BIRTH of the SON or SUN


DECEMBER 25, 2010

This month, as the year comes to a close and most are getting ready to celebrate December 25th as the birth of Jesus, it is important to reflect on the true meaning of this event.

There is no doubt it is a magical time of year and one which I cherish! Discovering the truth has not taken away from its significance but enlarged it for me. It has revealed a piece of the divine puzzle of life which needs to be understood. It also connects Christianity to a perennial story instead of a unique one time event.

It may surprise you to know December 25th was celebrated for thousands of years before it took on the significance as the birth date of Jesus. It didn’t become the accepted date for Christmas until the middle of the fourth century and was chosen by the Catholic Church. Church Fathers even at that time, argued it was not the true birthday of Jesus and suggested many other dates were more accurate. Why then was this date chosen to celebrate the birth of Christ?

The true reason is profound and goes back to time immemorial! December 25 contains great symbolic and esoteric meaning. It points to the potential of the force know as the “Christ” which lives within all mankind! It is this potential which contains the perfect Divine reflection of the Infinite, the higher self, the Divine son born from supernatural Source which desires manifestation.

The initiates of the ancient Mysteries believed, “As above so below.” They knew what was happening in the physical was a shadow of greater things happening in the spiritual realm. This is the reason they worshiped the Sun-god who was symbolically reborn ever year on December 25 and brought with him earthly light. They understood the physical principle it embodied contained a deep esoteric message.

On December 24 at midnight the Sun which had been declining for six months, suddenly was reborn. This happened at the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. For three days and nights the Sun seemed to be “dead or in the tomb” and on the early morning of the 25th it was reborn and began its ascent again. The days then became longer and the light increased. December 25th became the end of the solstice and the birthday of the Sun to the ancient people.

This rebirth took place through a virgin because the reincarnating sun rose above the eastern horizon and proceeded through the constellation Virgo know as the virgin.

The ancient initiates also understood it symbolically portrayed the process from the natural to the divine spiritual human. Symbolizing the death of the lower self and rebirth of the divine self.

The early Roman church knew the origin of celebrating December 25 was the winter Solstice and worship of the Sun. They also knew it was celebrated by what they labeled “pagan religions.” It coincided with the Roman festival of Brumalia which celebrated the birth of the god-man Bacchus. It was also the nativity of the Persian-Roman god-man Mithra meaning “Invincible Sun,” Dionysus of Greece, Osiris and Horus of Egypt, and many others.

A cover-up of the ancient origin of December 25th was instituted by the church. They put the birth of Jesus on this date and made efforts to sever all ties to its original meaning. This was done so they could control the belief system of their followers.

Nonetheless, the date of December 25 is esoterically appropriate as it associates great world Masters with the rebirth of the Sun symbolic of the spiritual self! The cycles the Sun goes through relates to man’s descent into matter and the beginning of the long evolutionary journey back into the light of divine consciousness.

There are many other beautiful allegory in the Christmas story which parallels the ancient stories of other god-men. One striking similarity is the star in the east which guided the wise men to the birthplace of Jesus and also to other god-men. The star is symbolic of the light within our heaven which leads us to the indwelling Christ and expansion of our consciousness. It is the light which allows us to recognize the Christ within ourselves. Once we have this divine encounter just a the Magi, we can never go back the way we came!

December 25th is about the birth of God in the soil of the human soul. It contains the Universal symbol of the birth of a Savior in almost every culture, religion and tradition. What does this reveal to us today? All ancient cultures knew man was a spiritual Being experiencing a human adventure. They understood mankind is walking the path of constant birth, death, and re-birth individually and collectively. Death being symbolic of “dying” to the old state of being and re-birth into higher states. This is important to know if our heart is moving towards evolution and personal transformation.

When we understand the Christmas story veils a primal allegory revealed by the cycles of the Sun, we see it is our story too! John the Baptist arrives saying “he must decrease that the Christ increase.” Verses saying John was born six months before Jesus places his birth at the summer solstice. At the summer solstice the Sun is at its highest point and from there begins to decrease towards the winter solstice where it goes through death and rebirth. It opens the principle of our lower self (the physical sun) decreasing and dying so our higher self (the inner sun or light) can be re-born!

The Christmas story is full of esoteric symbols for us today. No room in the “Inn” is symbolic of our intellect. The Christ child cannot be born in the intellect of the mind, but must be born in the manger of the heart. Herod represents our ego which contains habitual thoughts trying to control expanded consciousness. Herod’s demand to slay all the children born at the time of Jesus’ birth represents our ego feeling threatened by new spiritual influences and trying to kill them.

Shepherds are symbolic of the humble thought process in the “field of our mind” which though in darkness, watches over the flock of inner feelings with loving care. Angels are messengers from Divine Source which come as inspiration and guidance in our lives. They bring us messages of “Good Tidings of Great Joy, Oneness and the potential of Peace on Earth with harmony and love between all mankind!”

Mary is symbolic that only pure virginal consciousness is able to birth the Christ. Ego must bow by saying, “Be it unto me according to the inner word of divine source.” The Divine child is then born in the manger of our heart, surrounded by our lower animalistic nature.

The Magi’s three gifts represents what is needed for purification of the vehicles of our personal consciousness. Myrrh is for physical, frankincense for emotional, and gold the mental. No wonder we have such feelings of love and brotherhood during the Christmas season!

By studying the past we find Christmas joy and celebrations go back to the dawn of human consciousness. The winter solstice has probably been celebrated for over 8,000 years. It is the primal story of all mankind! It reveals within each of us is a spark of Divine Light called, “Great, Son of the Highest.” This light shall grow until it reign over our lower nature forever and of its Kingdom there shall be no end!

Why, because it is timeless, birth-less and deathless! The physical Sun every year goes though the entire Cosmic Drama of the Christ/Son revealing its potential within every human being. It is always pointing us to the process which is taking us from the natural human to the Divine Spiritual human!

This season is full of magic if you approach it with child-like awe. If you are able to view through the pure, innocent single eye of light, you too can see beyond the physical into the invisible realm of your infinite potential as a Divine Being!

May you celebrate this season which connects all mankind, all spiritual tradition, and all ages with an open heart. May the physical Sun bring the realization there has been only One Divine Light lightening the way for every man which has come into the world!


BIRTH of the SON or SUN [Mary Lou Houllis] 12-25-10          1


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