (John 17:5), And now, O FATHER, glorify thou me WITH THINE OWN SELF with the glory WHICH I HAD WITH THEE BEFORE THE WORLD WAS.” The body that God had lived in, Jesus, so that God could be ONE IN US, JUST AS WE ARE ONE IN HIM, died on the cross and RE-TURNED TO FATHERHOOD. God wanted to be VISIBILE: He/She wanted to be ALL IN ALL. And He/She die and IS. WE are RE-TURNING to Fatherhood too. Some more quickly than others. It depends on our determined BELEIF in what we allow to rise in us, through us, and AS US. Each of us are reflections of Him/Her. Individual reflections of Him/Her, but all ONE IN HIM/HER. The death of Jesus on the cross, is symbolic of OUR DEATH ON THE CROSS WITH JESUS (Rom 6) and the mind being raisen to the Truth of Who He/She tells Us that we are. WE have travelled the Pattern and now We are MANIFESTING and BEING IT! Just as the Pattern showed us. He/She is being seen, through and as Us and Us as Him/Her.

Now we are believing and manifesting what He/She has told us.

1) “As He is, in this world (present arrangement), SO ARE WE.”

2) “Of His fullness, have we ALL RECEIVED.”

3) “Jesus thought it not ROBBERY to be equal with God”.

4) “God is no respecter of persons”. (this includes the man Jesus)

There are so many scriptures that tells us Who we are and the journey we are on. We are returning to Fatherhood. What is Fatherhood? ALL THAT HE/SHE IS. His/Her nature. His/Her power. His/Her caring about others, not ourself. His/Her BEING. I call Him/Her/Me, IT, because there is neither male nor female in the Spirit that He/She is. Of course, our eyes, mind, teachers, preachers, will tell us that we are either a male or female. And most believe what they are told. HIS/HER thought will rise within and tell us, “help this man, this woman, this child” and right away the earthen mind will tell us, I can’t, this is my last hundred dollars”. Many “ministers”, “teachers” “Christians“, will tell us, “we are to take care of and provide for out family, first and then TRY to take care of others”. THAT IS RELIGION!! And IF you noticed, our Pattern NEVER ONE TIME SOLD A THING to people, can all who call themselves TRUTH, say that? when even THEY don’t believe or at least ACT LIKE THEY DON”T believe that He tells us this? When He/She says, “be gone, I never knew you”. that does not mean that He/She has stopped loving anyone, it means, “I never knew the NATURE that you are manifesting”. He will never stop loving anyone. It is just that people are not ALLOWING Him/Her to manifest through them. But no matter how long it takes, HIS/HER PLAN WILL BE MANIFESTED. We see the disciples leave home, family, material things, to go, sometimes (most of the time) into danger for preaching His/Her truth. THEIR DEPENDANCE WAS IN GOD. They knew that He would provide what was NEEDED, not things that were wanted. OUR dependence has to be in Him, and do as HE will do THROUGH US AND AS US.

Fatherhood is BEING IT. Not just saying it, or claiming it. I wonder what we would say if He told us, “Leave all and everything and go, LET ME BE SEEN THROUGH YOU.” Would we leave our family; our loved ones; our children; our homes, everything that we have worked 40, 50, 60 years to get? IF not, we are not manifesting the TRUE IDENTITY that we are. This is not condemnation, it is reality. It is this lie and nature we have been in, death. And it will remain in death, even on the other side, UNTIL He is manifested through and as all. By “being in death”, I don’t mean death as we have thought, because there is NO DEATH, it is another lie that we have been existing in. LIFE IS HIM/HER. Nothing more, nothing less. There are the firstfruits that are beginning to BE, to allow HIM/HER to be seen, right here on earth. Having no cares but His cares. His love. His compassion. HIS NATURE.




APRIL 4, 2008

I want to look at two things: Who, What I Am and Who, What I am not. What I receive from within, I receive in very simple terms, but, find it difficult to put it into words. One thing that I AM learning is that our language will definitely change. This language is the language of the Spirit realm. We see some that think that IF they speak words out of the bible, that doesn’t fit in with the “time” we are in; that will make them SEEM more Spiritual. Most, when I talk to them, I do not understand what they even say. But, to each his own. Our Pattern spoke words that even a child could understand, their meaning, because Spirit has always been simplicity. WE have made things so hard to be understood. But the truth is that we do not even HAVE TO TRY to be Spiritual. We are Spiritual, we are a Spirit Being, so all we have to do, is just stop trying to be something; or appear as something, other than What and Who we are. The earthen mind has put the idea in us that we cannot talk as we always have; we have to talk “Spiritually”. We have made things so hard on ourselves. It is like it was with Eve. She wanted to be something that she already was, and of course, that thought came from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. She fooled herself. That’s what we have been doing. We have been trying to get someplace; and be something that we have always been, all along. Now, we must stop “trying” and just BE IT!! We ask, “why do I feel so uncomfortable width=’100%’ saying that I AM, I AM? Why do I feel like I am blaspheming? Taking glory away from God?” Simple, we have been living “religion”, carnality and the truth is coming forth and taking the place of it.

FATHERHOOD IS NOT A PERSON!! IT IS NOT A PLACE!! It is a BEING. Where does Father live? EVERYWHERE! So that means that ALL is in Him/Her, whether they know it or not. Just like in the beginning EVERYTHING was in Him/Her. Nothing has changed, it is still the same. (ECC.1:9-10). We have been thinking with the natural mind, so of course, EVERYTHING SEEMS new to us. But, nothing is new; we ARE Who and What we were in the beginning; we ARE WHERE we were in the beginning. Just as Jesus lived on the physical earth, He walked in the Spirit realm. So can we. So let’s look at some of this. I want to give what I see, and get this sharing finished before any more tricks my computer wants to play! lol

WE, just like I AM, did not always have these bodies. WE stepped into them and stepped into this realm that we call earth. We were taught that because we live on earth, we are human beings. How false those words are. Just like we are told in Phil. 2, in the LIVING BIBLE, we agreed with I AM to come here DISGUISED as something other than what we were/are. Physical is visible, so we stepped into these bodies. BUT, this disguise DID NOT CHANGE WHO AND WHAT WE ARE; OUR THOUGHTS, OUR THINKING MADE US THINK THAT WE ARE SOMETHING THAT WE ARE NOT. I know that I have said it hundreds of times, IF anyone THINKS that they are this body that we exist in, then they have NO HOPE of life eternal. It would mean that when the body dies, then that is the end of everything about us. But, because of the MERCY AND GRACE of I AM, life will go on, after one sees physical death. And it might take eons to awaken to the truth of our Being, but, thanks to I AM, they go on learning, remembering.

We are awakening to the truth of our Being. We are realizing that we got so entangled with the physical, material world, that we forgot the truth of our Being. And as we awaken, the truth MANIFESTS IN THIS EARTHEN REALM. These bodies that we have been wearing will appear in another form. Like the body that the flesh man, Jesus/I AM wore. That body could be unseen when desired; it could have blood, when blood was needed to show that I AM had became as man; it NEVER had to see death, EXCEPT WHEN NEEDED. You see, our mind had become so ruled by the material that we had TO SEE A FLESH MAN DIE AND RESURRECT!! This is why I AM put on the form of a flesh body, called Jesus, to show us that What and Who we really are, could do it too. I AM was never a respecter of persons and HE/SHE didn’t just give Jesus all that I AM was, oh no!! Read John 1:16, WE ALL HAVE RECEIVED THE FULLNESS OF I AM!!! And this was given BEFORE we ever came forth out of I AM. We have had His/Her fullness forever, we just forgot. We are and were in His/Her image, what was I AM? The Holy Spirit. This is a rough one for most to understand, and they will not open themselves enough to accept what the Being within these bodies speak, but we are the SAME Spirit that I AM IS! The NT tells us, “There is ONE SPIRIT…”, so take this to Him/Her, allow Him/Her to raise understanding in you.

In Luke :15, 41,53, 67: Acts 2:2, 4:8,31, 9:17, 13:9, Eph 5:19, speak of being filled with the Spirit. Now, Eph 5:19 speaks differently than the other scriptures:

Eph 5:13-19, “But all things that are reproved (DISCOVERED) are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light. Wherefore he saith, AWAKE thou that sleepeth, and ARISE from the dead, and Christ (God’s Life flowing through a people) shall give thee light. See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise. Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is. And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess, but BE FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT. SPEAKING TO YOURSELVES in psalms and hymns and spiritual song, singing and making melody in your heart (mind) to the Lord.”

Oh WOW!!! There is SO MUCH in these verses IF you allow openness within yourself. This word, “FILLED” does not mean what we have been taught that it means. In Strong’s, the number for this word is #4130. It means; imbue, influence, supply, ; specifically, to FULFILL, accomplish, furnish.

Looking into how these verses would read with these definitions, gives LIGHT to us. First, “all things that are reproved” , the word “reproved” means DISCOVERED; if you have a King James Bible with a reference in the middle of the page, it tells us what the word “reproved” means in this verse. What is a revelation to us? It is a DISCOVERY and “are made manifest”. This discovery is made to be seen. How? “BY THE LIGHT”!!! Are we not told that we are the light of the world, just as Jesus was! It is then that we are told to AWAKE! And then we are told to be influence, to fulfill, to supply the Spirit. How do we do this? The next words tell us; “BY SPEAKING TO YOURSELF!!” WHO IS US? I AM. We go within and listen to what is being said. And just as God and Adam, in the Garden, we SPEAK to OURSELVES in SINGING, in making MELODY in our MIND, the Christ MIND. God SANG to Adam in the cool of the day!! We are to do the same. Hallelujah!! Oh I hope you see this. Read it over and over again. Study out the definition; and go within. Be open to receive. And remember this; MAN WROTE THE BIBLE!! We have to listen and be told what all the verses really say to us. God inspired the words, but with MAN writing the bible, they put what was inspired, in THEIR LANGUAGE. EXACTLY like us NOW learning to speak Spiritual things with Spiritual understanding. Remember, “first the natural and then the Spiritual.” Just as I AM expands, we too must allow the expansion of our mind and thinking.

The thinking with the natural mind has caused us to be something that we are not. The natural thinking makes us WANT MORE MATERIAL THINGS. The renewing of our minds makes us to be loving, compassion, forgiving, not thinking of ourselves, but think of others FIRST. Isn’t that what the Pattern did? The medical fields are learning that the being unforgiving causes illness; unloving makes us not care about others, regardless of what we say to the contrary. It is His/Her NATURE we must allow to come forth from within us. And that takes PRACTICE. Call it forth and then just allow it to come forth. We ARE CREATORS. We have ALL that He/She is and has. Why worry about ourselves? We need to be more concerned to help other to open their mind, and we are the Examples that reveals to others of Who we are. Doesn’t John 1:16 tell us that we have receivED His/Her fullness? Then we have control over all the negativities that the carnal mind tells us about. We don’t have to RESIST the carnal mind, resisting just gives power to whatever we try to fight. We need to come to the place where we are not concerned with things that have been in our lives; habits, feelings, desires etc. etc, and ESPECIALLY what “religious” folks will say. Just know that within, WE have the control and the power and speak these things gone, AND THEN FORGET THEM. THEN you will see them fall away from the mind, and that’s when the transformation manifests. Several people that I have talked to are experiencing this, just as I AM also. Dear Ones, we must stay in the frame of the Spiritual mind. We must keep our focus on HIS/HER truths. Why would He/Her tell us, “As I AM, so are you?” We would not be told that if it were not true. So it is much easier to think on HIS/HER truths, than to wonder, “Will this ever happen?” Thoughts like that SHOWS that we do not BELIEVE HIM!! Think about it. WE worry about what the brothers and sisters say if they know what we are believing? WHO CARES!!! They will be here too, when they awaken! JUST BE IT!!! Don’t TRY, just think on the truth and it will manifest, please believe me. CHOOSE Who you want to be. Desire it. BE IT. Let I AM be seen here on earth in a flesh body; and still be in the Spiritual realm at all times. IT is MANIFESTING, NOW!!

I didn’t get to all that I want to share, in this part. So we will continue in the next part.

I will keep this word coming forth until my computer goes completely down; BUT my sweet daughter in law told me that if and when it goes, I can come over and use her computer; she will even allow me to use hers. I will be able to “sub address” (I don’t remember the word she used, but we have the same ISP, and I will be able to create another identity on her computer. Bless her heart. That is LOVE.



I was talking to a couple, Garry and Dianne today and was SO blessed to hear what I AM said through and as them. (This is the couple who bought me a new computer that I might continue to send out what I AM hearing deep within me.) What a MUCH NEEDED blessing!! Plus a brother and his wife, Charlie and Pam, bought me a very nice printer) I spoke with today, shared what is rising up from within them.

Both couples spoke the same thing; which is the same the same words that are rising up within many today. Garry does a lot of traveling, in his work, all over the US and in many other countries too. What he spoke to me went hand and hand with what this series is all about. BEING!!!! He said that he feels that, wherever he travels and at home, he and Dianne live a life of BEING. Not religion, but BEING. It is obvious that I AM IS manifesting and being seen AS Garry, Dianne, Charlie and Pam.

Walking into Fatherhood is not TRYING to do or TRYING to BE. IT IS JUST BEING!! After all IT IS HIS/HER LIFE, not ours. It is ours when we focus on Who and What we are. Have you ever been with someone and you could just feel the PRESENCE coming forth from that person? That is how it was like while I spoke to these folks today. It wasn’t RELIGIOUS; we didn’t speak RELIGIOUSLY, we were just joined as ONE BODY, while all four are different REFLECTIONS of I AM. This is walking in the heavenlies, while being on earth. Hallelujah!!

As I spoke with these precious people, it was like a neon sign flashing: “This is why the losing of your trailer came to be.” I knew that there was a reason, even though, at first it was a shock. But now I know, I will be personally meeting many Who are BEING!! I AM free to go wherever I will go and meet and EXPERIMENTALLY MEET this ONE Who is manifesting; EXPERIMENTALLY enjoy the ONENESS that we all are. The meeting that will come to be will NOT be like a regular meeting, no, it will BE KNOWING that HIS BODY, the BODY OF I AM, is together. I look forward to the sharing that will come from each one, making what we are all hearing from our inwardness, COMPLETE the picture. Glorious blessings!!!

Walking into Fatherhood IS NOT a person, yet, at the same time IT is One person, I AM. We are truly in a glorious day, as I said, WE ARE THE DAY!! Not only are we being taken out of religion, but we are having religion taken out of us.

Walking into Fatherhood is like two people dancing. One is going forward and the one they are dancing with is going backward. I AM in coming forward in/as us; and we are going backward into where we came out of, I AM!! As ONE, we are in perfect step!! Just speaking these words brings such JOY rise within me and I know it does others too.

In the last part of this series I said that we have to learn to speak completely differently!! It has always been “me, us, ours, yours” and now there is no “we, us, mine, yours”, now knowing I AM’S true Identity AS Who and What we are, it is all I AM. I AM does the giving; I AM does the hearing; I AM is doing the experiencing. It is all I AM.

Walking into Fatherhood is FOLLOWING the PATTERN that I AM left us. The Pattern of Being a Spirit Being: then manifesting in this natural realm, then RETURNING TO WHERE WE BEGAN, IN AND AS ONE IN HIM. Fatherhood is BEING in the natural world, as we are in the Spiritual. No TRYING, just BEING. It IS NOT wondering, “When will I begin to do miracles, as the flesh man, Jesus, did?” Well, the answer is simple. SEE THE WAY I AM SEES!! He/She doesn’t see sickness; loss; need; bad; good; right; and wrong. He/She sees ALL THINGS the way He/She brought things into being. “He looked at it and it was GOOD, it was VERY GOOD.” (Genesis)

“His work is PERFECT” (Duet. 32:4)

“The Lord looks at the heart, not the OUTWARD APPEARANCE.” (1Sam. 16:70)

“He is our Pattern” 1Tim 1:16

Remember, John 1:16, “And of His fullness have we ALL receivED.” Within us IS HIS FULLNESS. It has always been in us, because we have ALWAYS BEEN IN HIM!! The problem was, is that we STOPPED LOOKING AT THINGS THE WAY THEY WERE BROUGHT FORTH, we did not hold on to the way I AM STILL SEES THINGS!! Which has made it impossible to bring forth the MANIFESTATION OF THE WAY THINGS REALLY ARE, into this realm!!

(1) I AM made all things, perfect.

(2) I AM STILL sees things as they really are. (the way He made them)

(3) Even NOW I AM DOES NOT SEE the outward appearance of things.

(4) HE IS THE PATTERN (the truth hidden IN US) that we are to follow.

(5) HE GAVE US HIS FULLNESS to RENEW our thinking.

In order to renew our mind, we must be determined to keep OUR FOCUS ON WHAT I AM SEES!

Rom 11:36, “For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things: to whom be glory for ever. Amen.”

For OF= For OUT FROM WITHIN HIM, and THROUGH=because of, denoting the channel of an act, for reason of; and TO him are ALL things!! ALL things are for, to, and out from within Him. Soooooooooo…..that means ALL THINGS. The things that we have been seeing as “evil”; things that are “of the devil”, all things that are “impure”. Think about it, we have been calling HIM ALL THESE THINGS!!

Titus 1:15, “to the pure ALLTHINGS are pure…”

2Peter 3:1, “This second epistle, beloved, I now write unto you; in both which I stir up your minds BY WAY OF REMEMBRANCE.”

1John 3:2-3, “Beloved, NOW are we the sons of God, AND IT DOES NOT YET APPEAR WHAT WE SHALL BE : bUT WE KNOW THAT, WHEN he SHALL APPEAR, WE SHALL BE LIKE HIM; FOR WE SHALL SEE HIM AS HE IS. And every man that hath this hope in him PURIFIETH HIMSELF, even as he is pure.”

Can you see that we are NOW sons of God. BUT…..IT DOES NOT YET APPEAR WHAT WE SHALL BE!!!!! Now IF we ARE NOW sons of God (remember how long ago this was written), and have been all this time, and yet it goes on to say IT DOES NOT YET APPEAR WHAT WE SHALL BE….!!! Then there is another Rank and Order that we are to go on INTO….. FATHERHOOD….THE VERY FATHERHOOD THAT WE CAME FORTH FROM, WITHIN HIM!! Which we, like the flesh man Jesus, MUST THINK IT NOT ROBBERY TO BE EQUAL WITH GOD!!

The Spirit is making the DEAD LETTER ALIVE. The TRUTH is being understood by I AM’S FIRSTFRUITS!! The Fruit of His/Her loins. He is being REPRODUCED by Him/Herself. We are Elohim, plural God. So WE must remember, that ALL THINGS ARE PURE. And when we see, experience, hear things that we THINK is impure, THEN IS WHEN WE MUST RAISE OUR FOCUS TO BE STAYED ON I AM.

How do we walk into Fatherhood? “by way of REMEMBRANCE!!” We MUST remember that all things that I AM brought forth is PURE, PERFECT, COMPLETED. We MUST see as I AM sees things. And when we see something that we might think is not PURE, that is when we know that we have allowed our FOCUS to fall back to the natural way of thinking and seeing!!

Remember, what we focus on, we are MAGNIFYING. What happens when we magnify something? That thing just GETS BIGGER. Now IF are focus in on I AM, the thing that we were magnifying gets smaller and smaller and smaller, until it is not seen. Why? Because by focusing and magnifying I AM, all else loses power to BE and what we ARE focusing on is all that we see.

This new (to us) Order that we are now in, IS THE MANIFESTING OF I AM in, and AS US. Yes, we are babes in this higher realm of understanding. Like each rank and Order that we have walked through, so far, we began as babes. But, we did not STAY BABES. I AM rose in us, in each of the ranks and orders, then we became MATURE SONS. But we are NOT to stay there either, being a son. No, we are to enter the next order and walk our way up in the new ranks that we will/are rising up in, AS I AM

Oh, my dear ones. We must forget RELIGION!! We MUST stop TRYING TO BE SOMETHING THAT WE ALREADY ARE!! We ARE THE PATTERN!! And it is like my dear friend (the same ONENESS that we are) said, “Dianne and I just go wherever we go and just BE!!” What a way to live!! Where they see help needed, they give. Love is SHOWN. Not in order to receive, but because they ARE LOVE, the LOVE OF I AM. When people say, “oh I will give when I AM tells me to”. Well, WHO ARE YOU??? It is when YOU know where, to who, and when to help others. GET THE RELIGION OUT OF IT, FOLKS!!! I won’t water this down, IF you say, “well I haven’t “been told” to give, then you are fooling yourself and are not following the Pattern. IT IS OTHERS THAT WE ARE TO THINK OF, NOT OURSELVES, because there IS NO MORE “ourselves”, it is all I AM. It is not just giving. It is loving that I AM to give. It is the healing that I AM is giving. It is the particular REFLECTION that we are. Whether it be musical healing; teaching; being hospitable; sharing; ALL THINGS THAT I AM IS. We don’t stop and think “is this what I AM to do?” Just do it, BE IT!!

I will say this, we are now at the day that our most precious thing, to us, (possession-wise) that we might hear, let go of it. Right away the natural mind will say, “Oh that’s not the Spirit saying that, it’s my religious mind talking”. Well, believe me, IT WILL COME TO YOU, and you will know, I AM to do this. Whether you follow that Voice or not is up to you. And if you do follow that Voice, you will see that there is a reason for it. You may not know that reason, right away, but you will come to understand the reason. HOW BEAUTIFUL IS I AM!!!

And we will endure the same things as the flesh man Jesus did. When you say I AM WHO I AM, you will be thought of as Jesus was. “He is possessed of by a demon”, “you are into a cult” etc. etc. You will lose friends, because they will think you are losing it. But, ALL that we might be faced with; whatever is said about us, IS WORTH IT. No, we are not going to have an easy way of it, but that is when we must raise our FOCUS, and let the words slide right off our backs. We do not have to go around saying, “I AM”. But, we won’t deny our BEING, when asked.

So, I hope some answers have been answered in this series. I encourage you to just keep OPEN, let it come forth. Don’t TRY to be more “Godly”. YOU ALREADY ARE!! Don’t make the same mistake that Adam and Eve did. JUST BE IT, I AM.

In His love.

It is understandable for a child to be afraid of the dark; but, why would an adult be afraid of the LIGHT?


BE IT- BE IT- BE IT, Parts 1-5 [Linda Keith] Year 2008          1


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