“As a woman with child and about to give birth writhes, and cries out in her pain, so were we in your presence O LORD. We were with child, we writhed in pain, but we gave birth to wind. We have not brought salvation to the earth; we have not given birth to the people of the world. But your dead will live; their dead bodies will rise. You who dwell in the dust, wake up and shout for joy. Your dew is like the dew of the morning; the earth will give birth to her dead.” Isaiah 26:17-19 NIV

“This day is a day of trouble, and of rebuke, and of blasphemy: for the children (bane- sons) are come to the birth (canal), and there is no strength to bring forth.” Isaiah 37:3

The verses above reflect the past condition of the believing Church to this present day, June 1999. We have cried out to God in our times of trouble and distress. After we had exhausted all of our strength, earthly wisdom, resources and religious formulas; then we turned to God. But what have we brought forth? What has the Church really done in the past 2000 years? Where are we today, spiritually, compared to the 1st century believers?


From the times of the Dark Ages, the Reformation, until Now, God has been faithful to impregnate the Church with the Seed of Truth and revelation knowledge. We have seen the signs of the pregnancies; the growth, changes, persecution, and we have even heard her cry out in travail. However, the only thing that has come forth is wind, tainted with a religious odor.

The Wind of Justification brought forth Salvation, but did not produce Sons (bane) in the 15th century. This doctrine (wind) soon became foul with the practices of what it once protested against.

As the Church contracted and pushed yet again, she brought forth the Wind of Sanctification in the 1800’s. The tainting of this wind produced Self Righteousness, instead of true Holiness.

As the contractions came closer together, there was another shout and a push in the early 1900’s. Although the uterus was clearly open and the head could be seen, she only brought forth the Wind of Baptism in the Holy Ghost. The loud and strong winds brought forth much deception and division, along with its display of power.

As she contracted yet more throughout the 20th century, we were blown about with the Winds of Healings, Prosperity, Eschatology, and Miracles… Writhing in pain, but only bringing forth Wind.

“That we no longer be children (none speaking infants – simple minded, immature ones), tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sly devices of men plotting to deceive you.” Ephesians 4:14

While we can thank God for the Releases the Winds have brought to the Body, and can appreciate what was revealed; we should not be satisfied until there is a birthing of sons (speaking, mature, heirs).


The Prophet Isaiah says, we have not brought salvation to the earth. Isa. 26:18 What about all the great crusades, millions coming to God? For the most part it just Hot Air (wind). It Stinks! [We are not denying the good that’s been done].

Religion has been too busy competing with one another; man building his towers and kingdoms instead of the kingdom of God. In our supposed efforts to save the world, we have condemned the world with our self-righteous judgments, criticisms, and religious arrogance… all in the name of God.

Religion has been so consumed with teaching about living in a futuristic far away heaven, that it’s followers need to be re-trained how to live on earth NOW. Where is the salvation of the world? There is none! WHY?

The foul winds of doctrines have produced a modern day generation of vipers, Pharisees and hypocrites. They have shut up the kingdom of heaven against men; they don’t want to go in, neither will they permit others to enter. They have Crossed land and sea to make proselytes, giving birth to more sons of hell.

Since the majority of modern Christianity preach and believe a gospel of defeat, we see why there has been no real salvation in the earth. It preaches big satan and a little God that can only save a few, and the few in this country must be republicans. They preach about a God that’s more anxious to condemn people to hell, than to save. They say to hell with you if don’t agree with my very limited understanding of God.

This God of the new age that they’ve created must be on PROZAC or some other psychotrophic drug, because He’s about to annihilate everything. Wait, wait, just before he does, a Rapture must take place. After all, economically rich American (Canadian) Christians are too good to experience persecution, or inconveniences. We fall apart if we break a nail, miss a hair dressers appointment, don’t get the job promotion, can’t get financing for the 4th vehicle, don’t get invited to dinner, or if the Church service goes into overtime, causing us to miss part of our favorite sports game on TV. Who has got time to think about deliverance for the world; we hardly have time to talk to our family.

Around 1/4 of the world’s population profess faith in Jesus Christ. If Jesus (Messiah) were to return today as modern Christianity teaches it, that would mean that over 4 billion people would be doomed to hell forever, while 1 billion plus go off somewhere in a rapture. Where is the Victory of the Cross in that? Where is the God of Love in that? Is God really the winner is this scenario? Is that what the Bible really teaches?


The voice of the prophet yet cries out, “we have not brought salvation to the world”. Instead of seeing others as humans (brothers and sisters), we see them as Jews, Christians, Muslim, Bhuddist, Baptist, Republican, Black, White, Sinners, etc. Religion will continue to shut others out of the kingdom of heaven until the labels and categories are destroyed.

We acknowledge, and are thankful for the great works of others, and appreciate their good intentions. David had good intentions to bring the Ark of God to Jerusalem, but his method caused death. 2 Samuel 6

There is a proverb that says, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. It is those good intentions that have given birth to the sons of hell. This is why many congregations in America have been destroyed, filled with gnashing of teeth as they bite and devour one another (gossip). Places of outer darkness and torment, as they terrorize and fleece their sheep with fear tactics and manipulations.

The disturbing part of this is that so many returned to be insulted and abused, week after week, and pay for it. Matthew 23

All of the events, negative and positive that have happened over the pass 2000 years, were necessary to bring us to the greatest time in history. In fact, they were allowed by God… examples so that the future generations won’t make the same choices. Soon there will be other contractions and a push. This time she won’t bring forth wind (doctrines of men), but Sons.

(I can see, sense, and feel a birthing taking place. As I have traveled in this country and abroad for the past year, the Spirit has testified again and again. Many others are seeing the same thing, prophets and lay people alike).


The Head has been revealed. Christ is our head. The Body is being discerned through the 5-fold ministry gifts; however, the Feet have not been seen yet.

In Isaiah 6 we are introduced to a class of angels called Seraphim. They have 6 wings, 2 covering the head, 2 covering the feet, and 2 attached to the body. The only visible part of these creatures were their bodies.

Hidden in this passage are mysteries for our day. The Old Testament Believers were called the Body of Moses. It was revealed and somewhat understood through the Aaronic Priesthood and Prophets; however, the future Head was not revealed.

Jesus was looking for a place to lay his head. He said foxes have holes, birds have nest, but I have no place to lay my head. When John the Baptist (Immerser) was beheaded, the 2 wings covering the Seraphim head was revealed. Jesus (Yahshua), the Christ (Messiah) became the Head. This Body was later called the Body of Christ in contrast to the Body of Moses. Read Colossian 1:18, and Jude 9.

The word Seraphim means to be set afire. This is what takes place once the wings are no longer covering the head and feet.


Now we have the Head and Body uncovered, what about the Feet? The book of Revelation shows us what the Feet look like. Daniel had also described them as Feet of brass. This symbolizes divine judgment (ability to chose, act). The Feet also throughout scripture speak of a place of knowledge, understanding and law. Gen. 49:10, Luke 10:39

As in normal child bearing, the feet are the last to come. They are the members that carry the body where ever the head tells it to go. The feet are the foundation of the body, they are in touch with the earth as well as the head. The feet will stomp on the head of serpents, scorpions, and all the powers of your darkness. The very first prophecy in the Bible about Messiah also alludes to the Feet Ministry of today.

“..The seed of the woman shall bruise the head of the serpent, and he shall bruise his heel.” Gen. 3:15 “And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly.” Romans 16:20

Before these scriptures were ever recorded, God had already given another witness in the heavens. In the Sign House of Scorpio there is a decan (smaller constellation of stars) in the form of a man called Ophiuchus, which means the Serpent Wrestler. While wrestling with Serpens (name of a group of stars in the form of a huge serpent), he is stepping on the head of the Scorpion with one foot, while the other one is being stung by the giant Scorpion. {This is clearly seen on any planisphere, or book on astronomy}.

Both the heavens and the earth bear witness of the Birthing of Sons that began with Jesus (Yahshua), and will consummate in the new millennium.

During the Aaronic Priesthood there were only 3 parts of the high priest body visible on Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement). His Face (Head), his Hands (5-fold ministry), and his Feet. Psalms 133 deals with anointing that flowed from the Head to the Feet, skirt of his garment. The Feet could only be seen when he started walking, that’s when the anointing oil dripped to his Feet.

It’s time to start moving; we have been standing still too long. The world needs to see the Feet Ministry that will crush the head of the devil and religion. As he walked, and the oil dripped to his Feet, he left a track, a trail, a residue of the anointing everywhere he went. He showed the way into the Holy of Holies.

If the Aaronic Priesthood, under the administration of Moses, was so glorious and powerful enough to remove the sins of a nation; how much more glorious and powerful shall the Melchizedek Priesthood be under the administration of Jesus (Yahshua)?

Shall it only remit the sins of a nation (Christians)? I think not, but the sins of the world? And not only remit their sins, but bring life and immortality.

The Feet, the last part of the Body to be birthed, they will dance. There is a restoration of the Sacred Dance returning to the Body. This dance is for praise, worship, victory, the prophetic and warfare. Along with the dance God is sanctifying and raising up the ancient tribal sounds of our ancestors that once brought mankind into harmony with the Creator.


“For as soon as Zion travailed, she brought forth her children. Shall I bring to birth, and not cause to bring forth? says the Lord. Shall I cause to bring forth, and shut the womb? says your God.” Isaiah 66:8-9 KJV

For many years we’ve been faithful to keep the Feasts of the Lord, teaching others to do likewise with strong emphasis on the Feast of Tabernacles. We have been watchful of the signs in the heavens and earth, interpreting and prophesying with accuracy by the Holy Spirit through them.

In saying this, we come to a date, September 11, 1999 at sunset (by the Hebrew Calendar it will be September 12). This is called Yom Teruah, the Feast of Trumpets. For nearly 1 year I have felt inspired to warn and prepare the Body of Christ. Does God speaks dates and times to us? “Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secrets unto his servants the prophets.” Amos 3:7 The Spirit has been confirming this every place I’ve gone. I have received letters, E-mail, and heard others say that God has revealed to them also that there will be a release of Spirit in the earth this Fall.

All of creation has been anxiously waiting, groaning and travailing for the manifestation of the sons of God. September 11, 1999 – the birthing of these sons will take place. “This does not mean that you will see immediate change, but there will be a release and a shift of energies in the spirit realm. Those that have sought the Face of God, and prepared themselves, shall be taken into another dimension. As there will be a release of God’s anointing in the earth, there will also be a release negative energies, but those destined to be sons will be protected. As the Seraphim declared the holiness of God and His glory filling the earth, so shall you begin seeing the manifestation of this. For I shall rise up with a new voice in the earth says the Lord. It will be new to many that have not been able to hear. For many shall for the first time begin to hear what the Spirit is saying. Many that have lived in the dust of carnality shall wake up and shout for joy.

Know this, there shall also be shouts and cries of anguish and pain brought on by spirits of destruction that were also reserved to be released during this time. Many shall be destroyed over the next several years instantly. Swift destructions by bombs, and frequent commercial air crashes, and disasters at sea.

As the noises of cries and shouts of joy ascend to the heavens, the shouts of joy shall overpower the cries of pain. The nations will be made ready for the outpouring of My Spirit; and the sons that I have birthed shall go forth with great manifestations and power.

I am birthing Myself into the physical realm. You have seen and known Me in part, but the limitations shall be removed, and your eyes will see Me as I AM.”

Over the next few months we will be sharing more insight regarding this Birthing. In the meanwhile, those of you that are physically able to Fast (not eat food), allow the Spirit to lead you. From August 11, 1999 thru September 22, 1999 are dates to choose from. In the August Publication we will explain why.

For more information regarding these events, check out our index for “Birthing of the Manchild” “Sign Language…”

Thank You,


Realizing that we yet speak out of a limited realm and prophesies can fail; I would like to call your attention to some of the words that have already come to pass.

One of the duties of the Prophet is to turn the hearts of the people to God. This is done many times through the prophetic gifting.   Faith in God is renewed.

Many of the things the Spirit is revealing are coming to pass before we can print them or post them on the internet.

In the January publication, Birthing of the Man-child, Part 1, we gave some prophetic watch and prayer dates. And stated a possibility of War

We dealt with the 2 Full Moons happening in the months of January and March… (2 Blue Moons) which was rare and no Full Moon in February. We also pointed out the conjuncting of Venus and Jupiter in the constellation of Pisces February 23, 1999.

In less that 2 months, the War started in Yugoslavia with NATO.

In our February publication, Birthing of the Man-child, Part 2, the Spirit spoke specifically about Russia. This was before the War in Yugoslavia. He said, “Expect Russia to become more aggressive in speech and actions.” We have only seen the beginning of this – since the end of March to the taking over of the airport in Yugoslavia in June 1999. The worst is yet to come.

In our April publication, The Way of 4, we spoke prophetically about events that would take place in the month of May. May 4, 1999 was the watch and prayer date. Not knowing that Israel would have an election in May, I prophesied that attention would shift from Yugoslavia to Israel. The Spirit specifically said that the Israeli’s and Arab’s relationship would take on a new spin, which would really be a repeat of the old. Israel elected a new Prime Minister in May, Ehud Barak. He shares the same ideas about peace with the Palestinians as Yitzshak Rabin and Shimon Peres, former Prime Ministers of Israel. [We will deal more with Ehud Barak, his name, and other things in the near future].

I also implied violent outbreaks during May and stated through the summer months they would be escalating. The outbreaks didn’t happen, thank God. However, according to Jerusalem Post (newspaper), when Netanyahu realized he might not get re-elected; he created a very explosive situation with the Palestinians, trying sway the opinion of the Israelis to his favor. Had it not been for some religious Jews intervening, we would have seen another blood bath.

The summer has just begun – much intercession is needed for that region.

The remainder of the prophesies given in these publications are related to the Fall Feasts of 1999 to the year 2003. We will continue to Watch and Pray.

Watch and Pray,


BIRTHING OF SONS, THE [John Lewis]          1


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