Behold, I Make All Things New!

Where Man Meets His Maker




Our Father has instituted a new meeting place in the earth between himself and His people. It is His living temple!

Formerly, in the wilderness He instructed Moses how to construct a central meeting place where once a year the priest could meet God in the Holy of Holies behind the veil. God’s plan for a meeting place was carried forward in Jerusalem in the construction of the outer temple that King Solomon built.

With the coming of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world, the meeting place between God and man was moved from an outer building into the living temple within. The Holy Spirit planted the living temple seed in Mary as the third person of the God family moved upon her. This new temple was not constructed with hands. It was constructed by the Spirit of the Living God to be His eternal dwelling place!

In Jesus Christ, our Father moved from an unorganic stone temple to the organic living temple within man. This living temple produces spiritual seed, which is then planted and produces more spiritual seed. In Jesus, the first spiritual seed fell into the ground and came up at Pentecost when the Holy Spirit did what had been promised. As one hundred and twenty persons waited in one mind for the seed to be planted in them, suddenly one hundred and twenty persons became new living temples, as they were filled with the Spirit of the living Christ. 

Since Pentecost there have been six days or ages of God’s planting the Christ seed worldwide while that world slept! The Holy Spirit has been very busy reforming individuals everywhere into living temples of God. In His own mysterious way, our Father moved from the corporate outer temple into the individual living temple. Why? Because it is not possible for all the people of the world to come to Him in one place.  Instead of all the people coming to Him corporately in the old meeting place, Jerusalem, in Christ in you, God has come to each one individually. This is the Holy Spirit’s New Testament order. By the Spirit of Christ, our living New Testament, He become our temple within. Access to the Temple of God is everywhere present on the planet. You and I are His new meeting place!

On the cross the veil that separated God and man was torn in two. The power has been released to unveil the kingdom within each individual heart. But each person must choose to enter the Holy of Holies within himself individually, for each person is a unique temple. Thus, the veil to be removed now is no longer the veil in an outer temple in Jerusalem. It is the veil in each individual heart! A spiritual paradigm shift took place at Pentecost. This was the shift from the outer stone temple where people gathered corporately, to the temple that is within each individual heart. At Pentecost, fire on each head signified the change. For those who are being led to make this shift but haven’t “seen” the temple of the indwelling Christ, the Holy Spirit, the third person of the God family, comes at exactly the right time to remove the veil individually. This happened to me. Suddenly I could “see” the living kingdom I had become. It was the work of the Holy Spirit, not any work of my own.

When an individual has this revelation of the kingdom before Him and within Him, for the first time he or she sees with new eyes an entirely new dimension of Spirit. His new spiritual vision “sees” that oneness with Christ means he is under the sovereign control of perfect love that casts out fear. There is such peace, joy and rest within him that he wants to shout it from the housetops so that all the world may know life comes from within! There is no death to fear, no oppressive government, no lack of anything needful that can withstand the inner knowing of the truth that makes us free. The omnipresent God is all!

To summarize, we’re being moved away from building magnificent outer temples, our place to meet God, to the realization, He has made us His living temples. The meeting place is no longer ‘out there’ but, ‘in here’! God has given us a magnificent body temple that He may live in us as Emmanuel, God with us! His desire is to reign in all our circumstances, revealing through us His sovereign love that accepts the unique value of each person. Lord, may Thy will be done, Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven, beginning with me!





























































BEHOLD, I MAKE ALL THINGS NEW [Marvin E. Cope] 9-4-97          1


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