Behold The King Lord Christ Jesus


AUGUST 13,  2005

He Is The One Who hung on The Cross As Savior of Man ( Kind ) ; The One Who died for every person, that we should not have to face death and the grave. He died as the humanity of us, and arose to Be The Christ Life As Us. Romans: 5:10 He Is Our Life. Read also: 5:11.

Jesus Christ Is The Savior of The Body and the souls individuality; The Spirit Within Each Man always Being Whole. It is written, That when He Shall Appear, We Shall Be Like Him.

Jesus may never be separated from Christ for He Is The Son of God, The Only Begotten, and The Son of Man. He May never be separated from His Body for That Is His New Creation, Us. He revealed His Eternal Fullness on The Mount of Transfiguration As He showed The Reality of His True Being. At the same time, He revealed Who We Are In Christ Jesus; His Glorified Body.

It is important to know that to separate, In Word, Jesus from Christ would be the same as separating Your Spirit from Your Body; Your mortal body having been quickened at the resurrection. ( Behold, I make all things new. )

Sin and acceptance of imagined separation was done away by the shedding of His blood once in the end of the world, at which time, man was reconciled to Our Father. The prodigal returned home, a new creature, not by works of the law, but by Father’s Adoring Grace. Thus, The Marriage Supper of The Lamb; The Promise was fulfilled.

Now Dear New Creation Friends, I, in Love, will take this occasion to state that there is no exception to the resurrection. He Is Risen As One New Man, without sin or belief of separation; broadcasting, proclaiming, and Being the free eternal gift of salvation, and fulfilling The Promise of God. I wish to repeat that there is no exception to The Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ, The Brilliance of Man Is Come, The Great Eternal Light has risen to take the place of every negative thought and appearance; Blessing and Honor and abundant Life now and forevermore.

I Am come, sayeth The Lord Christ Jesus, to replace the darkness of men’s hearts as I reveal Myself within. Truly, Your Lamb Nature has risen in this awakening of Its New Life.

Hear this good news now, for Jesus Christ has risen in Body, The New Creature, we see as man, Now Quickened In Truth, revealed by The Faith of The Son of God.

Without exception, He Is standing, The God Man Triumphant; First As The Gardener, Then on the road to Emmaus, then Thomas who had to feel Him, then at Pentecost. He came As a Mighty Rushing Wind, The Fiery Presence of God In Man. He came, Christ In You and As You, The Very Fullness of The Godhead In Your Body.

Now blessed is this day of The Lord King Jesus Christ Who reigns As Head of This One New Body. He Who Is Perfect In Every Way, Is Risen As Righteousness. We find Ourselves perfectly willing and anxious to bow before His Majestic Kingdom and to receive Him As He Is.

We now realize His second coming is just as the first: God In Man, and know that this Precious Kingdom Presence Is being recognized around the world, every man and woman in His or Her Own Order. We are inundated with His Grace and His Awesome Presence.

Hallelujah, Humbly, 

BEHOLD THE KING LORD CHRIST JESUS [Jim-Melba Crofford] 8-13-05         1


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