DECEMBER 1, 2003

BEHOLD our Loved One, within. BEHOLD our ATTENTIVE One, within. Oh Father, as You walk through the earth, and the earths, let each feel You, touch You, know You and who we ourselves are.  Let us Behold Him, by looking into ourselves.  Feel Him, as we touch another. Know His Love, as we pass it on to all that we meet. Allow Him to be attentive to that one, who needs attention.

Oh the Beauty, that comes forth from You… The Beauty that has been locked inside. The radiance of that Beauty brings joy to all that allows it to. Let us open our mouth and let that radiance shine forth, to all that hear Him speak, through us.

Magnify Him, as He walks where we walk. Each step is a step of Peace, Love and Beauty. Magnify Him, as He speaks. His Voice is sweet to the lost, the tired, and the unwanted.  Allow a word, to refresh that one who needs refreshing.

Let His Eyes so shine, as we look at each other. As He sees, we should also see. The Beauty that He sees is a reflection of Himself. When He sees us, He sees Himself. His Eyes Behold all as beautiful. His Eyes do not Behold any illusion. His Eyes Behold perfection, wellness, loveliness in all that He sees. He focuses on these things and nothing can draw His attention from them.

Behold the Land that He created in His Own Image. Behold it bringing forth fruit. Behold the Seed that is planted in other Lands. Behold the bud, then the bloom and then the beautiful foliage. What a Wondrous Land.

Behold the tear that falls and waters that planting. And then the planting produces more plants.

Hear His Voice, speak to our Land. Hear Him speak perfection. Hear Him say, “all is wonderful”.  Hear His Voice speak to His Beloved. Hear His Breath as it breaths Life, His LIFE to all who are resuscitated by it. Feel the warmth of His Breath. Embrace His Breath until it is being inhaled and exhaled through us.  Breath.

BE as HE IS in this world. Walk as He walks. Speak as He speaks. Hear as He hears. Feel as He feels. Touch as He touches. Know as He knows. Attend to, as He attends to. Breath as He breaths.

BEHOLD all these things, this ONE, within us, because it is HE WHO LIVES, not us.

Be blessed in Father’s Love,


BEHOLD [Linda Keith] 12-1-03         1


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